Tuesday, 30 July 2013

An Open Letter to a Lightworker

Dear Possibly Deluded,

I have been following your 'daily digest' compilation for over a year now, and although I appreciate the 'one-stop shopping' aspect of it, I am concerned that you may well be being misled, and are therefore misleading all your 'followers'.  It has to do with your, and your various sources', take on Obama.

You seem to have decided blindly - perhaps based on your personal political proclivities - that he is 'one of the good guys' - a high spiritual being, here to help lead us out of the valley of the shadow of Death into the sunlit highlands of the New Day dawning for all humankind  - and no amount of evidence 'on the ground' to the contrary is going to dissuade you from your take on him.  And after all, a number of your channelled sources confirm this take on the man: that he is 'a high spiritual being'.

And he may well be.  And is just playing an excellent part in the end-time drama that is going on.  For he is leading America into a disaster zone, of attempted socialist/communist takeover, and civil war.  And if that is part of the process for humanity to get to 'liftoff' - into Ascension - then he is, indeed, your man. 

But wait.

What if that isn't part of the positive working-out of the drama, and is part of the negative process working its way out, to a sinister conclusion??  And the longer that good people are seduced into going along with the game, and keeping quiet about the matter - the matter, in its essence, of the emperor's new clothes -  the closer the Dark forces get to accomplishing their goal, in the end???  


Let's look at the oh-so reasonable, emollient, unabrasive words of Obama whenever some potential scandal rears its ugly head in his pacific and placated kingdom.  The curious, and outrageous, Benghazi incident (involving the running of weapons to al-Qaeda-linked rebel forces fighting in Syria).  The IRS targeting and attempted suppression of 'conservative' groups (especially those with 'tea party' in their names).  The DOJ, under its under-fire head Eric Holder (for the Fast & Furious refusing-to-be-recognized-as-such scandal), going after the AP reporters and a Fox News reporter, thus sending a chilling message regarding free speech rights in general, and media investigatory activity in particular.  The NSA's wholesale attack on the American public's privacy rights, especially as specifically secured under the Fourth Amendment (protecting the public from "unreasonable searches and seizures," and such searches being allowed only "upon probable cause".  Otherwise, there's a big 'No Fishing' sign in place).  The list goes on, of things that Obama characterizes as 'sideshows'.  Keeping the populace quiet.  Getting it to hold still just a little longer…while:

the Department of Homeland Security is doing a step-by-step number - not quite yet into the wolftrot - to corral the populace into submission for the Obama administration's putsch-for-power takeover of the U.S., with their drones over America; their FEMA-camp network all throughout the country;1 their 1.6 billion - that's billion - rounds of hollow-point ammo;2 their 2,700 armored personnel carriers for domestic use; and speaking of vehicles: their ability not only to spot and ID vehicles on the roads but to take them over via remote control (as they can do - and already have done - with planes) -

and the litany of warning signs goes on, including Obama's cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood,3 and U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan's "Allahu Akbar!"-announced attack at  Ft. Hood, Texas, in the crowded Processing Center, deliberately chosen for maximum killing effect; with the result being 13 killed and 32 wounded - a nifty haul, and which the Obama administration characterized as "workplace violence"  -

do I really need to go on???  Let's stop with the kidding around:

A coup is taking place before our very eyes.

And some good people are brainwashed into thinking that it's all for the good, because it's bringing things to a head.

Well; yes, it is  But the question is: whose head, on whose platter…                

I'm not a believer in the official story of the Bible, especially of the New Testament.  (I see the Old Testament as a story of a tribal god - an 'ancient astronaut' of some powers - and his chosen people; no more, and no less.)  I have read too much exegesis on the subject, to fall for the story as handed down by a Church that had good reason to perpetuate the myth: in order to exercise, and consolidate, power over people.  But it has some good advice in it.  Among such advice, in my opinion, is the admonition to beware of false prophets: that 'in the last days, even the very elect will be deceived'.  

