Monday, 7 August 2017

I Say It's Spinach

There was a great full-pages cartoon in the New Yorker many years ago, of a very wealthy couple with their teenage son at dinner, and the son is saying across the large table to them: 'It is NOT broccoli.  I say it's spinach, and I say to hell with it.'

There's a lot of spinach going down these days.  Example.

Rick Wells has carried a Judge Jeanine 'Opening Statement' segment wherein she points out, in her inimitable fashion, that the Center for Law and Justice - headed by Jay Sekulow, President Trump's lawyer - had filed an FOIA request to the FBI for their info on the meeting on the tarmac between Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch (while Hillary was on the hot seat). and their response was to say, "No record was located".

Beg pardon?  Come again??

Not that any material didn't exist, or some other meaning.  No, the meaning was very clear.

It was a big middle finger to Jay.  And, by extension, to Trump.

And the Department of Justice never even bothered to respond to the same request.1

This is not just a bit of partisan tomfoolery.

It is part of an agenda.  A very clear agenda by now.

It's war.

All Obama appointees to executive-branch agencies:

Out.  With a summons to appear in court, on various charges.

After the Obama appointees to the judicial branch of government are likewise stripped of their ability to exercise such arrogance, and contempt of court - of the rule of law in this country.

And on this same day I see, in my emails, in one from conservativescoopdotcom, reporting on an article, originally carried by thegatewaypunditdotcom, titled 'California Confirms Rampant Voter Fraud,' that there are eleven counties in CA with more registered voters than voter age adults in the county.2  This is a telltale sign of just what the title of the piece implies: rampant voter fraud.  And it is against federal law; which requires registration rolls to be cleaned, so that the public can trust this extremely important democratic process.

Judicial Watch, through its Election Integrity Project, has sent a letter to Alex Padilla, Secretary of State for California, the top election official in the state, on this whole issue - in precise detail, including the relevant sections of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) - and asked for action on the matter.  His reply:

Another big middle finger.

Padilla told them - and the Trump administration - bluntly that the state will not cooperate with the Election Integrity Commission because it would - get this - "only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claim of massive voter fraud".

The same sort of middle finger that the state has given to the Trump administration's DOJ regarding its sanctuary cities, and perhaps now even sanctuary state...

I am beginning to see now why I am here, back living in my home state.

Because this shit WILL.  NOT.  STAND.  

Because the U.S.A. is all that is standing in the way of the NWO's drive for total world domination.  And if the vipers can start breaking up the U.S., into individual entities - like Governor Jerry Brown wishes for California, to become its own nation under UN protectorate status; or the likes of 'Aztlan,' with such measures as flooding the country with illegal alien voters, and Islamist extremists, thus eliminating out national identity - mission accomplished.

That is why we need to act.  Now.

Which includes arresting George Soros, and stopping the flood of money that is going to all of these revolutionary groups.  And so forth.

The United States is on the brink.

Time to pull it back.

Before All Change anyway.

Just not the way the Dark side thinks.



1 A lawsuit by somebody else on the issue (possibly Judicial Watch; more on whom, see below) got a considerable number of pages of material - but it was heavily redacted.  Page after page: totally blacked out.
   As I say, in effect:

2 Ten of them, predictably, voted, and heavily, for Hillary.
   The eleventh, up far north in the state, in a rural area, went well for Trump; that reg-rolls matter very possibly out of frustration for them at knowing very well what has been going on in this state.
   My home state.  Where I have refused to vote, for this very sort of reason:
   It is a scam.  A sham.  A fake.  A fraud.  A farce.  A delusion.  An illusion.
   And I am angry about it.
   Exceedingly.  Angry.


from ’10 of 11 California Counties With More Registered Voters Than Voting Age Adults Are Democrat’ - Jim Hoft - August 6


I am so angry about this matter that I could do far more than just spit. The Hulk is coming out in me over it.

I live in CA, and in L.A. County, no less. I sussed out long ago what is going on here, and I refuse to vote, because I don't want to commit a crime. To aid and abet in the commission of a crime.

When they didn't ask me for an ID to vote (I have been away from the state for many years) and I was told by the precinct supervisor that the precinct workers are even instructed NOT to ask for ID - which, of course, sends a big signal - I called the County Voter Registrars Office about the whole business, and they told me that a) there is no state law requiring ID of any kind, so they don't ask for it; and b) they don't check the voter reg rolls because "people sign up on penalty of perjury". Come again? That's a reason not to cleanse the rolls???! And on top of it all, we now have a Motor Voter Law, whereby people - whoever they are - are automatically registered to vote when they either sign up for a driver's license or renew the one they have already obtained - with this state allowing illegal aliens to obtain a driver's license.

And this asshat of a secretary of state has the unmitigated gall to say what he says??

I want the federal government to come in here and CLEAN HOUSE. Until then, we should BOYCOTT ALL ELECTIONS. NO MORE CRAP.

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