Thursday, 18 July 2013

It's Time for Truthtelling - Wholesale

…And The End of People Control By Our Erstwhile Masters 

1) "If truth be told," David Kupelian writes in his opening article in the July issue of whistleblower magazine1 (the issue titled 'End The IRS'), "the main reason the IRS exists today is not taxation.  After all, income tax  revenue could readily be replaced in a revenue-neutral way by means of, let's say, a national sales tax, which wouldn't require a Gestapo-like agency to enforce it.2  Rather, the chief reason the IRS exists is to condition American citizens to be fearful of, and subservient to, their government."

Ah, the magic 's' word.  And I'm not thinking 'subservient' here.  I'm thinking 'sovereign'.  

As I said just last night in a comment to a petition I signed, sponsored by,3 to protest the lack of labeling of GM foods in this country, said petition to go to our Congressional representatives (and I paraphrase a bit, not having saved it): "WE are the sovereigns in this country.  Not the government.  And WE demand honest labeling of our food.  The government should be beholden to The People.  Not the other way around."

"But why should free people be programmed by their government to fear it?" Kupelian continues; going right on to answer his own question: "Fear of government has always been a sign of tyranny.  Totalitarian regimes, from North Korea to Iran and every wretched police state in between, operate entirely on this principle of fear.  So why should we, supposedly a free people, intentionally infect our entire population with the virus of fear of government?  Is this something our Founding Fathers would have condoned?"

Not on your Nelly, David.  And it's time to 'get back to basics'.

Not blindly.  Which brings me to

2) "All these things I will give to you…"  "…Get thee behind me, Satan."  'Who's telling this.'


'Who's telling this story.'   

' - Well.  Er…'

You have to realize that someone is telling a story, here.  A scribe is telling a story. Of someone else's experience.  Or story.  Or telling it himself.  Or making it up himself.

And thereby hangs the tale of the likes of the New Testament; with made-up fingerprints scattered throughout the whole thing.4

In sum: There simply is no reason to believe the so-called NewTestament is a true accounting of facts - and every reason to believe that it has been made up.  Of ancient, pre-Christian mythological themes, that were part and parcel of the fabulous storytelling of the time.5  As researched 'out' by a number of scholars/seekers of truth over the years, and in our day.6  None - in my opinion - having done a better job of the compiling and reporting of such facts than an American woman by the name of D. M. Murdock, who writes under her professional/pen name of Acharya S.7  She is, in my opinion, a consummate scholar of comparative religion and mythology, specializing in what is called astrotheology - the relationship of religious themes with the cosmos; which goes way back.8    


In both the above instances, we must take back our sovereignty.


Before it's too late.  And we stumble, in the darkness, into an equivalent of purgatory.

In short: We need to see through the dross. And go for the gold.

Our Golden Age.

Just awaiting us.

As we awaken to it.  Beneath - within - the dross, of the realm of duality.

And return - after wandering in the wilderness, the illusion; the dross - consciously back to the realm of The One.

From whence cometh our help.



1 'Credible. Independent. Fearless.  A Monthly Publication of WND.Com'

2 He had just been detailing the IRS's role "as a political weapon to intimidate and deny the civil rights of hundreds of conservative organizations and individuals," in the IRS scandals that hit the headlines in May. 

3 A 'liberal' organization.  Which sponsors petition drives on subjects that sometimes I can easily partake in; not being a dogmatic 'right-winger'.  Many of whom, it often seems, believe that if the left is for something, they must be agin it.  Not very bright.  But then there are some dim bulbs on both sides of the political aisle.  

4 I won't even begin to get into the Old Testament.  That is too long a telling.

5 Did you know that the name 'presbyter' -  whence cometh Presbyterian - was originally the name given to itinerant storytellers, who made a crust telling stories, and, often, the more amazing, the better??  For them, at least….

6 Of course, there have also been naysayers simply for the sake of naysaying, too.  But the baby should not be thrown out with the bathwater. 
     Even if 'the baby Jesus' story happens to be part of the bathwater; which must, now, be thrown out; for the Truth to prevail:
     that We Are One.  Sons and daughters - whilst in the realm of duality; that is to say, whilst in 3D incarnation - of our mutual Source.  And it is time to claim our mutual Christhood Now.

7  'acharya' being an ancient/Sanskrit name for 'a guide or instructor in religious matters'.

8 There are other good current names in this field; Ralph Ellis and Tony Bushby amongst them.
     A salute to all who have been responsible for helping to unmask the truth of things 'religious'.  Which has - of course - been part of the 3D job.  Of uncovering the diamond in the rough.
     The diamond of Truth.  Total, pure, crystalline-clear Truth.
     To put it another way: The Pearl of Great Price.
     On our treasure hunt, of Life.

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