By very powerful Forces, that are on their last legs of Power Over on this planet. And will do anything to keep their power, however waning it is.  For power is an aphrodisiac.  In fact, the ultimate one.  

For those who are into that sort of thing.     

I say all this, also in awareness of a book that I read some years ago by a guy who admitted in it to having been taken in by 'channelled' material.  The entity was supposed to be the 'shade' of a young British airman, as I recall the story, and he had their 'channeling circle' in Canada in complete believance of what was coming through the channeler of their group.  Until the fellow who wrote the book decided to go over to the UK and investigate the details of the airman's life that he gave in various sessions.  And couldn't make a proper fit to historical fact.  There seemed to have been a measure of 'identity theft' involved.  By a mischievous spirit (of which there have been many lower-astral, lost-soul examples reported in such circumstances)?  Or an outright malevolent, power-thirsty one??….

I'm not saying that all channeled material is false.     

I'm saying, to heed sound advice (in this, as in all matters):

Check your premises.  

And this may be the very last of lessons that we have to learn, in this 3D realm.  Before we leave it behind.

For good.

And in the meantime, Americans, tell your government:

'I Do Not Consent To This.  I am the sovereign.  You are not my master.  You are my servant. Consider the message sent.'

And send them packing, if they don't abide by the rules.  And specifically, the rule of law.  Which in the case of America is the Constitution.

That "damn piece of paper".  Hanging by a thread.

But still there.  To be seen in, and by, the dawn's early light.



1 That's their job, to prepare for emergencies, like hurricane disasters and such?  Well; okay.  And what about the drones???…

2 very expensive stuff; not to be used for target practice, as we're benignly told it's for.  And very lethal ammo it is to boot, designed to inflict massive damage to the target.  Which is, again, not a paper target. 
     It bears repeating.  

3 from a booklet put out by David Horowitz's Freedom Center titled 'Obama and Islam,' by him and Robert Spencer:
     "As part of his 'opening' to the Muslim world, Obama, from the early days of his administration, began reaching out to domestic groups with ties to jihad terrorism.  He sent his Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett to give the keynote address at the Islamic Society of North America's convention, ignorant of or indifferent to [or…;] the face that this group was created by the Muslim Students Association, a subsidiary group of the Muslim Brotherhood, godfather to al-Qaeda and Hamas.  IISNA was named as unindicted co-conspirator in the FBI's case against the Holy Land Foundation for funding Hamas.
     "In April 2010, the New York Times reported that Obama was reaching out to unnamed 'Muslim and Arab-American advocates' groups in the United States to accommodate their views on air security.  Times reporter Andrea Elliott wrote that this meeting with top White House officials, including Jarrett, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General EricHolder, had discussed,among other things, 'counterterrorism strategy.'  White Houses [sic[ sources said that the protests of these Muslim leaders played a role in Obama's decision to scrap a policy that subjected airline passengers from Muslim countries to greater security scrutiny than travelers from other places.  According to Elliott, 'That emergency directive, enacted after a failed December 25 bombing plot, hash ten replaced with a newest of intelligence-based protocols that law enforcement officials consider more effective.'
     "Which ones?  On what grounds?  How could it be more effective to subject people from areas with active jihad terror groups to the same scrutiny as people from countries without these security concerns?
     "But in line with this, in March 2013 it came to light that the Department of Homeland Security was set to give air passengers entering the U.S. from Saudi Arabia 'trusted traveler' status, which would enable them to bypass normal passport controls.  Given that fifteen of the nineteen 9/11hijackers were Saudis, this decision was inexplicable, and - characteristically for Obama - unexplained…" 
     Feeling more secure yet???
     How's this for a cherry on the top:
     "The United States has gone 'from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood'" (emphasis mine).  
     A quote from a John Birch Society publication??  How about an Egyptian newspaper (Rose el-Youssef)…
     For those of you who are not quite up to speed on such things: the Muslim Brotherhood has links way back with the Nazis.  They are into power. Big into.  Big power.
     It's part of the dictatorial and totalitarian nexus of power that Obama is deep into establishing.
     On your dime.

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