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On Seeking, And Serving, Truth

Building on my comment at the end of yesterday's blog, about feeling 'parentized' by 'the government':

The push of Obama and his administration for dictatorial control and power over America and the American people as individuals is approaching a watershed point.  The latest item of evidence that I have come across involves the Environmental Protection Agency.  

You've heard recently of the IRS, and the NSA; and the DHS, and the DOJ.  Now meet the EPA.  The new dictatorial kid on the block.  Obama - the Marxist Usurper in the Oval Office - is using the EPA, under his presumed powers regarding what are called Executive Orders (which have been sorely abused for some time by other presidents as well; but never mind, for right now), to fasten a new, and alarmingly stringent, tax on the American people, through what is called a 'Cap and Trade' surcharge on American industry.  It involves a charge for the side-effect production of a 'greenhouse/global warming' gas, carbon dioxide.  Sounds vaguely fair enough, right?  


First of all, the whole 'Global Warming' meme is a false flag op on the part of the would-be dictators of the world to fasten control over the whole shebang.  It's part of a larger agenda, called Agenda 21, to put the entire world under the control of the UN and its agencies (and the Powers behind the scenes).  And there goes free will, into the maw of The Creature of Jekyll Island - And Beyond.  But I'll keep this blog directed to the EPA issue alone.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation - which is fighting the Obama administration's alleged abuse of power in the federal court system (and has its case on this particular issue pending before the SCOTUS as we speak) - has summarized the 'talking points' in this matter.  The first one is this very one, of legality.  The case: Taxes need, under the Constitution, to originate in the House of Representatives.  The Executive branch of government can go fly a kite in such matters.  According to the Constitution.  Correction.  According to the interpretation of the Constitution.  By a majority of the sitting Justices.  One would have thought that this was a slam dunk for the SLF.  But these are strange times.  Well; not so strange, once you realize what's going down. 

But to continue.

In a fundraising letter out this week, the SLF continues on to list other rather pertinent points, regarding actions of this rather impertinent administration, along this EPA line:

* 'New allegations have emerged that the EPA has been targeting conservative groups with fees while largely exempting liberal groups."

Shades of the IRS scandal.  (And so much for these things just being the actions of 'rogue' agents on the local level.  This is a policy matter.)  This one has to do with legitimate FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.  The SLF has evidence of 'targeting' - similar to the illegal IRS targeting of 'tea part'y'/conservative groups requesting tax-exempt status.  The SLF summarizes its position on this particular point thusly:

"If the EPA is monkeying around with fees for FOIA requests, it calls into question whether our FOIA requests were truly honored and if we received all the documentation we should have."  Just so.


* "The former head of the EPA…set up an email account belonging to a fake employee."

This point is too complicated to go into here; but it shows the extent of corruption that is going on in the Obama administration.  Next:

* "The EPA leaked the personal data of more than 80,000 farms and livestock facilities to environmental groups."

Par for the course.  Consider this report, from an article in the current issue of whistleblower magazine (the issue itself entitled 'End The IRS'), titled 'Department of Intimidation', by staff writer Chelsea Schilling:

"On June 4, a witness at a congressional hearing on IRS targeting of conservative organizations1 claimed he has proof the agency illegally leaked a confidential donor list.  John Eastman, chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, testified that the organization's IRS Form 990 tax return, which lists its donors, was published on the website of the Human Rights Campaign, a 'gay-rights' advocacy group.  Eastman said disclosure of his group's tax records last year likely intimidated potential donors.  'You can imagine our shock and disgust over this disclosure,' he said.  'We jealously guard [the identity of] our donors.'  Which an organization has every right to do.  

And so much for the Obama administration's care about the right to privacy of the American people. Basically, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' to such people - to say, in this case, Marxist revolutionaries (bu ideological statists in general) -  except as what advances their political agenda.  It's the Saul Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' 'principle,' of Whatever It Takes/By Whatever Means Necessary.2  

Continuing in their letter, the SLF expands on the point:

"This just shows how the EPA works hand in hand with environmental groups to achieve its objectives while walking over average Americans.

"In our lawsuit we've found that the EPA and environmental groups collaborate closely.

"If the news wasn't so saturated with the scandals over the IRS, Benghazi, and Obama spying on reporters, you would have heard of the EPA's misdeeds…"3

And why is this particular issue so important?

Consider (as the letter continues on, to point out). 

"Remember: Obama's EPA is claiming the power to regulate carbon dioxide at the source through a regulatory energy tax.

"These regulations won't be aimed just at big business.

" They will target ordinary Americans.

"If you have a fireplace or gas or oil furnace, the EPA will have the power to regulate it and even order you to replace it.

"Obama could ban the car you drive because it doesn't get good enough gas mileage.

