Monday, 7 August 2017

Pictures At An Exhibition


On 'Voter Suppression'
      And The Like

'Voter suppression.'
And black is white
And right is wrong
And all of that other
Marxist nonsense...
There may well
Be some people
Who actually believe
Your indoctrination;
                     but please
Don't insult me,
                  by trying
To run it past me
Ever again
To my face.


     On 'Soon'

'It will happen soon.'
Soon.  'Soon' could be
A million years
                depending on
One's take on things.
Sooner than two million; yes.
I feel that 'soon'
Is not as loose as that.
Since I have chosen
            to incarnate
            at this


On Being In Shape

If you don't take a walk
                    every day
You might not find
Your lucky penny.
Or turn Cassius Clay
Into Muhammad Ali.

And in the next room...


For now.

Oh, I had had some thoughts on 'Family'.  How couples come together in life, for whatever all reasons, and have babies, and raise them, and advise them from their experience, and thought, and that of their parents; and their children leave the nest, and go out on their own, and have their own  experiences, broadening the input of such into The Body; and meet up with someone whom they fancy, for whatever all reasons, and - if that's you, how then you have your own children
And you give them the benefit
Of your experience
          and thought
And they take it
                 or not.
And life goes on

But I think that
There is another way
            The Way
Of budding gods.
         for more.


Into another realm

    of experience

    and thought.

For another purpose.

I'll get to that one


later on.

For now, I think I'll wander back through some of the rooms that I have already been through.

And see if there is anything that I missed

the first time through.

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