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Actually - It IS War

A few evenings ago I rented the video of ''Titanic'.  I had not seen it during its original release time, though I was aware of it.  Even members of spiritual communities maintain links with its carrying culture. (Maybe not Trappists.  But they have probably 'changed with the times,' too.)1  For whatever reason - probably a combination of cost and convenience - I let it pass me by, the first time around; knowing that it would always be available, when the time seemed right.  (It came back into my awareness when the man behind it, James Cameron, came out with 'Avatar', which I did catch on original release, and enjoyed thoroughly.  The guy tells a good story great.)  The time apparently seemed right as I passed by the Video Shop, and, glancing at the old titles showing through the window, saw this one, leaping out at me, so to speak.  Not a huge 'Get me!  Get me NOW!'   It was rather more subtle than that.  But the time does seem right. 

One of the things I got from it was the awareness of how things can 'sneak up' on us, without our hardly noticing, until suddenly the awareness kicks in, and earnest action starts taking place in response.

As would appear to need to happen in the America of today.   

I never realized just how bad things had gotten in my home country; the full extent of the political war going on in America.2  And I blame the Republican Party for not being a proper opposition party in this regard.  And for even having gotten us into this fine mess, with shortsighted thinking about making money for their constituency. 

Item.  The food stamp 'thing' was a scam from the git-go - starting back in the mld-'80s, it turns out.  A retired former assistant case manager has reported (to the Judicial Watch's monthly 'Verdict' newsletter) that "the program was infested with fraud and corruption that was perpetually ignored by management.  'Illegals would come in by the vanload and we were told to give them their stuff,' (Craig) McNees said.  'Management knew very well they were illegal.  It was so rampant that some employees would tell their illegal relatives to come get food stamps.'"  And why not, since 'the government' was paying for it.  Meaning us schmucks.  (Well; you schmucks, since I had left the U.S. by then - and wasn't aware of all this scammy stuff going on back home.)  And it has gotten worse since.   And note that this started during the time of Republican administrations.  Throwing business - good business - the way of their good friends in the likes of J.P. Morgan, who administer these sorts of scams; and the agricultural conglomerates, who don't care who buys their food - to say as well: where the money comes from to pay for it.  So it's not just our good friends the Democrats who are responsible for this atrocious behavior on the part of the federal government - treating the taxpayers' money like it was water, to be gambolled in by illegal aliens; who are now officially invited to apply for the stamps - by both the American government AND the Mexican government, to add insult to injury.3  
     So there's plenty of blame to go around.  (And it was under a Republican administration that the first illegal-alien amnesty was declared.  And which caused the blowout that we are experiencing today; in part because promises by our elected officials to keep an eye on 'border security' were and have continued to be ignored.  In part as well by the natural draw of a honey pot.  Our politicos all knew this was going to happen.  But they didn't care; each camp for its own purposes.  Grrrrrr..... )  But getting back to the Democrats:

Item. The undercutting of English as the language of the United States, and the blocks to assimilation of even legal immigration in general.  One of the groups keeping an eye on this sort of cultural breakdown has reported:

* It has been estimated that services for immigrants, legal and illegal, cost taxpayers more than $100 billion a year.

* Ineffective bilingual education programs cost taxpayers over $12 billion each year.  English as America's primary language is eroding, with drivers licenses, voting ballots and citizenship ceremonies now being offered in dozens of languages. [my emphasis]

* It has been estimated that 400,000 foreigners collect SSI benefits from the Social Security Administration without having to work in America.

* According to some projections, immigration costs U.S.-born workers $133 BILLION a year in job losses.

* Households headed by illegal aliens receive an estimated $2.5 billion in Medicaid benefits each year, as well as $1.9 billion in programs such as food stamps and free school lunches.

* Research indicates that immigrants are almost 50% more likely to get welfare than native-born Americans.

And so forth.4  And some of this is just a report on immigrants.  How much worse is the situation - of runaway largesse - with illegal 'immigrants'.  (Or 'undocumented workers,' as the Left likes to refer to them euphemistically.  For whoever's sake that they think they're kidding.)

And speaking strictly of the English-speaking issue:

* A shameful federal law requires states and counties to print election ballots in foreign languages at over 1000 polling locations.

* The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is actually suing organizations, including the Salvation Army, for requiring their employees to speak English in the workplace. 

* Driver's license exams are offered in foreign languages in almost 90 percent of the states; some in as many as 30 different languages.5

And, as if all this weren't enough:

Item.  The Obama administration is doing all it can to weaken voter ID laws in the states.  Under the rubric of 'voter suppression'.  Rather than the rubric of 'voter integrity,' of the Right.  The latter wanting elections to be 'free and fair'.  Rather than scammed, like the Left is doing.6  

And, as if all that weren't enough: 

Item.  "A study by the Center for Security Policy reported there have already been 50 court cases in American courts where Muslim Law was used to render a verdict."7

I kid you not.

So, we can see what's going on here.


A politico-cultural war.  Between those who want to keep the United States as it has been.  And those who want, not only to change it, into some sort of multicultural/multilingual haven.  But to overthrow it en toto.  And turn it into a region - the North American Union; a borderless trading unit between Mexico, the former United States, and Canada - of their vaunted New World Order.

And the latter group are well on their way to accomplishing their mission.  If it just weren't for that former group.  Those pesky patriots, with their 'guns and Bibles'. their incessant babble about 'the Constitution.' and all such like old-fashioned folderol. Geez.  Don't they get that it's a new world?  A new multicultural world??  And that their day is done???  

Well.  We'll see about that.  Won't we.

