Wednesday, 9 August 2017

On Truths And Untruths

'The Constitution is a living document.'

And 2 + 2 can equal anything you want it to, decide to make it equal...

'Words mean what I say they mean.  Nothing more, and nothing less,' said Humpty Dumpty.  Who - as I recall the story goes - had a great fall..

No wonder I have been called down here (in frequency), to lend a hand to the proceedings.  You Americans have gotten terribly off the path, and The Path.  And have lost your way in the thicket and brambles of Untruth.  Where everything is relative; and you can't find your way out of the maze that you have created, because your compass no longer works.  Because there is no true magnetic north anymore.  It could be anywhere you choose to make it to be, and at any given time.  Because everything is relative; either to your party line, or to what side of the bed you got up on today.



Let me be clear.  In terms of being anti- this or that:

I am anti the New World Order mob, and their vision for the planet.  I am diametrically opposed to what it stands for.  Which, to all current evidence, is: the oppression of the Individual, in  subservience to a totalitarian state of affairs; wherein and whereby the state controls every aspect of one's life, reducing the Individual to a mere cipher, in the totalitarian's grand scheme of things.  Rather like in the former Soviet Union, and the current Red China.  The Individual, then, being sacrificed to the overriding will of the state.

I, on the other hand, would celebrate, and enhance, the Individual, and help him or her fulfill their highest potential, as 'a spiritual being having a human experience' - in concert with, in cooperation with, one's fellow pilgrims on The Path.  Being in this Process together.  Unfolding our human potential, with the indispensable aid of each other, towards our/the highest level.

Not the lowest.

Any.  More.

So come, join in, in a greater way than ever before,  this daunting, and magnificent, enterprise.  And find out who you

really are.

As together, we get rid of all Untruth on the planet - and discover, and acknowledge, the Truth of all things.

Like the truth about:

The terrible downside of vaccines.  And of fluoridation.  And of various other substances that we have been given to ingest, like the fruits off an orchard of poison trees.  As in various of our 'medicines' - the fruits of sorcery, really - and foodstuffs and drinks.

And the truth about the likes of:

the assassinations of JFK, and RFK, and MLK, and JFK Jr.  And the OKC Murrah Federal Building bombing.  And - of course - 9/11.  And the Sandy Hook 'Exercise'.  And the Boston Marathon Bombing 'Drill'.  And the Orlando gay nightclub caper.  And on.  And on.  And on.

As Untruth is rooted out and routed out of our system.  And replaced systematically by


In the Light of a, the,

New Day.

Dawning, for all Humanity.

Led by the federal constitutional republic of the United States of America.

Getting back to its roots.

In Truth.

Fiction no longer.

Like the fiction that 'the Constitution is a living document'.

As if a contract means whatever you want it to mean......

Back to the rule of law.

And especially, the higher Law.

And in the meantime:

I do not consent to all this crap going on.

It is time for it to release its hold on humanity - for humanity to release its hold on Untruth.

And let's get on with the job at hand.  Which is

a) to live by Truth.  And

b) to join in, in


The Ascension that is going on

as we speak.

Whether we like it - i.e. to say, feel comfortable with it -

or not.

Nobody promised us a rose garden.

Here on Earth.

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