Wednesday, 9 August 2017

For Evil To Triumph...

from ‘Hillary Clinton May Be Offered a Plea Deal by the DOJ (video)’ - BP - August 9
(Alex Jones iv’s Jerome Corsi on the article by Ed Klein that newsmax carried, which Corsi says that Ed was glad to have given further coverage, via infowars.  
I see that the original article had a header that implied that she had turned the far-too-sweet deal down.  Good.)

kibitzer3 says:
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I certainly hope that cooler heads prevail, and the DOJ does NOT offer a plea bargain to HRC. She needs to be taken down in full throttle. Obama can be gotten to in other ways. We don’t need her in order to attempt to get to BO.

These people need to feel the full weight of the law. Enough of evil triumphing. It’s time to turn the tide.

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