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For The Record

from - article dated August 10, posted on August 11 - by Ethan Huff of Natural News:

"(Natural News) Controversy has erupted across social media after Twitter suspended the account of a user named “Nicole Mincey” who President Trump re-tweeted on August 5, thanking her for tweeting words of adulation about his presidency. Trump supporters claim that the removal of Mincey’s account by Twitter is a blatant act of censorship, which would seem to follow the trend of Google, Facebook and many others that have done the same thing over the past year.
"And now, YouTube has just demonetized 95% of the videos of “Diamond and Silk,”two African-American Trump supporters who gained fame in the 2016 election for their entertaining and energetic videos in support of Donald Trump. The message from the alt-left “techno tyrants” is very clear: Any who support Trump will be discriminated against, censored and silenced into oblivion..."
Because we are at war.
I came across something earlier today (Friday) that I didn't know about.  It came from reading about the memo that the NSC guy who was fired by Pres. Trump's NSC advisor, Gen. H.R. McMaster, sent that got him canned, in which he summarized what is going on, from his perspective (and well summarized, to my thinking): that Trump was the victim of a Marxist strategy in general, and Maoist strategy in particular: the formation of a 'counter-state,' for political warfare; a classic Maoist maneuver for seizing state power.* 
So, we're talking about a Maoist strategy for takeover, here.
It pays to know your enemy...
Now listen closely, all you wannabe revolutionaries:
This is a federal constitutional republic.  The federal government is a creation (some would say that has morphed into a creature) of the (sovereign) states.  The states have their state constitutional powers; the federal government has only those powers delegated to it by the states.  Aka enumerated powers.  (Which are "few and defined," in the rather authoritative words of the man widely known/accepted as 'the Father of the Constitution,' James Madison.)  Why do I mention this, draw your attention to this fact?
Because to conquer this nation, you will have to do far more than just capture it at the top, in a coup attempt.  And I assure you, that would be a very messy business.
A very messy business indeed.
A word to the wise.
There is also a little matter going on of the New World Order mob's attempts to weaken the United States - for its overthrow by them - by cynically initiating secession movements among some of the states.  Some of those movements have been fueled by unhappiness with extreme dictatorial/'regulatory' measures initiated by the federal government, under such a would-be tyrant as (the Usurper) Obama.  Those concerns would be abating under Trump, who wants to Make America Great Again - not tear it down.  So the nation would stand strong against such takeover attempts.  However, there is the little matter of California. and its CalExit initiative.  
Which is a bit of a long story.  And I won't go into that here.  All that I will say at this point is that California is not going anywhere on its own.
It is a member of the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America.  And it is functioning under a contractual agreement.  Which it will be held to.
The rule of law not having disappeared entirely from the scene.              
And the New World Order mob would just, please,
go to hell.
And take your attempts at censorship with you.
And all the other measures that you have been engaged in.  In your attempt to take over this country.
Ain't going to happen.
And you can take that to the bank.
Which will be going through their own changes of best-laid plans, as part of the general elimination of tyranny on this planet.
And its coming into its own.
As being ruled over by
the Light.
Not the Dark.
Any.  More. 
* which includes the Marxist 'attack narrative' of PC: calling the enemy names, like racist, sexist, xenophobic, in order to "foster intolerance of the right and toleration of all things leftist".  Trump, then, is "a threat to the cultural Marxist memes that describe the prevailing cultural narratives."


...And speaking of the New World Order mob; and the extent of their reach:

from ‘Hillary Plea Deal Offer Exposes Sessions As a Deep State Operative’ - Dave Hodges - August 11

Stan August 12, 2017 at 1:41 am
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I think that we the public need to wake up to something that has been going on for a very long time in American politics. And that is all the money that sloshes around in D.C.  Stop and think. The Federal Reserve, which has control over the printing presses of our money (and its supply), has never been audited. (A terrible oversight, regarding our laws. Obviously bought and paid for.) Thus, there is a huge amount of money available to bribe and extort pols. (I remember reading somewhere where Paul Ryan got a multimillion-dollar payout for pushing the TPP, e.g., as did some other pols.)

Plus, Sessions knows that he is on Trump’s naughty list, and might be fired at any time. So, given all that money sloshing around – [and especially] including from the Clinton Foundation – and Sessions’s concerns about his future, he might well have been turned.

Just sayin’. And not that I like to think it. Jeff seems like a good man. But for the DOJ under his control to offer Hillary such a plea bargain, with all that she is guilty of, is just simply obscene.

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