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The Game Plan

I would like to expand on the information in my last blog, about ObamaCare and its real purposes, a bit.

First, a quote from it:

"(NaturalNews) The one thing you need to know about Obamacare above anything else is that it was not passed to lower your costs or improve healthcare services and delivery. Obamacare is about cradle-to-grave control, a surveillance state horror that even one-time supporters of the law are beginning to realize (though much too late).

Consider the provisions of this massive law that require collection of your personal information, all in the name of "streamlining" care and "reducing inefficiency." If you thought the NSA's spying was invasive, understand that Obamacare will completely wipe out the last vestiges of privacy in America…"

So, what's going on.

Well, we have been told.  Resident Obama is involved in "fundamentally transforming the United States of America".  Into - what, precisely.

Ah yes.  That little detail…

…and note that when the Mainstream Media wants to go after somebody, they really know how to, and do.  So that's part of the picture as well.

The picture.  Let's look at it. And I'll be brief in the telling of this story.

There is a Game Plan going on, by a cabal of very powerful people - powerful politically, and, ultimately, behind it all, financially.  The Game Plan is incrementalism.  The communists - and the fascists behind them1 - are only too happy for the Democrats to run interference for them.  "Trust us - we only have benevolent reasons and intentions to want a national gun registration.  It's for your own 'security' good."  And then, with that foot planted firmly in that door, the real players can sweep in; precisely like the Communist Bolsheviks swept away the Social Democrat Mensheviks in their takeover of Russia, in the establishing of the U.S.S.R., on the intended way to global empire of the powers behind the scenes of the drama exciting, and capturing the attention of, the public.

That is to say, of the schmucks.

So, it's been the story of the fishes, with increasingly larger fishes swallowing the smaller ones.  Only the Really Big Fish is not the Illuminati, as they think; so close to their goal, of all Power Over, that they can taste it.  Another way to put it, is in terms of Robert Burns's observation that "the best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley".

We come now to the question of  religion.  And I bear tidings of great sorrow to many, many people.  But the truth must out.  For that is what this whole drama has been all about.

Religions - all religions - have been the work of Man.  They have done some good.  But they have also done a great deal of evil.  As noted: Power corrupts…

There is quite a battle going on in America today, over the question of whether America is a Christian nation or not; to the point where Resident Obama had the effrontery to say, to an audience overseas - to assume that he could speak for America in saying -  that "We are no longer a Christian nation."  

A bit of a parenthetical word here about Resident Obama.

And I won't go here into all the evidence that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama was never constitutionally eligible for the office, one, and two, that his usurpation was part of a larger plan, of this same cabal of powers behind the scenes; and three, that manifold crimes have been committed in keeping this placeman of TPTB in place, including the forging of the document released officially by the White House - and with I-can't-really-be-bothered-with-all-this tedious-twaddle-nonsense fanfare by the Resident himself - purportedly a copy of his long-form, vault-copy birth certificate, ho hum, now can you all go back to sleep - I mean, can I get on with my real work.

Of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America".  Not only from its roots in the limited-government, free-enterprise vision of its Founders, and the specific group of Framers of its Constitution.  But from its roots in the Christian religion.  Into -

what, exactly.

The answer to the first part of the proposition is easy.  From a government that is constrained from doing to The People - by the 'rule of law' of the Constitution - to a government that is required to do for The People.  In giving them various rights, magnanimously from the state; which can then play games with them, like limit them, or bias them (as in specific 'group rights'), or even rescind them.  Rights, that in America were vouchsafed as "unalienable rights," that came from God - from a Supreme Being, as part of a larger picture of the human experience than the materialistic one of its being just in and for itself only.2

Which brings up the second part of the proposition.  And which matter is a little more complicated.

First, a word about America being, or not being, a Christian nation.

To be multicultural, and multireligious - as is the plan of the Left for America, in order to break down the established order in the nation, for it to move into their Brave New World vision for it, of a socialist nation, as part of a larger socialist New World Order whole - is one thing.  To be defiantly and ruthlessly anti-Christian - as is the stance of many on the Left - is another thing entirely.

They don't want it to be 'one among many'.  They want it to be eliminated.  Period.

The proponents of that stance might say, 'We have to be so ruthless about it, since it is so strongly embedded in the American culture'.  But that rationale doesn't account for the extreme virulence of the attack.  This anti-Christian business is being led by atheists - not merely 'multiculturalists'.  These are people who want to demolish all remnants of the religious mentality amongst the simpleton serfs - and they will use the power of a religion - Islam - to do it.  To supplant Christianity.3  And then to deal with that religion in due course.  The due course of of their move for total control over humanity, in the establishing of their atheistic, materialist empire on planet Earth.

