Monday, 15 July 2013

Tantamount To War. Or...

Before I  start concentrating in my blogs on the way the world will be shortly, I need to vent my spleen a bit more on the way that things are, or more precisely, the way they are in America.

I can't believe what has been happening in my country while I have been away.  Yes, things were always a bit dodgy in the likes of Cook County, Illinois, even in 'my day', with the widely suspected Democrat-machine phony vote in Illinois in general, and that county in particular, edging Jack Kennedy over the top in the 1960 elections.  And maybe I was a bit too naive in assuming that 'something would be done' about such shenanigans on the part of political 'machines' in America, and she could in the future set a better example to and for the world in this voting regard - as part of the general 'shining city on a hill' example that it was her intended destiny to set: an exemplar unto the nations, that government of, by, and for The People was the way to go, to honor the individual, as a sovereign being, spiritual at his and her core, self-responsible for her and his outcomes; that not being the responsibility of either Church or State or Royal, running the show.1  But I didn't expect that 'the voting thing' was going to be as bad as I found it to be upon my return.  Which kept me from voting in the 2012 elections, not wanting to be part of such a charade, and thus encouraging it to limp on, and on, and on, sinking further into the morass of mendacity that it had gotten itself stuck in. 

I gave, and give, much credit to those individuals and groups that have been working to clean up 'the voting act'.  But that cleansing process needed, and needs, to go further, until 'the vote' in America is truly a thing that can be honored; trusted; looked up to.  Not hiding one's eyes from, in shame, and embarrassment.

And then I read the likes of the Judicial Watch's monthly newsletter 'Verdict' for this current July.  And get angered all over again, at the sellout of America that has been going on.  For far too long, now.

Case in point: their article, 'JW Sues Obama DOJ to Expose Collusion with Radical Left'.  I quote:

"Judicial Watch" [hereinafter designated as 'JW'] "has been the leading force in uncovering the unethical and dangerous connections between the Obama administration and a wide swath of radical left-wing special interest groups.  These groups are helping to create and to advance in secret illicit government policies ranging from stealth amnesty to reverse discrimination to attacks on election integrity.

"On April 30, 2013, JW continued its efforts to expose these unholy alliances by filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) for 'all records of communications' between the DOJ and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) relating to a 2012 lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of the Mi Familia Vota Education Fund.

"Not surprisingly, the ACLU/Mi Familia Vota lawsuit was aimed at preventing the state of Florida from taking some reasonable steps to remove ineligible voters from registration lists.  In summary: Florida wanted to clean up its voter registration lists - and the ACLU wanted to keep them dirty."

Now, you can say, 'Well, they would say that, wouldn't they', being on the right of the political aisle.  But then we've all heard of ACORN and its shenanigans; thus neutering the left's attempts to play the 'voter suppression' sympathy card.  And as the article goes on:

"There is no doubt about ACLU/DOJ collusion in the matter of corrupting voter integrity.  As far back as June 20, 2011, the ACLU, acting in conjunction with Project Vote, sent a letter to the DOJ complaining about a new Florida election integrity law that sought to avoid the massive voter registration fraud caused by Project Vote and its partner ACORN in 2008.  Now [JW] wants to know just how far the DOJ has gone in its collusion with the ACLU…" 

The article goes on to detail how the DOJ has been stonewalling - beyond legal time limits - on the JW's FOIA request (as in many other areas of investigation that JW mounts into the shenanigans of, in particular, the DOJ); then:

"'To most Americans, it would seem to go without saying that the role of the DOJ should be to protect voter integrity, not join with radical left-wing groups in trying to undermine it,' said Chris Farrell, {JW's] director of investigation and research.  'But, remember this is the Obama Justice Department, with Eric Holder as its chief - a man disdainful of basic security measures and legal protection to ensure free and fair elections.'"

I am aware that the argument from the left in this sort of thing is that 'the Establishment', especially in the South, has long attempted to block the votes of 'the poor' in making onerous requirements for them - black or white - to vote (like, say, a poll tax, or a reasonably-sounding literacy/reading test).  There may have been some legitimacy to such an argument in the past - indeed, the National Voter Registration Act was passed to overcome just such a state of affairs.  But the Left has been attempting to throw the baby out with the bathwater in this regard.   The voting reform was never intended to go as far as the Left has forced it to go; to say, to open the doors wide open to all comers, and especially to the ringers that the Left lines up to skew the vote.  And as regards that Act:

"The effort by the state of Florida to clean its registration lists of ineligible voters came in response to a February 2012 letter of inquiry sent by [JW] to Florida election officials.  [JW] alerted the state of Florida that failure to maintain clean voter registration lists violates Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)." [my emphasis]

So the cleanup of the voter rolls is in the Voter Act itself.  Was undoubtedly a key part in the Act's having been able to pass into legislation in the first place. 

