Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ten For Tonight

from wnd.com: 'Obama Deploying Drones Around U.S.' - Steve Peacock - July 21
"The deployment of federal drones in and around U.S. shores represents one of the Obama administration’s next steps in the nation’s expanded use of unmanned aircraft systems for surveillance purposes…"

Nothing more needs be said, than by this old patriot.

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  • raspy voice 20 hours ago

  • Fare thee well America,

  • I love you. It breaks my heart to see you down trodden, as
    you have been by my side through good times and hard times. Your spirit has
    followed me to foreign lands and has kept me strong as I have fought for your
    good name, but as my hair has gone silver and you are fighting, perhaps your
    final battle, I just wanted to let you know that I have loved you and have
    respected you, from the moment that I first opened my eyes and was rewarded by
    your beauty and your providence given by God. 

  • I have been blessed over the years to have been able to travel
    and experience many parts of you, from Florida to Texas and from New England,
    thru the heartlands, to your west coast and on to Alaska, where your pioneer
    heart still beats strong. I have to say that in all areas and respects you are
    indeed a grand ole girl and I admire and love you dearly.

  • I know that I am getting older and I am not able do things
    as well as I once did in my youth, but know that I have sworn the oath of
    allegiance and will always be here for you, to defend you to my dying breath
    and I know that there are more out there that will stand with me, for you my
    beloved, have shown the light of freedom on multitudes and therefore should
    never have to stand alone. So, as your Glory waves before me today, I will,
    with straight back, stand tall and salute you with honor. 

  • Fare thee well, America.
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And that's ten for tonight.


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