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You Can Trust The Communists...

The rest of that statement is, historically, '…To Be Communists' - the title of the anti-Communist book by Dr. Fred Schwarz (published in 1960).1  I bring this up because I have just been reminded of the influence of communists, or at least, communist theoreticians, in this country, by an article that appeared yesterday on a blog site that I follow, called '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?'   The name of the article was 'The United States Is Awash In Public Stupidity, and Critical Thought Is Under Assault'.  At first glance I thought its author was Jim Fetzer, reposted from the site 'Veterans Today' where he is one of its primary editors and contributors; and I thought, from the title, Gee, Jim is really laying it on now; and good for him for it, if putting it a bit stridently.  For Jim Fetzer - a professor of philosophy and founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth - is a major voice in the fields of the citizen investigations regarding the assassination of JFK and the atrocity of 9/11.2  But then, in getting into the article, I was, not to understate it, stunned.

The article was, in short, a communist theoretician's screed; and I thought, What???  What's going on here???!!  I never knew that about Fetzer.  He always seemed a, well, rather level-headed fellow; I could follow his presentations on the assassination of JFK and the atrocity of 9/11 very well, and cheer him on for them.  But this is NOT a blog on 'critical thought'.  It is a communistic theoretician's indictment of the Western capitalist world.  And I  thought:

'So: I'm not with you on this one, Jim.  But if your strong feeling regarding 'social responsibility' is what is motivating you to get to the bottom of the JFK assassination and 9/11 'stories', then it can't be all wrong.

'And what a sad commentary it is on the state of responsibility - the level of integrity - on the part of  the sincere Right, that it would take a communist sympathizer at the least to help us get to - to force us to get to - the bottom of those atrocities.'

And then I went back and double-checked.  And he was, and is, not, in fact, the author of the article; he just posted it at VT.

The author is a man by the name of Henry A. Giroux; who authored such lines as:

"Since the late 1970s, there has been an intensification in the United States, Canada and Europe of neoliberal modes of governance, ideology and politics - a [sic] historical period in which the foundations for democratic public spheres have been dismantled" [my emphasis].  Ah yes - the resoundingly proclaimed "democratic public spheres" of the far Left; which means as in the People's Republic of (Red) China; 'democratic' as in demagogic.  Continuing right on:

"Schools, public radio, the media and other critical cultural apparatuses have been under siege, viewed as dangerous to a market-driven society that considers critical thought, dialogue, and civic engagement a threat to its basic values, ideologies, and structures of power..."  Fair enough about the dangers of "a market-driven society".  But what about the far Left's takeover of these very institutions, Henry???  Pots and kettles come to mind…

"Social bonds have given way under the collapse of social protections and the attack on the welfare state."  Ah - spelled out.  The desired 'welfare state.'  The key.  And then he drives the key deep into the lock, unlocking the essence of the matter:

"Moreover, all solutions to socially produced problems are now relegated to the mantra of individual solutions..."  Poverty is "socially produced," so should be dealt with by the state.  Not left to "individual solutions".  Like people using their free will, through such institutions that they have created to deal with such things as churches and charities.  And freewill contributions to worthy causes.  All freely given.  Not demanded, by the state.

Ah.  But the socialists/communists don't believe in free will.  They believe in materialism and evolution (and 'economic determinism'); and that's it. 

Not.  And so, the non-statist idea is as it should be, Henry.  For it is theft to take from some in order to give to others.  The taking from them is the key, Henry. 

Rather than the (freely, as a virtuous act of compassion) giving to.3

We're getting to the crunch point, now; when the article degraded simply into a communist screed, as he started talking about "the transformation of the welfare state into punitive workfare programs…and an appeal to individual accountability as a substitute for social responsibility" [my emphasis].  Which 'social responsibility' has morphed into a total state of corruption, Henry,  The 'workfare' thing being a backlash to the excesses of the welfare state, and its cultivated mentality of 'entitlement'.

And then the coup de grace to the screed, with Henry quoting  the likes of Angela Davis on "the struggle for economic equality…"  

Not 'opportunity'.  But flat-out, 'everybody is equal'.  Meaning, in outcome.  

The true meaning of the word, and term, 'equality' to a communist.

I rest my case.

Not that they are 'evil'.  But that they are not dealing with a full deck of facts, when they contemplate how to make a better world.  Which is, for some of them, I grant, the purpose of the exercise.

Not just to claim power for power's sake.          

So.  In conclusion.

Perhaps you can trust the Communists, to be Communists (and that is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it).  But it is also true that, many years ago, I came to my people, and they recognized - or at least, comprehended - me not.   To say: my message.  Even with its being as crystal clear as it could possibly be. 

Which was, and is?

To help the poor.   But not by stealing from the rich in order to do it. 

Do it systemically.  

And thus endeth the lesson.

Not just for today.  But:



We're there.