Or so they think.

In brief, about this religion matter being "a little more complicated":

Christianity does have to give way.  For the Truth to prevail.  And the truth is, that all religions are man-made; and have evolved into forms of control.  There are elements of value in them.  But they are in the way, for the full-on Light of Truth to prevail on Earth.

Which is happening - is in the process of happening - as we speak.

So, hang in there, folks.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

In the establishing on Earth of the true New World Order.

Which is not about Force.  About Power Over.

But about Love.  About Power With.

And nothing less will suffice, now.  Here, at the end of a long, long process.

And the beginning of the Timeless Now.

For it has all - all - been for a larger Purpose.

And one that we agreed to, before entering into the field of play.



1 Communism was never established in the U.S.S.R. to be the end game.  It was a tool, a step for the Illuminati behind the scenes to reach their goal, of total control over humanity.  (All of this info is readily available to the earnest seeker of truth in the matter.) 
     You innocent communists in our time: You never really believed the Marxian propaganda, did you, that the state, having obtained total control over The People, would then just wither away??  Rather more obvious a potential outcome was observed by Lord Acton, in coming up with his famous dictum, that "Power tends to corrupt; and absolute power corrupts absolutely".  

2 Two points here.  One: The first sentence of this paragraph is pretty much taken verbatim from an interview with Obama by a talk radio show host back when Obama was still in the Illinois Senate, wherein he espoused his attitude regarding the Constitution, and its need, in his mind, for a major overhaul, along that line as expressed.  That is, away from championing the individual - the whole thrust of Western civilization; which champions the primacy of, and responsibility of, the individual - to championing the collective.  And two: how that former attitude fits in so well with the idea of a larger picture of Life - that it is part of a larger Whole.  In which the individual soul is responsible for its own development; 'salvation,' as it were.        
     This business, of the importance of the 'Western Civilization' idea of the primacy of the individual over the collective, is undoubtedly why the study of 'Western Civ' was beginning to be phased out of my (liberal) university's core curriculum, just after I went through what has become blatantly the indoctrination process of the Left; and, for all I know, has been eliminated altogether by now.
     These people mean business.  And have been in it for a long time; and for the long haul.  It would behoove 'the individual' in the West to wake up to that fact.  Which we are, in any event, beginning to do, by necessity, if not simply by virtue of the fact of the increasingly obvious nature of what's going on in our day.  And time.
     Leaving the responsibility, of awareness - rather than the sleepy business-as-usual mentality that we have been allowed to dwell in for some time - squarely up to us.  This generation.  Chosen - for whatever all reason - to bear the standard.  And duty.
     I like to think that we were chosen, because - as the saying has it - when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
     As long as they can get their mesmerizing fascination with the tube out of the way.  In time.  Before they go down the tubes.  
     (N.B.  "The crisis of the West consists in the West having become uncertain of its purpose."  Leo Strauss; from the Introduction to his book 'The City and Man'.  As quoted in the December 2012 issue of Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College, in an interview with its president, Larry P. Arnn.  Who is doing a fine job in 'holding the vision'.
     As for a different vision from the 'Western Civ'/limited-government one, my statement of "the indoctrination process of the Left" was in reference to the likes of "the long march through the institutions" that German Marxist student leader Rudi Dutschke wrote about, in building on Communist theoretician/intellectual Antonio Gramschi's ideas on what he called Cultural Hegemony.
     No couch potatoes, these people.  Divorced somewhat from reality, yes.  But lazy as a sloth, no.
     Time for the Right - both middle/upper class and working class - to wake up fully to what they are up against.  And slouches - both academically and any other way - need not to apply to the team, for a position on it.  We have work to do; and can't tailor our sails to the weakest of the crew.  Get up to speed.  Or get out of the way.  You would be part of the problem.
     This is war, ladies and gentlemen.  All-out war.  And the sooner that fact of life is recognized, the better.
     To be dealt with ultimately in a loving way.  For more on which, read on.)

3 See, e.g., the Freedom Center's little booklet 'Obama and Islam,' for some information in this regard.
     To go along with their other excellent little booklets, 'Barack Obama's Rules For Revolution' and 'Breaking the System: Obama's Strategy For Change'.
     Ex-communist David Horowitz and his team at the Freedom Center are doing very good work, in getting out 'inside info' to the public regarding what's going down politically in our day.  That's

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