Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Course In Miracles

‘What a mess…

‘I leave you alone for a short while, and look at what you get up to.’

‘We’re sorry, Sir.  We won’t do it again.’

‘I’ll say you won’t.  It’s time to move up to the next grade, anyway.  Come on.’

‘Where are we going?’

‘You’ll see.  I don’t want to spoil it for you.  You’re spoiled enough as it is.’

‘As I was saying, Sir,  - ‘

‘I know, I know.  Excuses, excuses  Well, that’s free will for you.  But no longer.’

‘Why is that, Sir?’

‘Because where you’re going, Son, we live by The Law.  What you’ve been in training for.  And now that we’ve separated the sheep from the goats - now that you have separated your wheat from your chaff, in your particular Class - things will go better from here on in.’

‘To where, Sir?’

‘You’ll see.  All in good time.’

‘…It all sounds…kind of…harsh, Sir.  “The law,” and all.’

‘It isn’t, actually.  It’s very simple.  And it’s The Way you progress.  From here on in.’

‘You’ve got me vey curious now, Sir.  Could you give me - us - a bit of a hint, as to where we’re going?’

‘Okay.  You’ll find out soon enough, anyway.

‘To Unity, Son.  To Unity.’

‘Unity.  With…’

‘With The All That Is, Son.  With The All.  That.  Is.’

‘…It sounds rather…’



‘It is.  But you’ll make it.’

‘How can you be so sure of that, Sir?  Given what a mess we’ve made of our space, and all.’

‘Par for the course, Son.  Par for the course.  All part of the point.’

‘Which is…’  

‘To gain experience.  And the wisdom that comes from it.’

‘All right.  I can see that…And yet.  And yet…’

‘And yet, how can I be so sure that you will make it?’



‘you’re made of good stock.

‘And you’ve made it this far.

'Remember the winnowing process, Son.

'The winnowing Process.  With its Law of Karma.'

'Ah. "The Law".  I see.'

'I knew you would, Son.  In

'The End.'

' - But just one more quick thing, Sir.'

'What's that, Son.'

'What happens to those of us who are the goats.  The chaff.'

'Well, I'll let you in on a little secret there, Son.  It can't hurt The Process now.

'You see, some of them are just playing a part.  You know; the karmic thing.  And they'll come over to the Light side, once they realize that, and renounce the Dark side, in that light.'

'You say, 'some' of them.  And the rest?'

'Ah.  Well; for those lost souls;

'believe me;

'You don't want to know, Son.'


'Because they are not only not long for this world.

'They are not long.


'End of





'The Law


'The Law.'

''I see.  And you either live by it.  Or...'

'You don't.'

'Got it.'

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