And as symbolized, in part, by the double Grand Sextile/Star Tetrahedron that we're going through - like a portal; aka a Stargate (in the heavens; but As Above, So Below) -

as we speak.  To say: here, on July 29th, 2013.  Of human time.

And bondage.

No more. 



1 Whom I had the pleasure of catching, some years later, in a private lecture in northern California (where I was living at the time).  Private, to seekers of Truth, like me, and to just plain anti-communists, like, seemingly, the rest of those in the room.  
     It was a fundraiser/tester of the waters.  Alas, I was not then - as per usual in my life - in a position to donate much to 'the cause'; which, as I recall, was to raise funds for a center of studies in Southern Cal.  I'm not sure how that whole thing turned out.* 
     Well.  An indication is that few people in this day and age seem to know the name of Dr. Fred Schwarz.  More's the pity.  He was a very sincere individual, in his cause.  Which was, generally speaking, to wake the American public up to what was happening around them, and in particular in their children's schools.
     But at least he had some success in his time; to the point of sponsoring a major (four-day) event, held in the newish (16,000-seat-capacity) Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, in the fall of 1961, whose lineup of nationally-known speakers in the evenings also brought in a TV audience of some millions. 
     I wasn't in So. Cal for that event.  Interestingly enough (at least to me), I had just been involved in an event of my own: a month-long walk to Washington - from the L.A. area - "to see the president and draw to his attention that the way to end all our aches and evils is to do away with money".  My event drew a crowd of one.
   But I remember a just-prior event of Dr. Schwarz's that I did attend.  I think it was in the Hollywood Bowl, one weekday evening (which must have been the key fundraiser for the really major effort in the Sports Arena to follow; as I say,  to draw the American public's otherwise rather divided attention to what was going on in their world).  This one - that, as I recall, was of some modest success - got some publicity, at least.  I remember someone writing it up in the L.A. Times the following day, in which the reporter referred to a man who was heard to go into a service station early that following day and announce to the proprietor, "Give me some of that good anti-communist gas" - in reference to one of the sponsors of the event.  
     Which gives one a flavor of who in the country was, at least, paying attention… 

     Incidentally, by the time of the private meeting that I attended, in the early seventies, his crusade had pretty much run out of gas.  As had mine;  seemingly.

     But then I came across info and awareness about my kinds of people - in the so called New Age 'movement - and that carried me on its wings for some time.  Until this last stage of my journey, in the realm of duality, and polarity, and seeming separation.
     For lesson learning.
     The main lessons now learnt.
     At least, by as many as could get to the last of the lessons by the time of the finish line, for this particular school, and class.   

 * although I read in Wikipedia that he did have a sponsoring body for the lectures he gave and the events he held, called the Southern California School of Anti-Communism.  And it was apparently headquartered, curiously enough (to me, at least), in my old hometown, of Long Beach; where I have returned to, after my sojourn in the wilderness of the world for many years, but which, at that time, I had already left, at the start of my journeys. 
     It is, indeed; a small world.

2 And whose blog site I post on my blog site; although I don't get around to perusing it very often, since he doesn't post on it very often.

3 With the whole thing gussied up in the cloaking (class warfare) finery of 'taking from the (filthy) rich and giving to the (deserving) poor'.  When what actually happens, more often than not - because of the ability of the very rich to loophole their 'obligations to society' - is that the taking is from the not-so rich.  And the giving is to the poor who then become a class, to be used as a battering ram to further one's political ends, mainly of the 'redistribution of wealth'.  All very highminded and 'moral': right...


 P.S.  From 2012: :What's the 'Real' Truth': Reza Aslan stuns Fox news presenter about his book, ZEALOT: THE LIFE & TIMES OF JESUS OF NAZARETH' - July 29

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

So, having watched the video of the interview, I get it. Christians are under fierce attack, by PC (politically correct) liberals, outright socialists/communists, ‘nondenominational’ atheists – who are feeling their oats these days – and Muslims – who are also feeling theirs. We have a man in the presidential office who is keenly into “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” and in doing so has brought a considerable number of Muslims into his administration (six people directly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood are in key positions in his administration – including in Homeland Security and the FBI), and whose administration supported the judicial destruction of the fundamental Christian position on Marriage; there are moves to activate Sharia law in America; etc etc etc. In short: Christians are feeling very beleaguered these days; and to have a Muslim writing a book about the founder of their faith, which discredits some of their basic religious tenets, brings out all their suspicions, and the lesser angels of their natures. So I ‘get it', as being seen as part of a political process, not just a ‘religious’ one, in the transformation of the socio-econo-politico cultural life of the nation.
Perhaps they would have less to say about myself, a former Christian with no axe to grind – no religious dog in the fight; just a desire to know the Truth about things – who takes exception to the ‘established’ position on the Jesus story, than a Muslim. But at least, let’s ‘give credit where credit is due,’ as they say. And not stand so much for who is right, but what.


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