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Meanwhile, Back At The Pass...

...from 'Missouri Poised to Override Democratic Governor's Veto Of Nullification Bill' - posted by Philip Hodges in 2nd Amendment  - July 28
(Missouri legislature passing a bill nullifying any attempt by federal officials to exert unconstitutional authority in the state.  The 'federal' line is being drawn in the sand...)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago  [just gone July 29]
What is it with women who get into positions of power? They play the Kumbaya card.
It's fine to have women in the hardball game of politics. But we need feisty women in those sorts of positions. You know; who can play with hardballs. Not softballs.
I'd better leave my comment at that, instead of trying to clarify it...


from 'Thoughts on the Police Raid on Adam Koresh - and On His Canceled 'Armed March' on D.C.' - July 12 

Stan Says - July 29th, 1:54 am

I have come to this discussion late, but am glad at least to have made it.

I like your responses, Stewart; I find them spot on.  But I crave an attention-getting gesture; a focusing of the picture.  I would like to see the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Assn. fellows, backed up by some Oathkeepers, go to each congressperson's office, leaving off the file of evidence that the birth certificate posted by Obama on the official White House website is a forgery - thus implicating him in a felony, and thus rendering him ineligible for the office ON THAT CHARGE ALONE - and let them know that they have 72 hours to press charges on the man, or the 'posse' will be back with a warrant for their arrest, for not doing their constitutional duty in regards to a rogue executive.  

It might pay to organize that little detail ahed of time, in finding a judge in this country still loyal to the Constitution and to the Republic, who will have heard out the case, and given it legs.  In any event: take it as a learning event for the public, not just a media event, with all media invited to a press conference on the steps of the Capitol before YOUR representatives of The People set off to the individual offices therein, to play your role in this bit of major political theater.  

For, just waiting at home for the enemy to come to you on the local level, and pick you off one by one, is not a smart idea either, Stewart (in comparison to Koresh's overly provocative one).  Give the Usurper and his Red army some justification for speeding up their game plan, by taking the battle to him - in a clearly nonviolent, civil-disobedient way.  And thus keeping the moral high ground.

And be prepared to come back in 72 hours and finish the job, as much as you can, nonviolently.  At least it will be good theater; and will draw attention to the seriousness of your position, and the details of the charges.  Like Luther nailing up his Theses; or the Founders coming up with their Declaration of Independence.  

It's time, that is to say, for some action.  Make it a dramatic start to the end game.   


...and on the note of Jackie Evancho singing 'To Believe', I call it a night.  And hope for a better day.

And believe in such.   

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