Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Community: The Real Deal

Ah, the Long Beach Municipal Band…

Yesterday I made my way to my local park, for a bit of late-afternoon reading in the sun, as is my wont.  There, or down to the beach, nearby where I live.  For whatever reason, I chose to make it the park this time.  And I am so glad I did.  Instead of a spot of reading, I was treated to a concert.  By an old friend.  Well; sort of.  

I will explain.

Back in the mid-fifties, when I would be spending time down at The Pike of Long Beach,1 I enjoyed catching the Long Beach Municipal Band when it was playing concerts in its stage on the beach, called, very appropriately and fittingly, The Shell.  I had come to enjoy band music early on in my life; triggered, I have no doubt, by my mother's surreptitious wheedling behind the scenes in getting my elementary school to offer me music lessons.  What did I want to learn to play? I was asked one day.  I didn't know - didn't even know that I had wanted to learn to play any sort of instrument.  Why did they think that of me??  It was part of a number of such mysteries that came my way in my growing-up years.  Anyway, this one led to my taking up the clarinet.

And thereby hangs a tale, that I won't go into now, here; just to report that it led to my being first chair clarinet in my junior high school's band (before I graduated' into its orchestra), from which experience grew my lifelong love of such music.  And how well it fit into the history of the country; with its 4th of July picnics, and John Philip Sousa, and The Music Man, and all that…

And then, in coming back to live in my old home town last year, I discovered that they still had a municipal band, and, it gave concerts in selected parks around the City.  For whatever reason, I never stumbled across it at my local park last summer.  But I did yesterday.  And oh, how I did.  

They were playing with the theme of 'Cartoon Musical Madness' - music as backing for cartoons, but including major such productions, as in Disney feature films.  (And it turned out that some of the members of the band also played with the Disneyland band.)  And oh, how they played.  Magnificently.  And to a good-sized, and very appreciative, audience, too; most of them lounging in beach or deck chairs, with food and drink handy for the occasion.   (And the band will be back next week, too; with another theme.  Yay!)

Thank you, Long Beach, for being still an American small-town community.2  And well done, Long Beach Municipal Band.  You guys rock.   

…and in the meantime, my mail box is inundated daily with requests for donations, and multiple donations, even closely spaced - as if my response automatically triggers another request, in a tightly-engineered computerized follow-up system - from all sorts of 'worthy causes'.  Mostly of a  political nature, since that is my main area of interest.3 

I had never realized, until I got involved in sending money to a few select groups (of a conservative nature),  just how many organizations there were 'out there', beavering away at their cause - or, perhaps, and even quite likely, just front groups, with nice-sounding names, getting us rubes in the public to send them money; not just as a money-making scam in itself, but - more purely politically -  thus to keep it out of the hands of legitimate enterprises.  

I'm sure there are all manner of the former 'type' out there, and in my daily mail call, too.  What's a sincere person to do…

Personally, I would strike at the heart of the matter.  To say: Go to the top of the corrupt food chain, and cut off the head of the Monster devouring us, and keeping us in a constant state of emotional energy food for it to live on, and by.


I would go first to the current figurehead, a' false front' of that Monster, and say to the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama what I would say to all the Dark-side players this time around:

'Stop with your play-acting, now.  It appears that you are beginning to believe that you are your part.  And your delusion in that regard is putting the world at large in grave danger; in harm''s way.  

'Since your re-election - fraudulently; since you are not eligible constitutionally for that office - AND THAT PARTICULAR FEDERAL OFFICE ONLY - because you are not a "natural born Citizen" in the obvious meaning of the term intended by the constitutional Framers - and never amended - it has become clearer that you are, as you announced during your first run for that august office (so, many Americans, having been busy keeping their eyes and minds on their own business in the interim, shouldn't really be surprised at what is going on now), making your definitive move of overthrow of the American Republic, into a form more in keeping with your taste; of what you would undoubtedly call 'enlightened despotism,' or 'benevolent despotism,' take your pick, America, of the Obama Way.4  

'Item.  A Department of Justice that is anything but.  Item.  A 'national security' system that is creating a surveillance state that is close to becoming an outright police state.  Item.  A government-run healthcare system that is the first step in the fastening of a totalitarian system on the American people, controlling their every 'medical' move.  Item.  Falsity  regarding the Osama bin Laden boogeyman business.  Item.  The Benghazi murders and gun-running coverup. Which brings to immediate mind the earlier gun-running coverup regarding the so-called Fast & Furious caper.  Which brings to mind perhaps the culminating act in your treasonous treachery: the attempt at breaking the American public's' fixation' on the Constitutional right to "keep and bear arms".  

'You are 'playing the role' of incipient emperor so well that it might just work, to fool the American people into giving up their Constitution.  Which would be almost as big a shame and atrocity as the culture of Death that has been generated in America, with the perverted progression into such heinous practices as what is euphemistically called 'partial-birth' abortion.'   

And speaking of playing parts: the same with those souls advocating - in this  day and age - abortion.5  To whom I say:

"You expect 'the government' to pay for your abortion??  You do realize, don't you, that 'the government', in this sort of instance, is the American taxpayer; o seduced one???…  

"And when 'the government' is 'on His shoulders,' such corrupt acts - as in demanding money from others to fulfill your personal free-will desires - will be cleaned up."

Not to belabor the point.  Just to end on a harmonious note; in noting that  

it's time to get to our common unity.



