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Wrapping-Up Time

I have talked considerably in my blogs about the intended meaning of the term, and requirement for eligibility to run for, and hold, the American presidency, of a 'natural born citizen'.  I need to begin to turn the most of my attention now to the near future; but for those who wish to understand the historical roots of this term more deeply, I recommend that you see lawyer Mario Apuzzo's take on all this, at his blog site:

I will say just say one more thing about this subject: I feel so sure about this definition, and intent - and so strongly about it - that I wouldn't be surprised if I had been there at the time, as one of the key players in the scene of the establishment of the American Republic (or involved in that momentous occasion at least in spirit).  Stranger things have happened.  In any event: this take on the term makes good, common sense.  Nothing less - of a reading of the term, and the intent of the constitution's Framers - suffices.

As to this issue.  You Tea Party types must be very careful whom you are dealing with, are listening to on it.  Be aware: there are ringers in your midst.  Trolls, who will do all they can to derail your train.  These Constitution-trashing revolutionists are 'in it' for keeps   They have been waiting, and scheming, for this opportunity for years.  They're not  going to let it pass without a big fight.

And I hope that that fight does not spill over into physical mayhem.  I am not here to get involved in that level of activity; in violence.  I am here to help humanity move out of the Old, and into the New.

The real New.

Not to put down in any way the generation of American men and women who rose to the occasion of the Second World War, and helped immeasurably in the victory over those who would stamp out with a big boot the freedoms from statist control as secured to the people of the world through such as the American Constitution.  But never has this nation faced such a test as it is facing now -- and from within itself, by those very sorts of people who were considered when the oath of allegiance to the Constitution was constituted, to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic".  May this generation of Americans rise to this occasion so well that it will be said of us, 'This was their finest hour'.  

And then we can all release the drama, and return home.  The better for the experience, of the play in which our conscience was caught; and we came through, with flying colors, in support of the fundamental principle of the exercise: that of free will - what is also called, with a little more clarity to it, free moral agency - to reign, over the tyrannical, and unloving, way of compulsion.

We have our work cut out for us, ladies and gentlemen.  Let's be about it.   


And that includes:

No More Interest-Bearing Money

My advice: Do not attempt to gain something out of each other.  Be focused on sharing WITH each other.

I understand that one of the arguments regarding 'interest' was that there were two kinds, having to do with intent., with one far more benign than the other.  That's cutting a very fine line to the matter; and doesn't allow for a natural, 3D-seductive process.  I say: Let's leave that whole scene behind.  II is simply that: a scene; a part of the play that we have been engaged in, that we are now leaving behind, in going up a vibrational/dimensional notch, to a higher level of consciousness, and relationship with our environment.  Which we can mold to our satisfaction, with replicators and instant travel and such.  Treating it all as part of God.  As are we.

And speaking of such.  We must love our enemies  For they are us.  And currently just playing a role.   In a play which exists in order to catch the consciences of us all.

Who am I, to talk so definitively about all this??

I'm not a Christian.  My research into that matter tells me that a lot of errors have crept into the historical record; in this area as in so many others.  If there is such a soul to return to human form, to give us a hand 'up', I will gladly defer to him.  In the meantime, I will stand against the Usurper occupying the thus-dishonored office of the presidency of the United States.  He is traducing my country; and I will not have it.  

So my final word on that subject (I hope): I will not stand by idly and have the Usurper besmirch my country, with his lies and deceit and attempt at takeover of it.  Whether he is just playing out a part in a play or not.  I do not wish the play to end on this note.

I wish it to end on a more positive note; indicating how well Americans honored what they had been given, by their predecessors in this blessed nation.

A wrapping-up generation of which I was a part.  


One more piece of the current picture:

On Abortion

Abortion is an abomination, when it is misapplied.  

It's the same sort of discussion as the one about the intent regarding usury, involving what's in the mind of the person.  If the intent is simply to treat abortion as a form of birth control, it is wicked; of low consciousness.  If the intent is to keep a rapist from having the satisfaction of his victim having to carry his baby, the wickedness is on the perpetrator.  Either way, if an abortion is being contemplated, the state of the baby must be considered. If it is so long into its development that it can feel pain, then its feelings need to be taken into consideration, as well as the 'feelings' of the pregnant female.  

These things are simple common sense  To a person with some fair degree of consciousness.

And in any event, in the form of government that we have in America, this is not a federal issue - never was.  (The Supreme Court made a big mistake in its Roe v. Wade decision; based on the personal socio-political proclivities of the majority at the time. Not on the law.)  It is an issue for 'the people' to work out amongst themselves in the laboratories for such things that is the strength of the federal form of government: the several States.

Oh, that form of government is a block to those who want things to be made easier for them to change 'across the board', as in a central, purely national, form of government; or an autocratic one.

Which is the whole point.  To keep either Emotion or Power Over from ruling.  And Reason still in charge.

This is a Republic.  Not a Democracy.

'Abortion', e.g., was never a constitutional 'right'.  An 'entitlement'.

Or at least, never should have been.

Live and learn.


I think I'll let my little wrap-up go at that.      

As ever: For now.


P.S.  Another quick look backwards; not to overlook important details of our past:

from ''Who Owns The Earth? -- Noam Chomsky' - by Paul Craig Roberts - 7/11

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Who Is He Really??
I agree that Noam Chomsky has done and said some very valuable things in his long and largely illustrious career.  But there are some niggles there.  His position on 9/11 for one.  And his position on Pol Pot and his 'Year One' for Cambodia is another.  

Ends and means...I understand that Chomsky has considered himself an 'anarcho-syndicalist'.  I have an uneasy feeling that that attitude has led him into some very shady areas in life.  All the more reason that we need to find out the whole truth about 9/11, for example.  There is some evidence that that was not just a LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) job of the Bush administration (to advance the Neocon's PNAC scenario), but had some Leftist fingerprints on it as well.  As I say: All the more reason...because nothing - nothing - is more important than the truth of things.  Otherwise, we are not only living a lie.  We are aiding and abetting it.  

And I for one refuse to.                   
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