Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Reason For Being - Not

I hear a lot of people clucking about the state of the world.  'Wouldn't it be nice if people were nicer to each other.'  Well; yes.  But 'you' (for the sake of the argument here) threw the baby out with the bathwater when you decided to dump religion, and opt for a simply materialist society.  In which you often try to force people to be 'good'.

Case in point: Welfare money.  Looked on, by 'liberals', as an 'entitlement'.  Whereas in truth, you have no business spending other people's income for them; and thus depriving them of the exercise of their free will.  I imagine that you get that idea from your rejection of 'God' - from the idea of there being nothing more than Man - and that therefore, life is simply a matter of 'what you see is what you get'; and people should be nice to each other without any real reason for it other than simply for itself only.  When in truth, the feeling comes from the reality that we are nice to each other, when we wake up to our true identity, our true Selves, as the offspring of a loving Creator; of our loving Source.

It is that reality that informs our unconscious desire for such a world; a condition that we sense is possible.  Because we have been there before.

It is the same with a sense of abundance - that there is enough for all.  Because we have lived in such a state.  And are confused, as to why it doesn't exist around us, in 'reality'.  In our 3D state, of duality, and polarity.  Our matrix, our classroom; for learning lessons in.

One of which is not to do such things as throw the baby out with the bathwater.

And when we come back into alignment with that essence - with our essence:

All things will be added unto us.

Thus endeth the lesson for today


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