Saturday, 13 July 2013

Yin And Yang, And Such

I wanted to say something positive here; there is so much 'negative' going on.  But as usual - as with the Yin/Yang symbolism - something positive can be embedded in the negative; and vice versa.

Let's take marriage.  I live in a part of town that seems to be rather an LGBT haven.  Many of the local stores deck themselves out with the Rainbow Flag and such during the annual LGBT Gay Pride parade, and there are a number of LGBT watering holes along the main drag, as it were; and so forth.  So what do I think of all this?

I am incensed that it is taking us so long, as a culture, to look at this matter more closely, and realize that there is something very wrong going on.  Humanity is being corralled by some very powerful people, who have gone over to the Dark side; and one of the ways they function is to have created another minority class of persons, to assist in the breaking-down of the Constitution, and the limited-government, personal-responsibility version of social life that has been The American Way for over 20'0 years, in order to merge it into a socialist system for the entire planet, which elevates the state over the individual, and 'group rights' over individual rights.  So I am not a happy camper at all this sort of thing going on (being a 'believer' in the fact that we are 'saved' individually; each have a soul to develop).  And in particular, can feel the outrage and pain of those 'traditionalists' who feel that the LGBT crowd is stealing the traditional, religio-historical meaning of marriage right out from under them - AND, insult to injury, being arrogant about it in the process.

Let's be clear.  Homosexuality - and the whole LGBT spectrum - is due to an imbalance of hormones in the fetal bath at a particular, early stage of fetal development, when the fetus's brain is being sexed - irrespective of its genetic component.  There are a number of causes of this imbalance; but the salient point is that it is an imbalance.  And thus is off the norm.  And thus, the LBGT spectrum is based on an abnormality; and therefore, is abnormal itself.  And should not be treated as though it were anything else.

Our erstwhile Masters desire this distorted state of affairs - to the point of helping to create it - because it fits with their strategy, of 'divide and conquer': create blocs of voters, beholden to them.  A welfare class of persons, raised with a dependency consciousness; similarly with the single mothers phenomenon (and its breakdown of the traditional, oh-so-bourgeois family unit); arranging for millions of Hispanics and Latinos to flood into the country, including illegally, to undercut the white 'race' of the traditional American scene, to get it to give way to the 'new look' of socialist statism, with its agenda of people control.  And so forth.

Nothing happens by accident.

But to get back specifically to the institution of marriage.  It fits with our erstwhile Masters' scenario to break down the traditional take on it (particularly so that the state can become the primary caretaker, and molder, of the children; and religion is further released from its central hold on the populace, in order to bring The People into the Brave NewWorld of pure materialism); and thus the controlled MSM celebration of victories for same-sex marriage.  With an attitude on the part of the LGBT crowd and its cynical, manipulative supporters of having wrested it, like an Aztec priest wresting a beating heart from a sacrificial victim.

Not much real 'heart' energy there.

Where am I going with this.  To the issue of 'attitude'.  Of consciousness.  Of the raising of.

There may well come a time - as part of the process going on of doing away with all attachments, and moving into a state purely of unconditional love - when the form of a traditional definition of marriage is freely released from its special meaning to its proponents, in the move - going on as we speak - from religion to spirituality.  But until then, people who would wrest it - and stand with it, victorious on the altar to their god, of' 'doing whatever feels good to you' - need to be resisted.

This is a teachable moment.  Let's not let it go to waste.



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