We patriots, who are the enemy of the IRS.  And the DHS.8  And their parent body: the sinister circle of schemers in the White House.

Who need to be turfed out.  And quick.

Because the iceberg has already hulled the American ship of state.

And it is sinking.  As we casually speak.

 By the way; about your vaunted socialist paradise.  I have been reminded recently of how such states fare, with my mailbox being inundated with requests for money.  I got involved in giving donations to a number of what I thought of as 'worthy causes', and not only do they keep coming back for more, but 'the word is out,' and I have started getting requests for donations from organizations that I have never heard of before.  Everybody wants money.  It's very similar to a socialist country: the demand is insatiable, and increases and increases, until the system breaks under the pressure of incessant demand and goes broke.  

So, I am not about to let my country be turned over to the Leftists; for a number of reasons.  The main one being the governing attitude, and inculcated from there into the populace, of 'getting something for nothing'.  

The lack of consciousness drives me up the wall.  After all this time - ???!!! 

The warrior in me says: 'You sons of bitches; when we patriots get our act together, we're going to go through you like shit through a goose.'  (With a hat tip to a great American: General George S. Patton.)  

Whereas the priest in me says: 'Patience is a virtue.  Be aware of the larger picture.'

W: 'Okay, okay.  But I would love to teach these bastards  a lesson.'

P: 'There are other, and better, ways to teach lessons.'

W: 'You would say that, wouldn't you.'9  

So: What to do.

We can start with a civil disobedience campaign.  Stop paying federal taxes, for one thing.  If they're going to misuse our money, they can just do without.  And so forth.

I counsel a non-violent response.  I do NOT counsel a war with lethal weapons; just political.  To paraphrase a great American (I jest; actually, just an American.  Actually, a bit of a jingoistic American): 'They may be sons of bitches; but they're OUR sons of bitches.'  To say, more clearly:

We Are All One.

But as in any family, there can be frictions……

......the stuff of lesson-learning.

And then there comes a time - a culminating Time - when

the preliminaries are over.

And we move up into a state - the state - of Unity.

The new United States.   


1 Actually, I'm sure of it.  Things were already changing for the Trappists even while I was still living in America, back in the '70s.  Tired of, and frustrated with, 'the world' in its taking too long for my blood to wake up to its spiritual roots, I took to visiting various monasteries, not just for weekend Retreat, but to check them out for possible membership.  (I was not, nor am, a Catholic; but the extent of my dissatisfaction with 'the world' was such that I would even entertain the notion of becoming one.  At least that Church had kept alive the monastic tradition; one of the most eminently sensible and civilized ideas that has ever come out of our experience on this poor planet.)  The first one I found out about was a Trappist one, in northern California; and during my weekend there, the monk assigned to Retreat Guest duty happened to share with me (the lone guest that week) that they had lost some of their brethren when the fallout from Vatican Council II or something-or-other swept through their home-away-from-world, and the Trappists no longer had to take a vow of silence.  It was not a matter of 'had to' for those lost souls; it was a matter of the disestablishing of one of their favored vows.  
     And knowing how these things work - not even just how 'the world works' - I'm sure that it has all gone downhill from there.  Meaning, of the whole monastic tradition.  (And yes, I see that the nuns have lost their 'habits', too.)         

2 It has been the Rip Van Winkle syndrome: I have been away for well over 30 years, and so much has changed.  So maybe I can see things clearer - in sharper detail - than those who have been sitting in the gently simmering pot this whole time. 

3 As for referring to the stamps by that name: It turns out that they have a manifold identity, and use.  "Adding insult to injury, last spring the USDA Inspector General revealed that many food-stamp recipients use their welfare benefit to buy drugs, weapons and other contraband from unscrupulous vendors.  Some trade food stamps for reduced amounts of cash, the USDA watchdog told Congress, disclosing that the fraud has caused taxpayers nearly $200 million…" ('Verdict' article quoting ex-manager Craig McNees)  

4 Report from Americans for Immigration Control

5 Report from U.S. ENGLISH, Inc.

6 Do the Republicans engage in vote scamming, too?  Yes.  But not to the extent of the huge numbers of illegal voters on the rolls in America.  The Left has that scam down to a science (through such Saul Alinsky-inspired fronts as ACORN and Project Vote).  And in any event, since when did two wrongs make a right??? 
     Apparently, since the Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' ethos took over; whereby the guiding principle is 'Whatever It Takes'.  Or perhaps more precisely: 'By Any Means Necessary'.  Sorry.  It's been awhile since I leafed through the left's Little Red Book.  But I well remember the essence of their guiding principle: that the end justifies the means.
     The 'principle' of tyrants, and other moral relativists, down through the ages.

7 from letter from former Congressman J.C. Watts, Jr. for  the Frontiers of Freedom Foundation.  Reporting how "Associated Press reports the alarming news: 'Federal court blocks Oklahoma ban on Shariah law'….And now the ACLU isa working feverishly to undermine the parts of our U.S. Constitution it doesn't like and impose Muslim Law on Americans…"

8  Why else should we think the DHS is prepared for a domestic emergency, in a big way (including concentration camps, scattered throughout the States)?
     It's for the American Republic's patriots' wakeup call.  You can say. 'But their job is to be prepared for all domestic contingencies, like earthquakes and floods and hurricanes and so forth'.  But in conjunction with the NSA's wholesale spying on the American public??......No.  This is in preparation for the counter-revolution.
     The revolution having already begun.  

9 P: 'And just one more thing, O Warrior of mine.'
     W: 'What's that.'
      P: 'Tat Tvam Asi.'
     W: 'What??'
      P: 'That art Thou.'

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