1 Not there anymore.  Well; in name only.  The Pike was an amusement park on the beach, complete with Ferris wheel and roller coaster - the works.  The Ferris wheel is still there; sitting forlornly, occasionally moving slowly, as if in memory of its better days.  Sic transit. 

2 This is also alluding to the seeming takeover of the City by a large Hispanic contingent.  They play soccer a lot in my local park.  That's fine.  But that's only the portion of it.  Another story. 

3 Not to overlook others.  Particularly of a 'healthcare' nature.  They certainly haven't overlooked me; one response spawning another.  And another… 

4 BHO on the campaign trail late in 2008: "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America…"

5 They of course could have been on the other side of the issue at an earlier go-round of incarnation; learning how to see things from a holistic perspective.  From different 'points of view'.  As a way of gaining, not just knowledge.  But wisdom.
     The whole point of the exercise, in duality.


P.S. There was also a great little singer at the end, a Sammy Davis, Jr. look- and sing-a-lot-like named Chuck Wansley, who has a good career going for him.  Check him out.
      As the band director - a middle-aged fellow named Larry Curtis - said at the very end, when making a last call for donations, to prove to TPTB that it was worth the cost and effort to keep this particular ship afloat - keep this level of quality of a late-afternoon/early-evening's entertainment going - consider what entertainment like they had just provided could cost 'you' at a club.  And he was dead-on right.  I didn't mind parting with a fiver at that point.  That's a lot to me, living on my Social Security the way I am.  I couldn't afford this sort of treat normally.

Incidentally, on the subject of the singer. and a bit more on the "large Hispanic contingent in town" that I touched on briefly.  Still briefly:
     There are a lot of blacks in this town these days, too; more than in 'my day' here.  But they are more 'American' than the Hispanics.  Many of whom seem to want to take over; not assimilate into the prevailing culture.  And why shouldn't the whites - white America - have trouble with that??  Nobody asked them to take part in a culture-changing exercise, 'multiculturalism' and all that.  That breaks up a nation into fractured enclaves; communities within themselves.
     Which, really, is the point, of the really big PTB behind what is going down these days.
     And is why one of the 'worthy causes' that I give some of my sparse retirement income to is an outfit that is trying to get Congress to pass legislation making English the official language of the nation.
     The very sort of thing that keeps a nation together.  And the lack of which, fragments it.
     Which, as I say, is the sinister-intended idea of many incarnate souls these days.
     The Dark-side idea; some holders of which are thinking that they are working for the greater good.
     A greater good that will, indeed, grow out of where we're at at this point in time.
     Of the United States.  And the world.
     But from the right reasons.  To say: from the right level of consciousness.
     And that's not where what's going down these days is coming from. 
     And which is why I say:
     Not to my country you don't.
     We have a process to see through first.
     A process that creates true 'common unity'.
     A process called Synthesis, in one way of looking at it.  And in another way: a process called Ascension.
     Either 'way': it's to a higher level than the one on which 'the problem' originates.
     Which is Wisdom speaking.
     Not 'business/politics as usual'.

(N.B. Those of you who want your 'mother tongue' catered to: Stop expecting American governments to provide you with mother-tongue language interpreters and materials.  If you want to live in this country, you need to be of this country.  This classically melting-pot country.
     That doesn't mean that you have to lose your birth identity totally.  It just means that you need to take on a larger identity.
     Which is good training, for the completion of the whole exercise.
     The exercise, of 3D life, in duality, and polarity, and seeming separation.  Being released to Completion.
     Coming up.)


P.P.S. I have just come across an email video news report of the Republican Party House honchos, John Boehner and Eric Cantor, both making a case for the 'morality' of letting the children of illegal aliens go for citizenship.  Of the U.S..
     The real 'moral' issue is that the illegal-alien parents need to accept and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, which includes the status of their children.  As the parents go back to their countries of origin.
     'Where would they go?' these Republican Party leaders inquire.  Logically, and morally: to the country of their parents, with them.  And apply to return to this country through the front door, if they still wish to do so.
     This Republican-Party-leadership reading of the matter seems to stem from a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment in regards to U.S. citizenship, which has resulted in the appalling and erroneous category, and mindset, of 'anchor babies'.  The 14th Amendment does NOT say that any child born in the U.S. is a U.S. citizen by birth right.  It says that: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside" [my emphasis].  An illegal alien is not subject to the jurisdiction of the State that they have settled in; they are still full citizens of their country of origin, and their offspring follow the 'jurisdiction'/citizenship of their parents.
     I see that things still have a ways to go yet, before total clarity is reached, on many issues.  Sigh......
      ...but the Truth of things must be paramount in our minds.
     And emotions.
     For if there is no Truth, there is nothing, but chaos.
     And I for one refuse to go there.
     We MUST live by the rule of law.
     Until the greater Law can take over.  Which subjects us to the rule of Truth.  Not falsity.
     Falsity is part of the 3D realm of duality.
     There is no duality above this realm.  
     There, We are - Everything is - One.
     But while we are here, we have lessons to learn.
     Like, taking responsibility for our actions.
     Total responsibility.
     And that includes as a parent.
     No, the child is not responsible for the 'accident' of its place of birth.
     Its parents are.
     And on their heads lies the onus for their actions.
     That's what learning to be a responsible, mature human being is all about.
     A state which neither John Boehner nor Eric Cantor is reflecting right now, in their actions and thinking in this regard.

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