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Tantamount To War - Pt. 2

Sorry to have to go back into 'it'.  But duty calls.

Barack Hussein Obama - or to say, the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama; with/reluctant-to-admit-owner-of a number of aliases* - is the criminal leader of a criminal government.  Before he is arrested, and goes on trial for his various crimes (too numerous to mention here), he should apologize to the American people for having lied to them, confess to his various crimes, ask the American people for their forgiveness, and vacate forthwith the office that he has defiled for occupying illegally.  This, at the same time as the Congress itself is dissolved, for being accessories before, to, and after the fact of the Usurper's illegal run for the presidency, and the coverup of that hijack engaged in by the Congress members in particular.

The Mainstream Media will be brought to trial in due course for their coverup role in all this as well.  Whereby we will undoubtedly find the CIA's fingerprints all over their broadsheets; in keeping with the illuminative quote by one of its former heads to a staff meeting of these wayward, power-seduced souls.

In all this, the purpose is for Truth to prevail.  Which includes a New Era for humanity.  Just not the one envisaged for it by the Dark forces, its erstwhile Masters.  

The Keepers of the Light will now take over.  As the Earth Herself engages in Ascension, to a higher level of Being, than the Place of Sorrow that we all have inhabited for so long.  

For long enough.

Learning lessons.  Now to put them to practice, on 'a higher turn of the spiral', of consciousness.

Out of Sorrow.  And into the Light, of a - the - New Day dawning.

* To the point where he apparently lost his license to practice law for swearing that he had never been known by any other name than the main, cover one for him.  All of which will be part of the evidence that will come out in a court of law; more about which, read on.     


As to/for the Obama supporters in the land:

1) Illegal aliens, and other termites in the country agitating and manipulating for the La Raza cause:
You are guests in our country.  Where do you get off thinking that you can just waltz in here and take over???  The Pilgrims, and early settlers, made a start in a new land.  Yes, there were some natives here, honorably known as time went on as Native Americans; and they were often not done well by the European whites that came here, looking for the fabled land of opportunity.  But there were also some honorable dealings with them.  And in any event, it was ever thus, in the story of human beings on planet Earth, ever moving around, looking for something better.  

Stop listening to the socialists/Leftists in general in our midst.  They have had their day in the sun, and it turned out to be a very corrupt one; symptomatic of the sort of  governing that they would have engaged in, had they prevailed.  It's time for them to be turfed out.       

2) Socialists, and other denizens of the Left: See above.  Although I will add just one observation:
     Who are you to demand that the taxpayers support you, and your child or children, if such there be, or any other person???
     Go live in a socialist country if you prefer that way of being.  But that way of being is selfish, for demanding that others support you.  For demanding it.  Not letting people make their own decisions, about the use of their income monies.
     Your way is not the way of the future.  It is the way - part of the way - of the past.  It is the way, in a word, of Force.
     Now, when people give FREELY to one another......out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.........out of, in a word: Love -
     watch us fly.  


from' LATEST - on Birth Certificate Fraud!  ZULLO: Weapon of Mass Deception!' - PP Simmons Radio - Carl Gallups i/v w/Mike Zullo - July 17

kibitzer 3 (July 17)
The man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama has produced a fraudulent, fictitious document. This is a criminal matter. He needs to be removed from the office, by legal means, and prepare for his appearance in a court of law. Period. 


July 18

Re: 'Redistribution of Wealth' schemes


I have discovered some low-consciousness stuff going on, which is particularly heinous, since it involves spending the taxpayers' money on illegal aliens.  

Frittering away the taxpayers' money without proper oversight on programs for its own citizens is bad enough.  But this - !!

'Judicial Watch Uncovers USDA Records Promoting US Food Stamp Program for Illegal Aliens' - Judicial Watch's monthly 'Verdict' for July.  Article exposing that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has colluded with the government of Mexico in a policy to tell Mexicans in the US - i.e., illegal aliens - "that they do not need to declare their immigration status in order to receive financial assistance" - including food stamps. 


"In April 2013 Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton was an invited guest on the Fox News Channel's Hannity program to talk about food stamp fraud.  The title of the show was 'Boomtown 2: The Business of Food Stamps,' and it laid bare an Obama administration scheme to use the food stamp program to foster a massive redistribution of wealth…"  

This is beyond an outrage.  

Where the HELL does the Obama administration think that 'the government's' money comes from - that it grows on trees???!!!

Let's be clear:

1) Any self-proclaimed 'Lightworker' who advocates, e.g., food stamp fraud for 'redistribution of wealth' reasons is a fraud themselves.  They are not working for the Light.  They are working for the Dark side.  
     'Redistribution of wealth' is a euphemism for theft.
     People WILL have their free will.  Bleeding hearts notwithstanding.

2) If you are going to move into 'benevolent despotism,' which results in the government 'taking from the rich and giving to the poor' - i.e., redistribution of wealth schemes - then you've gone too far, and I'll take over now; and make sure that the 'benevolent despotism' is the right kind.  

For it is my country - in concert with the souls who make it tick, along self-governance lines - and I'll do whatever I want with it. (For that is how it feels to me; in owning my deepest feelings on the matter.)  Which does NOT include the condoning - and practicing - of theft and fraud on the part either of the individuals or of the government.  

As for the scene-as-it-is:   

3) The money that the government doesn't filch from the taxpayers becomes a debt that the taxpayers have to pay off anyway, in the borrowing - or simply printing - and the interest involved.  Now, one can say, cynically, 'Oh well, we just owe it to ourselves anyway.  And If it gets big enough, hey, we can agitate for it to be canceled: easy peasy.' 

That's not the sort of consciousness that will get you to the higher levels of reality.  That's the level of consciousness that will cause you to have to repeat this grade.

If that's your take on such matters: Sorry to lose you on this go'round.   May see you again, sometime.  But for now: Sayonara.  The rest of us have a ride to catch.  A different ride, than the one that just goes round and round.  And round.  And round…...and round………and round..…………

...and this 'scene' is going to change anyway; with a 'Reset' of the financial system, to reflect the higher turn of the spiral that we are now on.  On our way  to a moneyless society, and concomitant state of mind.  And then the next step beyond that level, of consciousness.  And then......

But first things first.

Which is to get our consciousness right on this level.

For the only way out of this 'dilemma' that we have gotten ourselves in, short of civil war, and a return to the 3D process, of action-reaction - endless processing - is Up.

Realizing, that it is a transmutative process that we are involved in.  A transformative process.

Not just more of the same old, same old. 

Been there. Done that.

Going for Gold, this time.

No more dross. 

Glittery.  But ultimately unsatisfactory.

To Beings of Spirit.

Not merely Matter.

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