Saturday, 20 July 2013

America, The Once And Future

What was it that Benjamin Franklin is reputed to have said: 'They who would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety'??

And if he were alive today, what would he say?

It's a rather moot point.  A soul that has gained that degree of awareness has undoubtedly moved on from this dimension - this vale of tears; this classroom.  But for the sake of argument, i.e., to make a point, let's say that as these karmic things go, 'he' might well be a 'she'.  And that 'she' might well be of a different race.  And a current conversation involving this soul might well go something like this:

"Lookit those people, Mommy.  They're white."

"Hush, honey.  Don' draw any more attention to yer self than you have to.  Don' wake'em up."

"What do you mean, Mommy?  'Wake them up'??"

"Well, yer gittin' old enough to unnerstand these things.  Look.  And don' say to strangers.  But with a little help from our friends, we're takin' over their country, an' they're too stupid to notice.  Some of'em.  Some of'em are jes' preoccupied.  Do you know what that means, honey?"

"Yes, Mommy.  That means they're not payin' attention."

"Eggzactly,  Jes' say 'Hi, how ya doin' ' to 'em, real nice like, with a smile, an' then jes' pass on by, like neither you nor them are even there."

"Oh, I see.  So they're white as a ghost.  Right, Mommy?"

"Tha's right, honey.  Clever chile.  You'll do jes' fine in this life..."

And, of course, 'he' might well have been either of them.

Or neither.  But I'm making a point, about what life is all about.  Which is about 'seeing' - experiencing - things from both sides.  All sides.  And there are some souls who are playing a Dark side role.   

Of whom there are actually many, in today's world.

As we approach the Completion of the operation.

And as I say, some of 'them' were on the other side of a similar lesson, in an earlier time…

…a lesson, demonstrating how things have consequences.  How actions call up responses. 

For the purpose of our getting to wholeness.

Of getting back to wholeness.  After the spell in the realm of duality.

The seasoning spell.  

Whereby we sort ourselves out.

And find out what we are really made of.    

Which is Spirit.

Not Matter.

Matter is the covering material, for Spirit to be able to materialize.  Into the realm (the matrix; the hologram) of duality.

Of seeming duality.

And of seeming polarity.  

There being no polarity in the higher realms.

Where All is One.

In perfect Unity.

Of Service.  Dedicated to The Most High.  Meaning, to Themselves - as sparks, fractals, group souls of The One - as well.

The days of fraud and deceit, and corruption in general, gone.  Forever.

Their lessons learned.

By some souls.

And others - 


They just have to have another go-round.  Bite at the apple.  Chance at the golden ring.

Until they get it.

Which they will.

Clever children that we are.


…And in the meantime:

I would like to see a change in the American political party system, towards greater clarity for the voters.  I would like to see, on the one - right - hand, a party of small-government, fundamental-values Patriots, and on the other - left - hand, a party of statists.  Both the socialists and the fascists; and let them duke it out between them for supremacy on their side of the political aisle.

As it is, the Republicans have a built-in difficulty.  They are the ones with internecine strife; between the moderate, just-a-little-bit-pregnant, country-club set, and the full-on, small-government band of fundamentalists, who are as dead set against the so-called 'middle-class welfare' (although it's really for the upper class; who get such goodies out of the federal-government trough as too-big-to-fail bank bailouts, with the taxpayers' money, and who then turn around and fail to loan the taxpayers their own money back, for Main Street activities, rather, help themselves to hefty, fat-cat bonuses out of it, and further speculative ventures of the sort that caused them to need the bailout monies in the first place.  As the French would say: Quelle arrogance) as the bulk of liberals are.  (Some liberals are in that welfare category, along with the country-club Republican set.  Both operating under the same principle - scratch that word in this context; call it, under the same philosophy; to wit: Get while the getting is good.)  And so, if the Republican party splits up, into clearer communities of like-minded souls, the Democrat Party as it is - and excuse me while I have a good laugh, over the outrageous pose of its being 'the party of Jefferson and Jackson'  (cough cough cough.  Sorry; I'll get my breath back in a moment) - will continue its winning run, and walk away with the elections for the foreseeable future, smirking all the way.

Actually, I understand that all this sort of thing may be coming to an end now, anyway.  To which I can only say, with great relief and delight: 

Bring it on.     

A better end than the one featuring the defiant battle cry of 'Molon labe'.   

Which I, too, would have uttered, at an earlier time.

Before I got, er, enlightened.

A state of being (or at least of aspiration) that has clear drawbacks to it.  In particular, that you can't indulge your emotions as you once did, and would, under such circumstances as the civil-war-inclined circumstances that we are faced with in America today.

Between two very polarized sides, neither of which has the full Truth with them. 

Because they are part of a process.   

Of a larger picture.

Moving its way steadily towards Completion.

Which then opens the way for Disclosure to take place.  Fully.  Of the presence in our dimension, and neck of the galactic woods, of our Galactic Relatives (not just Neighbors); and of assorted Ascended Masters.  

Of whom we will hear more.  As we engage in the same process as they did.  Of


To a higher level of frequency, vibration, consciousness than the 3D one that we are currently inhabiting.

And have inhabited for long enough, now.  As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  And having gotten the hang of 'it'.

Of what 'it's' all about.

And are about to drive the process into the ground, if we don't wake up from the dream - the Drama - and take it to its proper stage, and conclusion:

to Synthesis; leading us to


And thus have we come to full circle.

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