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Further On The War Front

BHO Is A Criminal - Redux

1) from 'Document Expert for Obama's Law Firm Declares Obama's Digital Birth Certificate a Total Fraud' - posted by George M - July 20 

Thanks for keeping all this ‘out there’, George.

Everybody needs to start referring to The Great Pretender (not everyone is old enough to understand the full ‘deal’ on that title. Who was the artist: The Platters????) as Resident Obama, or AKA Obama. Or make up your own ‘jibe’.

But whatever you do, DO NOT ACCEPT THIS HIJACKING AS A FAIT ACCOMPLI. It is an insult to the American Republic, and all who have sacrificed so much for America, the Beautiful. And MUST NOT STAND.
Stan, 13 hours ago  [early 7/20]

2) from 'FAA Warns Against Shooting Down Drones' - July 20

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago  [July 20/just gone July 21]
I just want to say that I am heartened to read all these responses from the American public to all of this tyrannical nonsense going on in this day and age of the Republic. It's time for a Reset.     - Thomas Jefferson
P.S. And to quote from my good friend and compatriot, Benjamin Franklin: "They who would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."


3) from Tea Party Command Center: 'Common Core: Wrong answers are just fine' - posted by Nat'l Director Dee - July 20 

Comment by Deanna M. Clark 52 minutes ago
You are misinterpreting what that teacher was trying to teach. The new common core, while there are certainly questions about how it will be used,  is meant to bring back the rich higher order thinking skills that have been bypassed in recent years so that teachers could teach to the test, just to get scores up. It is these "H.O.T.S." skills that have helped us conservatives discern right from wrong, ask very provocative questions, probe, research in depth with even more questions, and get to the bottom of things. I believe all children need these skills to make the best decisions in today's society. Rote memory, drill and kill isn't going to preserve our nation anymore. Serious probing, questioning, and a solid foundation in deep reading will. As  for mocking this teacher for not encouraging a "right" answer, I frankly do not believe any good teacher would let a child pass with a wrong answer for a simple addition problem, so this presenter perhaps needed to explain that better. What she did explain was that it is more important for students to understand and be able to explain how math works, rather than merely to spit it out by rote. Please, folks, use your own higher order thinking skills before you make such harsh judgments about a presenter. Give her a break!--

Comment by Stan Stanfield just now  [now into July 21]

I'm not sure that you've got the whole picture on what's going down in this day and age in Education, Deanna.  Indeed it's well and good to know "how math works".  But what's happening is propaganda.  There is a concerted effort by the Left to break down the 'established order' of society, so that everything can be considered by the child to be relative, not 'fixed', or 'absolute'.  (Like religion teaches.)  Thus, 2 + 2 should not be taught as having the answer of 4, but as having all manner of possibilities.  'Be creative!  Come up with your own answer - and we'll all look at it, and consider its value!  Let's have FUN with all this 'education' stuff!!'  And the result is that the country has to import individuals from other countries and cultures to do our heavy academic lifting for us.  Because the point is not to sharpen a mind.  It is to brainwash it.  Dumb it down, to a socialist glow, of happy clappy everybody's equal and nobody's better than anybody else, and oh, by the way, let's have an equal distribution of wealth, and then nobody has to feel less equal than anybody else, wouldn't that be nice?  Well, actually: no.   It would - and should - feel false.  Not true to reality.  

I grant you that just rote memory teaching is not ideal; just 'teaching to the test'.  But we are up against ideologues in this business.  And that factor needs to be taken into consideration.

Discernment.  Discernment in all things. 


