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On Solemn Occasions

A word about Solemn Occasions.

This was prompted by a very moving story that a friend posted on my Facebook link, about a woman who provides animals - apparently mostly dogs - with some tender loving care when they are on 'death row', and the pound is going to put them to sleep for being irreconcilably ill.  She takes them in to give them loving attention before their departure from this vale of tears - for our pets as well.  Many of them, not well treated by their former owners.  The treatment she gave this particular dog in this particular story was extremely touching.  She made sure that it knew that it was loved, before it moved out of our realm, and further on the path that the souls of such sentient animals take.

I'm not going to get here into that facet of the matter.  I simply open with this story, to lay the groundwork for another burial going on in our time.  And that one - that very solemn occasion -  has to do with the burial of honest voting in America.  And 'love' is involved in that one, too.  The love of - or at least, the infatuation with - corruption.  

When I came back to the States last year to see my retirement years out in my old home town, I was appalled to find out about the state of the voting scene in the U.S.  Not only are there serious questions regarding the probity of the electronic voting machines.   But the voting rolls themselves were, reportedly, a disaster.

I can remember watching, from my home base in the north of Scotland,  the election returns in 2004, when it was still - reportedly - a tight race between George W. and his challenger, John Kerry, and a lot was riding on the vote in Ohio; and when I went to bed, the exit polls were calling the state for Kerry, and when when I tuned in the next day, it turned out that George W. had won the state.

Or had he.

Some Democrats didn't think so; wanted to mount an investigation into the matter.  Nothing, apparently, came of it.        

Or did it.

With the Democrats appearing to have decided, not to get mad.  But to get even.

In the lead-up to the 2012 elections, I heard so many horror stories about ineligible - or dead - voters on the voting rolls, that I refused to take part in the charade.  And grieved for my country.  Its apparently having turned into the equivalent of a third-world dictatorship.  Whereby even having every voter's thumb dipped in purple ink wasn't going to do 'the trick', because the biggest issue, apparently - rather than the machines, which had had some vetting done on them, at least - was the integrity of the voter rolls themselves.1

As 'prepared' by such stalwart defenders of the American way of life as ACORN, and other groups growing out of the 'community organizing' philosophy of Saul Alinsky.  Whose idea of morality was the 'principle' of Whatever It Takes, aka By Any Means Necessary.

This whole thing was highlighted for me in my mail yesterday when I received word of a particular such scam having gone on in the state of Mississippi, where two counties have proved to have far more registered voters on the rolls than they have living people eligible to vote.

I know that there were many stories after the 2012 elections about such shenanigans having gone on.  But this one, now, to add to the litany, is all just too much.

Which brings us to the head of the snake.  Or at least, its working head:

Barack Hussein Obama.

Former 'community organizer'.  Now Usurper in the Oval Office.

Get your recording equipment out, NSA spooks.  And hear me well.

Barack Hussein Obama is a liar, and a cheat, and a deceiver.  He knows darn well that he was, and is, not eligible for that office.2  It is an outrage, and insult, to the office and to the Constitution.  And if you libs try to argue that 'the people elected him two times, so go fly a kite', I'll raise you one, and say: 'And you can go eff yourselves, for aiding and abetting the socialist totalitarian takeover of the country - MY country.

'See you on the barricades.  If it comes to that.'

I hope it won't.

Violence is against my religion, so to speak.

But you people on the Left of politics are doing a damn good job of shaking me to my boots on this matter; the cavalier treatment you are giving to the United States of America.  Which is a federal constitutional republic.  NOT The People's Republic of America; where the Dear Leader can do anything he wants to.  Not being held to the Constitution by the elected representatives of The People duly assembled in the Congress.  Thus abrogating their duty - their responsibility, and authority, to rein in a rogue Executive.

So, the sitting Congress must go, too.  And new elections all around be held.

Or not.

For, perhaps this is the end.

And it is to end on this note.

Not of Revolution.

But of Restoration.

Of the primacy of - and the consciousness of the primacy of - the individual. Not of the collective over the individual.  Taking away his or her free will.

And, having recognized the difference - the very qualitative difference -

we can release the whole lot.

As the Play that it is.  And has been.

To capture our consciences.

And sort out the sheep from the goats, amongst us.

The former, to continue a process of Ascension that we are already involved in.

And the latter?

Perhaps I can address the matter in a little less charged way than I have alluded to in here.3  Let's just say:

There is a place for us
Except for the most irreconcilable
And full of strife
Amongst us.
                       Ah well.
       That's life
I guess.
And it applies to me
As well.
Since I am We.

And a not very happy camper about it all right now.

I'll get over it.  But right now, I just want to growl, a bit.

At the lack of integrity going on in MY country.

And on that note:

How do I know that my take on the matter of the Framers' definition of a 'natural born' citizen is the correct one?  My answer:

Because I was there.

If only in spirit.

Where most of it was written, anyway.

Or at least, ultimately decided upon.

To help start the new ship of state on its course into the future.

Not only for its own citizenry.  But for the world's.

And now, it must help lead the world on the new sea that we are all - all of humanity - to sail on.

Honoring the individual.  As we join in the collective effort.  Of the New Day dawning.

Off with the old.

On with the new.

The whole thing - the whole shooting match (as it were) - characterized by just one thing; one quality:

The caring that that woman showed, and gave, so freely, to

that dying dog.

Just a dying dog.


The least amongst us.



1 For the record: I would advocate going back to paper ballots, and a paper trail.  Electronic jiggery-pokery is too easy, in the wrong hands.  Which the Republicans have proved to have.

2 Not being a "natural born Citizen," to quote the Constitution on the matter.  And don't try to give me any shit - as some of the arguments have it - about the term meaning only that you can't be a naturalized citizen to hold that post - and that post only, amongst all of the federal offices (now constitutionally including that of the VP as well; reasonably enough).  The whole POINT of the exercise was to make sure that the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces did not have dual loyalties or allegiances.  Which is precisely the state of affairs with a person born with dual citizenship - i,e., not having two U.S. citizen parents.  So get out of here with any shitty sophistic-crap argument that you may try to make on this issue. It won't wash.

3 Which proves that I am not, and don't claim to be, 'any better than anybody else'.   Not having the necessary equanimity of spirit.  Still very susceptible to such as anger.
     And disappointment.

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