Tuesday, 1 August 2017

On Reaching The End Of The Line...

…And One’s Tether

‘Now that we’ve reached this point - what now, Sir/‘

‘Well, to tell you the truth - I don’t really know.’

‘Beg pardon?  Sir??’

‘I operate strictly on a Need To Know basis.  My brief was simply to help get the federal constitutional republic of the United States of America back to its proper, constitutional roots.  So that we learned well the lesson of living by the rule of Law.  From here on, is beyond my brief…I can tell you what I think, however.’

‘What’s that. Sir.’

‘I think, that said federal constitutional republic now becomes part of my kingdom.  As the flagship of the fleet of nation-states from this planet about to sail out on the seas of outer space.  Having gotten itself ship-shape first.  Qualified, as it were.’

‘And then?’

‘Well - the sky’s the limit.  Isn’t it.’

‘Very droll, Sir.’

‘Hey.  In this business, you’ve got to have a sense of humor.  Or you’ll never make it.  You’ll go mad.’

‘Some would say…’

‘Very funny.  

‘But.  As I said…

‘,,,and as you were.  Lieutenant.’

‘Aye aye. Sir.’


What do I really think?  About my role in all this??

It's like I take over when the time is ripe, and help see things to their next level of operation. So: A sort of Time Lord.  My position - and service - related to Time.

But that's just me.


P.S. I grant that just getting rid of the possibility of engaging in corruption - i.e., eliminating the temptation - says nothing about, and does nothing about, what is still in the human heart.  But sometimes, there comes a time......

...and my time has come not to have to live in this terribly Dark, to say as well corrupt, environment any longer.

Not that I'm going anywhere.

It is.


Or out.


P.P.S. To close out this evening's comments online:

A liberal affliction?

from americanupdate.com: ‘Liberal Author Apologizes for Anti-Trump Fake News’ - Jerome Hudson, Breitbart -  July 31)
(“Author J.K. Rowling issued an apology Monday after falsely accusing President Donald Trump of refusing to shake hands with a disabled boy by sharing an edited video clip on her social media account over the weekend…” - but she did it only to the boy and his family, for spreading false claims.  But nothing to Trump.)


Personally, I'm still waiting for one of our own celebrities, Meryl Streep, to apologize to Trump publicly, for passing on to a major TV audience the canard that he had "mocked" a disabled reporter, when the truth of the matter came out. And now Rowling has done the same thing? It must be something in the liberal makeup. A faulty gene, perhaps. The poor dears. So perhaps we should cut them some slack for being arrogant and rude. Perhaps they just can't help it. Sad.


The Alinksy ‘morality’ at work.  ‘Whatever It Takes…By Any Means Necessary…’  Everything is relative.  What’s right is whatever advances the Marxist agenda, and what’s wrong is whatever impedes it. 

It would appear that these people are corrupted beyond correctability.  (Or as they would call it: ‘Re-education’.)

We’ll see.

Very soon, now.

(N.B. And in going to the original posting of this article, at Breitbart, I see that Rowling in her original Tweet on the matter continued to use the 'disabled reporter' canard as part of her umbrage regarding Trump.  Proving the adage - how does it go; something about a lie going halfway around the world while the truth hardly gets out of the neighborhood???...)

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