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If It Walks Like A Duck...

1)  from Tea Party Command Center: 'GOP immigration plan devised by Communist Party' - posted by Nat'l Dir. Dee - July 9

Permalink Reply by William Riley 4 hours ago
I used to think the GOP was just incompetent. I was mistaken, they are complicit. I will never vote GOP again.

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Permalink Reply by Mike Travis 36 minutes ago
You are 100% DEAD on correct! Anyone who votes for amnesty is a CRIMINAL and a TRAITOR and deserving of the punishment by law.
For the doubters, La Raza and other enemies have a "reconquista" movement to reconquer the SW USA. That makes them enemies by definition. Therefore, ANYONE who gives them aid and comfort has committed TREASON.

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Permalink Reply by John V. Liggio 4 hours ago
Close the Boarder then do naturalization

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago

I was unhappy with your misspelling of 'Border' (there are altogether too many misspellings and examples of improper grammar on these sorts of conservative threads, that make us look like a bunch of dumbheads) until I realized that that spelling actually says it all: 'boarder'', as in enemy boarders of the American ship of state.  So I may start using that spelling for the word when writing about this subject myself...  :-) 

Permalink Reply by Randall Charles Stroup 4 hours ago
This has been in the works for a long time! A ONE WORLD ORDER! Alex jones warned us.

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Permalink Reply by Mark Caplinger 4 hours ago
Read the Communist Manifesto.... it describes in detail what has been happening in the USA for decades.

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Permalink Reply by Frank W Brown 4 hours ago
Speak LOUDLY, you DO have a voice!
Can you say FAST and FURIOUS???
Can you say BENGHAZI???
Can you say IRS???
Can you say AP???
Can you say NSA???
Hello Congress, where is the RULE of LAW? When DO you propose to HONOR the OATH you took upon election? You DID take an OATH, right? Listen to us NOW, or find a job later!

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now

And when taken into consideration along with the painting by the current Administration of 'right-wing extremists' - i.e., tea party activists, conservatives, constitutionalists, advocates of third-partry candidates, returning Vets (who fought for the upholding of the Constitution and its guarantees of individual rights and liberties) - as 'potential terrorists', one can only, and easily, conclude that we are at civil war.  And only the Left seems to understand that fully, with too many couch potatoes on the Right apparently assuming that it's simply the old left-right political discourse in the country.


And with huge amounts of ammo tied up by the Obama administration executive [branch] departments, and 2,700 MRAP vehicles in the hands of the DHS, and no-hesitation targets of normal people (including pregnant females and children) for DHS target practice, and a huge push by the [far Left] taken-over Democrat Party for no semi-automatic rifles to be allowed the people, for defense against a rogue central government...and drones over America......   


(And the FEMA camps all fitted up and ready to go...)


Reply by cm miller 2 hours ago

Mexico has been at war with the U. S. for decades.  It is time that we acknowledged it and replied in kind. 
1.  Stop all foreign aid to Mexico
2.  Recall our Ambassador to Mexico
3.  Close the border to Mexico - American companies can ship to an American seaport.
4.  Stop illegals from working here and sending their money back to Mexico.
5.  Ship all Mexican illegal aliens back to Mexico - it will be the cheapest solution
6.  Confront the Mexican administration for publishing tracts telling their people how to violate our borders, get on welfare, pushing ATZLAN, talking to La Raza who want to claim our Southwest as belonging to Mexico.
7.  Tell them to clear out their drug cartels, prostitution rings, gun runners, extortionist officials, corrupt politicians, or our next solution will be to declare war on them and cross their borders to eliminate the problem.
Why are we going to war half way across the world in  Afghanistan? Contemplating it in Egypt? Libya? Syria? 
Our War is here; our States are under attack; our citizens are being killed; the Southern Border is violated. 

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now

I sympathize, cm.  But I think the solution is simpler:

Close down the honey pot to illegals.  No more jobs for money under the table (employers of illegals will be prosecuted). No more 'entitlements' - education for their children, healthcare of any kind, welfare of any kind. Mexico, El Salvador etc. can take care of their own.  America can hardly take care of ITS own as it is.  

As to that: What is this nonsense about jobs that Americans won't do?  If you don't work, you don't eat; simple.   There are plenty of jobs available - especially once we get rid of the illegals [i.e., of their own volition, with there being no goodies for them here anymore; except perhaps as temporary workers].   The war, then, cm, needs to be between the Left and the Right in the U.S.  I won't even call them the bleeding-heart Leftists, because, as noted in the article above, this welfare-as-a-way-of-life business has been part of a strategy to take down America BY the Left.  That's who our real enemy is.  And THEY know it.  That's why they call tea party types 'potential terrorists,' once the Right wakes up totally to the war being waged on traditional-values America by the Left, and by their current in-power administration, and Senate chamber.