And is simply being ignored, and overrun, by the current batch of criminals who would skew the voting in America.2

"In response to Florida's resulting efforts to comply with the NVRA, the ACLU, on behalf of the Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, on June 8, 2012, filed its suit against the state.  The [DOJ] then followed with its own lawsuit on June12, 2012, asking a federal court to enjoin the states from taking steps to inquire about the presence of non-eligible aliens on voting rolls." [my emphasis]

What?!  Seems a reasonable request.  The ACLU suit itself could bring out all relevant facts in a court of law.  What is the DOJ doing engaging in the matter this way???…

"[JW] moved to intervene in the case to defend Florida's voter list maintenance efforts.  The court subsequently sided with Florida and [JW] and denied the DOJ's attempt to stop Florida from removing non-citizens from the voter rolls."

Well, hallelujah: a legitimate, honorable, biased-in-favor-of-the-law court.  In America.  

There's hope for the old gal yet. 

And that sort of outcome needs to occur throughout the nation: that the voter rolls are cleansed thoroughly, and Americans can take their country back from the special interests that have been attempting to hijack it - of both the Left and the Right.3  

The People have the right to know that their vote is meaningful, not a cover for institutional corruption. 

This sort of thing is tantamount to war.

It's all I can do to keep from going to war with weapons of physical destruction with you. 

But I won't give the Dark forces the satisfaction, of luring me into that trap.  And not holding out for the Light.  To win the day, for a New Day for humanity.

But it's such a temptation.  You miserable little worms, crawling around in the dark, and thinking that it's the light - that you are actually making progress.  When you're only making tunnels in the dark.  

The priest in me is only just winning out over the warrior in me.

Here's another such 'thing' that is tantamount to war.  And speaking of the infamous Cook County.

In the same issue of 'Verdict,' leading its Court Report section, an article titled 'JW Files Lawsuit against Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff for Refusal to Honor ICE Immigration Detainers':

 "From the beginning, the Obama administration has made the claim that the 'selective deportation' scheme it initiated did not apply to dangerous criminals.  Only peace-loving, law-abiding illegal aliens would be allowed a  'stay' of deportation proceedings, they explained.

"But how is this permissive deportation policy working 'on the ground' in municipalities across the country?  Consider Cook County, Illinois.

"JW recently filed a lawsuit in the Cook County Circuit Court challenging Sheriff Tom Dart's refusal to honor ICE immigration detainers or cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in identifying deportable criminal aliens.  Cook County jails have released as many as 1,000 criminal aliens sought by ICE in the past 18 months alone…"

Oh, those are  just overstayers of their work permits, and minor traffic-offense cases?  Nothing to see here, folks; just keep moving on???

"A spreadsheet obtained by [JW] through the [FOIA]  listed the specific violent crimes that immigration officials were prepared to overlook,which included: sexual assault, solicitation of murder, aggravated assault, assaulting a police officer, and kidnapping, as well as numerous drug charges..."

So, not only is the Obama DOJ not pushing Cook County to honor federal law in the matter of illegal aliens; it is not even honoring its own federal immigration law.  

And to add insult to injury, Cook County has applied for, and received, federal funding (to the tune of $2.3 million in 2011 and over $1.7 million in 2012) :designed to fund the costs that state and local governments incur for holding criminal illegal aliens". 

"So, in other words, the count received funding specifically targeted for detaining illegal aliens and then released 1,000 of them onto the streets."

I believe this is what is known as a sweetheart deal.

It is also further grounds for war.4

Against this federal government, in current power.  For being at war with the American people still supporting the American Constitution, and the very principle of constitutional law - of the rule of law.  Not of men.

And then, such a cleansed federal government being at war with states that won't treat their citizens with the dignity that should be accorded them; and also as being American citizens, with certain rights and privileges AS American citizens.  One of which is to have their tax money used with respect.

It is time, that is to say, for a major overhaul of the political scene in America today.  Bringing it back into alignment with the founding principles of the country.

NOT the political wet dream of the socialists currently holding the reins of power in the nation.  

Their time is over.

For it is not founded on Truth.

But rather, on deceit.  

On criminal acts.

That must not stand.

Whether Congress will do something about it.

Or not.


As the Verdict's article on the Obama DOJ's collusion with the ACLU ended:

"When Eric Holder was added to [JW's] list of  Washington's' Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians,' it noted: 'Every day that Eric Holder remains at the helm, the [DOJ] sinks further into the abyss of cronyism, corruption, and deceit.' This latest scandal is yet another example why this is true."

And why - especially with its being the nation's very Department of Justice that has been so terribly corrupted - we are so close to civil war in this country. 