"Every restaurant that has an oven will be forced to submit to the EPA's regulations…or be shut down!

"Small and large manufacturers could be told they use too much energy and need to pay extra regulatory taxes.

"Entire industries -- particularly oil, gas, and coal -- could be annihilated by the stroke of Obama's pen."  (Because this was all accomplished BY a stroke of his pen, in his issuing an Executive Order on the matter, not going through Congress on it.)

"The EPA regulations will raise the cost of energy, create a massive intrusive federal bureaucracy, and give Obama near dictatorial control of the economy…"

Not to mention the 'people-control' aspect involved in this scenario.  Think 'smart meters'.  They can not only tell 'the authorities' how many people are living in the space (by usage).4  But they can be turned on and off at will.  

By the will of the state…5

Would Obama do such a thing??

I really don't think you should let this matter go so far as to find out.

This very carefully planned-out matter…

…over many years……

I'll wrap this blog up, in summary.

The seemingly affable and reasonable dude in the Oval Office is a wolf in sheep's clothing; wanting to be Czar over America.  Having raised the stakes that high, he has - known or unknown to himself, currently - done his job.  Time for a more advanced soul to take over now; for this pending move out of the level of the problem, and into humanity's next steps of development.  As souls on the path to their godhood, via 'reconciliation' totally with their Source, and that energy.

Which is certainly not the energy - at least not as currently demonstrated - of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.

Who is a liar, and a cheat, and a deceiver; 6 and therefore, a dangerous man at the helm of  the American ship of state.  Who would ride roughshod over the individual, in his manic push for control.  For Power Over people, and their institutions.

NOT the qualities of an advanced soul.

Far, far from it.

So - wake up, America.

You are being had.

By a consummate actor.

Just doing his job.

To catch your conscience.

And see how awake you can get.

In this classroom; and its current test.

For graduation.

Or not.

Your choice.

As always.



1 I hope it is understood that this 'targeting' business is not 'business as usual' with either party in power.  It is a criminal offense.  In fact, it was one of the impeachment charges leveled at Richard Nixon - and he only thought of doing it/harassing his political 'enemies' this way.  
     Welcome to the day of the Full Monty.  

2 A good, concise read on 'The Alinsky Model' is the little booklet put out by the Freedom Center, by David Horowitz, titled 'Barack Obama's Rules For Revolution'.
     While on the subject of credits: the letter from the SLF is over the signature of Shannon Goessling, its Executive Director & Chief Legal Counsel.

3 Speaking of the Benghazi incident:  I have just learned that the Obama administration forced the survivors of the terrorist attack to sign a non-disclosure agreement; so that the American people would never learn the truth about the attack.
     Will these sorts of people never learn?  The truth WILL out.
     You can run.  But you can't hide.

4 as in fugitives?  from the so-called FEMA camps, for the incorrigibles?? And so no tea party/Christian Anne Franks to be allowed in this jack-booted gang's New World Order???...  

5 Not to mention bounty hunters.  
     Bounty hunters.  Put a price on carbon dioxide, and every person has a target painted on their chest.
     The scam was actually used on 9/11, in relation to carbon futures on the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange.
     But more on that another time, perhaps.  Just to mention it, in relation to this subject.  In particular.  And in general, of some People having Power over Others.  And how it can corrupt them.  
     And has.
     Oh, my.  How it has.

6  perhaps even pathologically so; for some mitigation in the matter.
     He did not have a very healthy upbringing.  But all that is another story...


N.B. As for the ramifications of the trend and direction that we are currently going in, consider this 'summary' of the matter that I made this evening to my congressman:

email to Congressman Alan Lowenthal, re H.R. 624 (CISPA) - July 26

Dear Rep. Lowenthal,

We are quite far apart on a lot of issues, but I wanted to acknowledge a vote that I have found out you made, that I can agree heartily with.

It was on H.R. 624, the CISPA bill.  It was a flawed piece of work.  I understand that the House passed it, but that you voted against it.  I wanted to say: Well done.

The massive sharing of private citizens' online data by Internet companies with federal government agencies authorized by the bill as it stood, violates one of the most  sacred rights that we have in this country: the right of the people to be secure in their persons, homes, papers, and effects, "against unreasonable searches and seizures".

This is NOT a police state, where the government can engage in wholesale invasion of our privacy.  It has to have "probable cause" to check on us, and as authorized by the judicial branch.  We are losing sight of 'the ball' here.  We must get back to our basics, as a federal constitutional republic.  Or there will be hell to pay.

Please continue to keep a close eye on this sinister move towards a total surveillance society.   And I'll keep an eye on your votes on the matter.  :-)


'Stan' Stanfield             .

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