4) from Oracles and Healers: 'Matthew's Message via Suzy Ward -July 21'

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As usual, I have some trouble with Matthew’s messages. Owing to whatever all influences – including the human screen he comes through? – he sounds [to me] like an immature soul sometimes.
For one thing, he has been unequivocally ‘for’ the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama, despite the many crimes the man has committed (and needs to answer for, in a return of America to the Republic it once was – from the political machinations emanating from both sides of the political aisle). If the man is a high being of Light, as Matthew continues to insist, he must be a master performer – bringing out the Dark side, to be illuminated in and transmuted by the Light – because he is giving off all the signs of a socialist wannabe dictator, leading America into a civil war. Which brings up the other thing I am having particular trouble with:
Matthew talks herein about our moving “ever closer to a peaceful harmonious world where all share equally in Earth’s vast abundance”. Peaceful – check. Harmonious – check. Where all share equally – excuse me?? Yes, Earth has “vast abundance” – but not in everything. There will still have to be a certain level of differential for humans to work with, in establishing the New Age. Most easily to be accomplished by their earning credits for the services they perform for Earth society, to be spent as they wish. (And I’m not talking about money as it has been. Time to put away the training wheels of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking, and get to a higher-consciousness level of societal exchange; where the motive for providing each other with goods and services – and giving of our best in the process – is, in a word: Love.) Since, until we move up to the consciousness level of working with replicators, and can manufacture things/rearrange molecules and atoms out of the background Light energy of the universe, there is not enough of EVERYTHING for everybody. There has to be some ‘discrimination’ here, as an interim stage of development in the Golden Age we are about to inherit. Socialists don’t seem to recognize that, when they talk about ‘equality’; in which socialist paradise everybody has the same level of income. Which is not the same as living in and by essential liberty. And which may just be a reflection of Matthew’s', and his mother’s, political leanings.
In any event: equality and liberty are two distinct states of being. They are not totally incompatible. But the way ‘equality’ is being thought of in this day and age, and is being treated, has a distinctly Marxian flavor to it. And that is the way of a totalitarian state, running everybody’s lives to within an inch OF their lives (and making them ‘equal’ by governmental decree). And that is decidedly NOT the way of the future. That is the way, either of the socialist or the fascist New World Orders. And is to be rejected, on either count.
So: something doesn’t compute for me in Matthew’s messages. But: We’ll see.


5) from 'Warning all police, firefighters, schoolteachers: Most government pensions to be confiscated within a decade' - Mike Adams - July 21

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago  (July 21)
Ah, the old 'unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities' caper. The greatest Ponzi scheme of all time. Let the new generation(s) pay for it - let's spend that money now, on other things. To keep us in office, and the good times rolling.
Until they don't, anymore. And the chickens come home to roost.
We have been led - managed - by not just idiots. But by criminals. Who bought the idea that economic growth would be endless - "a willful delusion in which city managers and bureaucrats happily engaged".
'Forget the debt. We owe it to ourselves.' Oh really?? And what school of economics did you graduate from??
I thought so. The New School, that turned Main Street banks into casinos, engaging in the likes of currency manipulations, and "outlandish derivatives bets that went sour".  All for the almighty buck. No thought given to the consequences of their actions.
Which is the hallmark of immature souls. Who shouldn't be trusted with their allowance. Let alone The People's tax money.
America got the leadership it deserved. By its citizens not paying attention to their duties, as a people responsible for their own governance. Not leaving the job up to Monarch or Priest or Oligarch or Despot.
You were warned, America. Now you got the latter of the aforementioned 'city slickers'.
What are you going to do about it???

JeanniB kibitzer3 13 minutes ago
  • Kibitzter...
You (somewhat) imply that people have been sheeple..managed by "not just idiots, but by criminals".
no, I don't believe this is the case. We have been "sheeple" in the fact we believe good overcomes bad....too many sunday's spent snoozin in the church pew!!
additionally, i don't believe "america got the leadership it deserved because we weren't paying attention"
yes, we were ALL paying attention and we believed in our leaders. voted for those leaders....not knowing we were being manipulated.

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  • kibitzer3 JeanniB a few seconds ago  (still July 21)

  • Fair enough point, JeanniB - one would think that we could trust those we elected to look after our interests AND the interests of the nation.  After all, they gave us that impression, or we wouldn't have voted for them...

  • I think Ronald Reagan said it all, some years ago:

  • "Trust. But verify."  :-)

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