Call it the Senate chamber gone-to-pot.   Which needs to be emptied.  Currently it reeks to high heaven.  So let's keep clear on who the REAL enemy is.        


2) Some Internet blogger or commenter (I failed to note the source of the quote)  said recently how BHO was "involved and complicit in the most egregious fraud ever perpetrated on the American people".  Just so.

(For those of you who don't know about or understand the specifics of the case of the ineligibility of the man who calls himself BHO for the office of the presidency, it's really very simple.  The constitutional Framers made as sure as they could that any candidate for that office - and that federal office ONLY; which made the person as well the Commander-in-Chief of the nation's military forces - did not have any conflicting foreign loyalties or allegiances, by requiring him (or her) to be a "native born Citizen": meaning a person born of two U.S. citizen parents - AT THE LEAST.  There is also a question of where the person was born; in legalistic terms it's called jus soli.  Which was why there was some question raised, by the Democrats, about John McCain's eligibility.  But neither major party spoke up about the key issue in the 2008 elections (or the 2012 fraud of an election): the ineligibility of Barack Hussein Obama under the legal designation of jus sanguinis: needing to have been born 'of the blood', meaning of two U.S. citizen parents.  

Read my lips: The whole POINT of that specific constitutional eligibility requirement for that particular office, and that particular federal office only, was that the person in that office must have NO FOREIGN INFLUENCE CLAIM ON THEM.  Got it?  NO DUAL CITIZENSHIP.     

'Oh well. It's just a mere detail.  No really big deal'???

And we got all of the above crap as a result of this 'little' thing.) 


3) So where are we.

We are on the verge of civil war, over this 'little' big deal.  Between the Left - co-opted Democrats, socialists, and their further-left comrades, the small-c and large-c communists, and atheists in general, in cahoots with Islamism, waging 'holy' war on the status quo of Judeo-Christian, free-enterprise capitalist America. 

I've got news for them.  For both camps. 

You are both wrong.

And you are both right. 

A Synthesis is being unfolded.  Taking the process up a notch - out of the level of the 'problem'.  And onto the level of a culmination.

A culmination of the historical process.

And its supersession by something new.

A Golden Age.

A time of Unity.

Bringing the age-old, 3D status of separation - of polarity; of the Dark at war with the Light - to a close.

And writing finis to the play that we have been involved in, from time immemorial. 

A play, in which and by which to catch our consciences.

To say: in which, and by which, to grow.  In awareness.

Taking now one part, and now another.

All of which is to say:

that I have to give the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama credit.

He really had me going there for awhile.  (Mentored by a communist agent, who was very possibly his real biological father; was drawn to Marxist professors, and himself professed revolution, not evolution; worked for a CIA front before gong to Chicago and getting deeply involved in Saul Alinsky 'community organizer' training; his further education paid for by Middle Eastern Islamists; surrounding himself with both Marxists and Islamists in his administration - the whole nine yards.)

Not so much in hatred of him, and all that he stood for.

Lies.  Deceit.  Coverup.  The arrogance born of pride.

But in his threat to America.

My America.

Which has to change.  

Because it's part of The Plan.

Just not The Plan of the Leftists for it.  Which is on the level of the 'problem'.   Or to say more accurately, of the process.  A part of that which still needs to be unfolded into its greater Whole.  


Going Up.

And to those currently on the Left, I say:

I'll meet you there.

We.  'Righties'.  Will meet you there.

...but certainly not before.

We have some ironing out to do between us first.


P.S. And the next day...

to: Tea Party Patriots.org (Jenny Beth Martin, Chairman)

July 10 (now early July 11)

Dear Jenny

I was appalled to see today (Wednesday), via wnd,*  your 2016 Presidential Straw Poll, that included Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny: Neither of those men are natural born citizens.  A natural born citizen is one who has AT THE LEAST two U.S. citizen parents.  There may be some question regarding location of birth.  But there is NO question regarding the MINIMUM requirement, of U.S. Citizen parents - plural. 

The whole POINT of the requirement was to make sure that the candidate for that office - and that particular federal office ONLY; who would then, if elected, also become the Commander in Chief of the nation's armed forces - had NO CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Had NO FOREIGN INFLUENCE CLAIM on them.  Like a DUAL CITIZEN would have.

With friends like you, who needs enemies????  PLEASE get better advice on this matter.  And STOP MUDDYING THE WATERS, for patriots to understand the facts about this critical matter. 

Urgently yours, 

'Stan' Stanfield
(a long-time supporter of TPP, including with donations) 


* [actually, it was newsmax]
(Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund - at Newsmax - July10 - titled 'Don't Let Them Shut Us Out')

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