Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Big Lie

(I have been, for some time now, in the habit of sending a considerable portion of my pension monies to various worthy causes.  Being on one mailing list has spawned my being on another, and then another…until yesterday I received a new such 'invitation', to send Bibles to Third World countries.  I am tempted to write back to this well-meaning person and body something somewhat like the following missive.)


'I will not be taking you up on your well-intentioned offer to help send Bibles to Third World countries; and here is why.  Listen closely.  

'Christianity was built on a lie,  Or at least, an untruth.  Things did not happen literally the way the Bible tells it.  The whole Bible; but we're talking specifically about the New Testament now.  Which is a mishmash of themes commonly referred to as 'astrotheology' - themes that were ancient even at the time of the supposed Incarnation.1 I hate to be a bearer of bad tidings, to earnest souls like you.  But there is nothing more important than Truth - the truth of things, large and small.

'But there are things that you can do, to help 'spread The Word'.  You can help propagate the notion, derived from the fact of reincarnation (self-evident now in our time), that We Are One Another.  Just playing, and exchanging, parts in a Drama.  (Likely of our own making.)  And from that consciousness base, comes the realization that We Are, then, One.  

'One holy Being; one holy Body of the Beloved behind it all.  'It': the Creation; and the Idea.  

'Which awareness - that we are sparks, fractals, points of view of the All That Is; of our Source - then leads us to give - of our goods and services; in essence, of ourselves - to one another freely.  And then we  can do away with money; and there can thus be unobstructed circulation of goods and services between us, with the motivating power of the 'system' being the highest motivating power there could ever be; to wit:

'gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

'Giving of our best to one another - to Ourselves - out of, in a word: Love.  

'And The System works only by Love.  Not by Force; as the materialists would try to operate such a system by.  And not out of a sense of dependency on others.

'The socialists/communists would deprive people, rob them, of the experiencing of their maturity as a human being by seducing them into dependency on - and a sense of 'entitlement' of - handouts from the state: which has no money of its own, rather, confiscates it in the form of taxes from the citizenry - or just has it printed up; thus saddling the future generations with the debt, in a giant Ponzi scheme.  It is a sad, sad state of affairs; and I am unalterably opposed to it.  As should be any thinking person.

'Or even any 'feeling' person.  Take, for example, compassion for those less fortunate than you.  They are, after all, you, in this greater-understanding scenario, that  

'We Are One Another.  And

'We Are, then, One.    

'And therefore - in an update, for our time (of Completion), of the Golden Rule: 'As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself' - literally.  For, We Are All One.  And All IS One.      

'And thus do we do away with The Big Lie that we have been living our lives by for eons of time: that we are separate from one another.2  

'And actually - with that epiphany - do away with the even bigger Lie: that this 'reality' is the only one.  Whereas, it is a bit of a prison.  

'Or more accurately, a classroom.

'That we are now about to 'liberate' ourselves from.

'And fly, not totally 'free', but to a higher level of the larger Reality that this perceived one - this Matrix - is only a pale reflection of.

'All together.

'As One. 

'Or at least, those of Us who are ready to make the trip, into the next higher dimension.3  

'That we are, now - and because as well of cosmic Time (the Cosmos being a live Being in Its own right; part of the Glory of the Godhood) - really and truly ready for.'

- No.

I don't think I will send it.

He may not be ready enough for it.  And crash.  Rather than ascend.

Too bad.  It's obvious that he is - they are - very well-meaning souls.

But they need to get up to speed a bit more, than where they are at at this point in time.

That's life.

And that's the Truth.



1 Astrology is an ancient science.  As I jotted down at one point in my research into these sorts of things - into Truth:

'Is there in fact a built-in intention to use the cosmos as an allegorical mirror; to catch our attention; to keep us looking beyond our everyday, mundane lives, and relate our individual ivies to a larger reality, and the only one, or at least, the best one that we could envision, was the material one that we were embedded in?  And thus the development of the concept As Above, So Below - deliberately??  Not just us trying to make some sense of our little lives; rather, sensing that we are a part of a larger Whole; that there was more, a larger picture involved….' 

And to note that I am indebted to a number of researchers into these matters, and will here single out one such integrity-seeker of truth in particular: a woman who calls herself Acharya S.  Check her website out:   TruthBeKnown.com

2 Rather than the Truth of the matter: that we are aspects OF one another; of The One.

3 Where, once we 'get the hang of it' - in our pure Light bodies - we won't even need food, and such relics of the past.  First, while we are still in our crystalline-based bodies (capable of resonating with the next vibratory level up from the dense 3D one that we have spent so much time in), we will have the technology of replicators - machines/energy manipulators that can create food out of Light (the background of our state of Beingness); and then, like children graduating from bicycle training wheels, we will just release that example of the intermediate stage of our development, in consciousness.  And not just pedal free.  But fly. 

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