Saturday, 13 July 2013

If It Walks Like A Duck - Pt. 2

While I continue to look for conscious-raising stuff to share on my blog, a bit of follow-up on the scene-as-it-is:

from Tea Party Command Center: 'GOP immigration plan devised by Communist Party' - Pt. 2 

Permalink Reply by William Riley on Tuesday
I used to think the GOP was just incompetent. I was mistaken, they are complicit. I will never vote GOP again.

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Permalink Reply by Mike Travis on Wednesday
You are 100% DEAD on correct! Anyone who votes for amnesty is a CRIMINAL and a TRAITOR and deserving of the punishment by law.
For the doubters, La Raza and other enemies have a "reconquista" movement to reconquer the SW USA. That makes them enemies by definition. Therefore, ANYONE who gives them aid and comfort has committed TREASON.

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Reply by Paul Z. 16 hours ago  [July 12]
If not for the 2/3 of Republicans that OPPOSED Amnesty Bill S.744 and the Republicans in the House that will reject it, Amnesty would already be Law and we would have Democrat One-Party rule!  Elect more Conservatives to Congress, for if you either do not vote, or vote for a 3rd. Party candidate, we will end up with "another" Obama in the White House and Harry Reids, & Nancy Pelosis.  Focus on the real problems we face.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago [July 12]

This is a tricky one, Paul.  The only way to move the Republican Party to the right is to mount a [significant[ threat FROM the right, that it either needs to respond to or go out of business, because people will vote with their feet in droves to a clear call from the right, even at the risk of another electoral win by the Democrats, in order to 'reset' the political situation along clearer lines of demarcation.  Moderate Republicans will never win the sort of compromise they seem to be contemplating.  Republican Lite - RINOs - will fade into (well-deserved) obscurity in the political pressures building up in our day and age.  One will either be for the Constitution and individual rights or for the country going socialist.  And therein lies our winning ability: because the 'Reagan Democrats' will return to the picture.  They don't like 'the big banks', want 'the little guy' looked after - but they will find that the same goes for the Tea Party types coming into prominence.  (Except those TP's that have been bought BY 'the big banks'/corporatists.)  So we can have common cause, against the big government people, who would wield power over The People in a New Word Order of either the Left OR the Right - socialism or fascism.  

Freedom - the  'essential liberty' of the Founders - is the ticket to the future.  We may need to take one step back to be able to take two steps forward, to accomplish our mission.  It's a gamble.  But a gamble worth taking.  

The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. 


And what DID happen to the party of Jefferson and Jackson??? 

l think it's what Ronald Reagan said, about his younger days: that he didn't leave the Democrat Party.  The Party left him.

And in the meantime of this current dust-up: I'll stand with the likes of Rand Paul.  And am waiting, with him, to get a reply from the FBI chief on his letter asking for details on the FBI's drone program over America - how many do they have going, and what are the terms of use, and the plans.

The FBI is stonewalling Sen. Paul on his request.  His more-than-passing legitimate request, as a Senator.

With the FBI, and its parent, the Department of Justice - in line with all the other executive-branch departments; esp. the IRS -  taking on all the appearances of a law unto themselves.

The was has begun.

The only thing missing is the spark.

Which the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case may provide.

With any luck, for the Usurper and his sidekick in deceit, Attorney General Eric Holder; who have done all they could, to set such a spark off, and fan the flame.

And did I get that spelling right, NSA?  T-r-a-y-v-o-n?  Got it?

Good.  Now I can sleep better tonight.

More secure, and all, as I feel.



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