Wednesday, 3 July 2013

On The Eve of Independence Day Celebrations

...I have received yet another letter from those running the Rubio Victory Committee, with yet another message purportedly from Senator Marco Rubio himself, wanting money to 'fight the good fight'.  Apparently they didn't notice the hand-written letter I included with my (non-monetary) response to their last request.  Which went something like:

'Dear Senator Rubio,

'As much as I think that you are doing a good job in general, I'm afraid that we don't agree on the illegal alien issue.

'Illegal is illegal.  To give into the 'fudge' mindset is to court a total breakdown of the rule of law.

'I'm sorry that this is the case between us.  But accordingly, I cannot in all good conscience support your request for a financial contribution to your 'Rubio Victory Committee'.  I don't want you, and your attitude, winning this battle of the overall war, between the 'liberal' perspective on politics and the 'conservative' one.'

 And my letter went on from there, but I can't read my scribbled notations of what I wrote. Anyway: the above was the gist of my message back, from the grassroots of America.  At least, for how the grass grows in my neck of the woods.  (Or rather, my little patch of it.  I am in a very 'blue' state.  And in more ways than one.)

And now here they are, back for more.  In the meantime, Rubio's 'Gang of Eight' have won the day in the Senate on this issue.  I can only hope that the House stands up to this sneaky and sinister way for the Left to bring in millions - MILLIONS - of prospective voters into the country, beholden to them for their big break; which would cement the Left's hold on American politics forever, depending on whether the Left had instigated the collapse of the American Republic before then - the collapse of the United States of America, into civil warring 'states', until the Reds - aka the 'blue' states - gain control, by 'virtue' of superior firepower,1 of the most of the former Union, and merge it into the North American Union that their bosses have been angling for all along, in an outcome far more fascist than mere socialist.  Which may upset some of their useful idiots, who don't understand the real agenda going on today.  But then, that's what useful idiots are for.

Anyway, to my report on my response this time, to Senator Rubio and his 'Rubio Victory Committee'.  I scribbled, on the front page of their covering letter (incorporating their letterhead; and making a reference to the message, in handwriting, on the front of the envelope to me/the member of the public these letters were addressed to; which reads: 'It's time for REAL solutions for America's problems.  Let's stop President Obama's agenda today, together...Please open ASAP!'):

'Dear Senator Marco Rubio,

'Your idea of stopping "Obama's agenda" is to reward illegal aliens for not coming here through the front door??  Give me a break.'

And in the body of the letter, where it referred to "...our legacy as a nation of laws and nation of immigrants...", I double-underlined the "nation of laws" bit and inserted, with the same double-underlining, the word 'legal' before "immigrants".  And on the form for a person to indicate their financial contribution, where it indicated, with photo, that "a contributor of $100 or more will receive a limited definition of Rubio's Victory coffee mug," I appended the message: 'I will not be a mug.'  And both the cover letter and the donation form went back to them.  And on their dime.2

So, there.


Who knows.

But at least I feel better now.

And may you have a good Independence Day yourself.  To the extent that you can, also...



1 Unless the U.S. Armed Forces rise to the occasion, and honor their oath, to defend the Constitution.  Not the Usurper.  Sitting smugly on his throne.
     Some form of karma going on, here.  But whatever: I am outraged by things having sunk this low, in this nation.  Which had so much promise going for it...

2 Usually I help these 501(c) non-profits by putting my own stamp on their self-addressed and paid-for envelopes.  So that was a bit of a snitty thing to do, with theirs.
     But it helped.  Some.

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