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Speaking of America...

from ‘May Common Sense Be Common Again’ - Ron Edwards - August 4
(Ron takes the poor deluded folks on the Left to task for not understanding about economics…)

Posted at 03:48h, 04 August (EDT)

Good comment, Ron; but you seem to think that the Left just doesn’t understand about economics. I got a clue as to what is and has been going on with our country when the son of my stepfather told us, fresh from a year at his Ivy League college, that (I paraphrase) we Americans were living too high on the hog, for the carrying capacity of the planet, and needed to be cut back down to ‘equal’ size with the rest of the world. Thus, the Left’s obsession with ‘equality’ over ‘liberty’. ‘Liberty,’ in their take on things, leads to excess, and the planet can’t handle that. So, out with Liberty; and in with government controls.

That they have cut off their own noses to spite their faces doesn’t seem to bother them. After all, they are being so very noble and upstanding in their position. Saving the planet from us cancerous creatures, and the cause of the Global Warming – oops, they mean, the Climate Change, and all that…so the nation is being demolished – on purpose – by the righteous.

A sucker is born every minute…


What would I do?  After all, aren't they right??

No.  Well; not precisely.  Not in the way that they think.

Yes, we need to take care of the planet.  Of our resources.  Which means to be 'conservative,' actually.  But I digress...

But it's all in context.  The context, of our being 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. And thus, that there is a larger picture, scheme of things, going on, than just our daily life processes.  And in that larger picture, there are such things as free energy devices, and replicators, and teleportation, and...and...and.........

That is to say: With the proper mental attitude, we can live without money.  Which is, in its essence, simply a convenient medium of exchange.  But in a world of Abundance, rather than Scarcity, the need for even that sort of device starts becoming irrelevant.

But first things first.  We need to get to that state, and stage, first.  So, we still need - for a while - a form of (convenient) energy exchange.  Which can be accomplished 'energetically' - i.e., by electricity - itself.  By, that is to say, electronic 'credit' transfers.  Credits earned by goods and services that we provide to The System.  And debits incurred by taking on goods and services that we have been provided by way of The System.

Now.  Isn't that dangerous?  Isn't that what the New World Order mob were attempting to set up??  So that we would be beholden to them, for our very existence??? 

Indeed.  Because the NWO system was the reverse image of the real thing.

The Dark side image of same.   

Which helped to invoke the Real Thing - in an 'Equal and Opposite Reaction' sort of 'lawful' response -  out of its latency state.  

To take over now.

And, when we have really gotten the hang of it all, we can move to that stage in The New where money itself - the Credits and Debits thing itself - can go by the board.

Because we are then operating closer to our full (highest) potential.

As very budding gods ourselves.

Chips off the old block.

And not computer chips to the New World Order masters who have helped bring this whole thing to

its Conclusion.  

As we enter into 

a New State of Being.

As we wake fully up to what is going on.

In our time.

And Time.


But getting back to this moment in time, and America...

I see that Trump's National Security advisor, H.R. McMaster, is firing NSC staff loyal to Trump, and to Trump's nationalistic position against the globalists.  And is keeping Obama holdovers. And was recommended by Sen. John McCain for the position.  A globalist if there ever was one...not good.

Some alt media voices are warning about a General's coup against Trump, a la the 'Seven Days in May' movie scenario of many years ago, and the attempt by fascists during FDR's time in office (including Prescott Bush) to organize a coup against him.  Plus ca change...

Trump needs to be very wary of such machinations.  If he is cut off from the voices of the sort of people who elected him, he will get so isolated that he will be of no use to face the jackals down.

Send the man some tough love.  He needs it.

And that is all.


...except for a closing comment in this same vein:

from ‘Maryland High Schoolers Can’t Read, Graduate Anyway’ - Robert Chamber - August 3
(Being able to read cursive writing was taken out of the curriculum in a county in Maryland because, well, just because…) 


You DO realize that this sort of thing is on purpose, as part of the Left's agenda to dumb down Americans, in order to fit us into their New World Order box, of regions dependent on the state - that is, them - for everything, because we can't function for ourselves. And they don't want us capable of earning big money, only capable of menial jobs, because Americans live too high on the hog, doncha know, are using up too much of the world's resources, so the country needs to be cut down to Third World size - 'equality,' it's called - and thus stop the trashing of the planet. Which is heating up because of us humans - or isn't, but at least is going through something they call Climate Change. All because of us big polluters, doncha know....

America needs to get rid of these our erstwhile masters, and fast. We never should have let them take over the educating of our children in the first place. Live and learn.


It's a terrible thing to waste a mind.


So, in sum:

Economic arguments - along the lines of Trump's MAGA - aren't going to cut it with these sincere people turned into true believers.  They have been made to believe that we/they are responsible for all the world's ills.  When the real culprits are, in a word, the moneychangers.

That's what needs to change.

And that is all.

For now.

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