And wouldn't that be ironic.  That in giving the Negro his freedom and the vote, the nation sealed its fate.  In collapse.  

Not in the deam of a greater Union.  Of souls, finding their way through the thicket of life's foibles and lessons, to the Promised Land.  Rather, to a shambles, of a state, and way, of being.

Maybe the whites shouldn't have been so niggardly as to offer 'their' blacks what so many of them have obviously considered to be 'too little, too late'.  But there you are.

And here we are.

On the verge of another civil war. 

It is to weep.

But as well. to gird up our loins.  And see it through.

To a better conclusion.

For all of humanity.

To understand, fully, that

actions have consequences.  That can bite you in the butt.

But wait.  There's more.


For another time.


And not 'perhaps'.

For it has already been written.



1 I say 'his and her,' knowing that at the beginning of the American experiment in self-government, the female did not have the vote - alongside the slave; neither being considered part of the political community.  But you have to start things somewhere.  Else they will never begin. 

2 Do I overlook the Republican attempts to skew the vote their  way??  No; and I would counsel the elimination of electronic voting machines altogether, to be replaced with a going-back to clear paper trail voting.  But this article is dealing with the obviously skewed voting rolls themselves; and that  'science' seems to be more of an MO of the Left than the Right.
     But indeed: A pox on both their houses.  I want voter integrity.  Period.
     Or I refuse to take part in what is simply a charade.  No.  Not 'simply'.  What is an extremely fraudulent one.  That goes to the very heart of democracy.
     And what an insult , and embarrassment, it would be to have to have American voters dip their thumbs in purple ink, to prove that they haven't voted in some other nearby precinct, like some 'banana republic' …
     Come ON, Americans.  We can do better than this.  We MUST do better than this.  To make the whole painful saga of nation-building, and --preserving, prove, in the end, to have been worthwhile.    

3 A footnote here, in two parts.  1) "This latest FOIA lawsuit" [i.e.,the one regarding the nexus between the Obama DOJ and the ACLU] is not the first time [JW] has filed suit against the Obama Justice Department to obtain information about its relationship with the ACLU.  On June 1, 2'012, [JW] had filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DOJ to obtain records detailing the agency's communications with the ACLU involving Pennsylvania House Bill 934, commonly referred to as Pennsylvania's voter ID law."  Which is what this matter comes down to: the public's right to have in place strong voter ID laws in each state, to 'true the vote'. 
     And 2) "[JW] previously obtained documents from the DOJ showing that the agency worked with the ACLU to mount their respective legal challenges to SB 1070, Arizona's illegal immigration enforcement law."  And therein lies a tale, that I don't know the details of, in the SCOTUS's recent striking down of (key border state) Arizona's attempt to keep its voter rolls from being overwhelmed by illegal voters.  I will have to study the SCOTUS's majority vote in detail to see what the problem is, in either the bill itself or the SCOTUS's interpretation of it.  All I know is is that if I lived in Arizona, as an American citizen, I would do all I could to make sure that only my fellow American citizens were voting.  
     So take your voting-rolls stuffing and stuff it, you socialist/Marxist bandidos, trying to take over MY country.  To merge it into your vaunted New World Order, of total state control over the individual. 
     That shall not pass.

4 As are a couple of other articles in this issue of 'Verdict': 'Obama Administration Colluding with Terrorist Front Groups?'; and 'Judicial Watch Uncovers USDA Records Promoting US Food Stamp Program for Illegal Aliens.' with an insert article in it headed 'Case Worker: Illegal Aliens Got Food Stamps by the "Vanload"'.  All alone grounds for arresting this Administration's officials - all of them - on the grounds, not only of criminality in office, but of treason.
     And let the chips fall where they may.  


P.S. A late bit of info - or disinfo; we'll see (hopefully): Gordon Duff of Veterans Today - who has admitted that he sometimes deals in disinfo, from his leftist perspective (I don't know what that admittance is all about, except as in honestly admitting to cynical political 'business as usual' on his part, in these war games going on) - has posted some 'evidence' today that Judicial Watch, along with the conservative Heritage Foundation, have been involved in a document hoax making it appear as though the DOJ was involved in sending down DOJ agents to help foment civil strife in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman shooting case in Florida, when that wasn't the case at all; despite such demos and rallies.
     I'll try to get to the bottom of this.  I have contributed financially to both of the named groups, as conservative groups, not affiliated with the Republican Party, doing good work keeping an eagle eye on the rogue Obama administration.  If they are in fact front groups for Neocon and Cabal powers, trying to foment said civil strife in order to fasten a fascist power structure/takeover on America - instead of just bringing it back to its constitutional basics - I will be the first to cry 'foul'.
     So: Stay tuned.
     As will I.
     Or at least, will try to.  But for now:

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