Thursday, 10 August 2017

On Waking Up To The Truth Of Things...

...And Seeing What You Will Find.
                 Really Seeing
           What You Will Find

People need to wake up.  After 9/11, when Mossad orchestrated its hit on the American mainland, and attempted to make ‘the Arabs’/islam the fall guy1 -

which opened the door for the NeoCons in the Bush administration (NeoCons being social liberals but 'defense' conservatives; to get the U.S. to support the state of israel, most of them having dual citizenship), in concert with their brothers and sisters in the ‘liberal’ Mainstream Media, to get the U.S. embroiled in war in the Middle East, as the state of Israel’s proxy, in pushing the Eretz israel (‘Greater israel’) agenda of the ‘Khazarian mafia,’ as the government of the state of Israel has been called, with justification - 

it was obvious, if it wasn’t beforehand, to the more discerning amongst us, that the Jews were making their move to take over the U.S., as their prize trophy, on their way to taking over - attempting to take over - the entire world; fueled by that other 'special' notion of theirs, of being, not a, but the, Chosen People.  

Both attitudes of which they need to be disabused, for the sake of peace on Earth.  

For centuries, the Jews (basically the ‘Ashkenazim’: Jews from Europe; as opposed to the Sephardim, from Africa-Spain-Portugal)2 have been - have had to be - kicked out of country after country, for attempting to take them over.  (The other side of the coin from the side that says that they always faced ‘persecution’.  Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they.)  This is not just an anti-Christian thing on their part.  (Although they do chafe - mightily, it would appear, in many instances - under that position, and claim that ‘You killed Christ’.)3  It is also part of this idea of theirs of being a/the Chosen People.  Which attitude needs, now, to be nipped.               
If only to keep them from attempting to take over my country.

(Don’’t believe me about the Jews being behind so much of what is going on, in the way of subterfuge and subversion??  Just take a good luck around: their sayanim are out in force on the Internet especially, in the Comments threads and in many of the articles proper.  Jewish name after Jewish name after Jewish name.  They are old hands at this.  As I say: It runs in the family (bloodline or no).  Has been going on for centuries.  Is all throughout the Old Testament - their Bible.  How their people - especially their females - insinuate themselves into the royal households, and then pounce.  And so forth.  
     Make no mistake: They are old hands at this business, of overthrowing the established order, and taking over. Attempting to take over.  That is what has gotten them into trouble over the centuries.  Over and over, and over again.
     Powerful meme, this Chosen People business…
     ...of a tribal god who, according to researcher Zecharia Sitchin, was one of the Annunaki, or 'Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came,' way back when, and who started all this nonsense.)

And so here we are.  With the Democrats - the ‘liberals;’ but mostly of the far Left variety, aka Marxists, in cahoots with the liberal MSM (and with Hollywood heavily involved in the scenario) - having quietly flooded this country with another minority group - Muslims - in order to attempt to weaken the Christian hold on things, of the status quo - with the Muslims to be dealt with later, after they have served their cannon-fodder purpose - and with both legal and illegal mostly Hispanic immigrants (in part for their cheap labor, but mostly for their votes),4 and with so-called ‘refugees’ from the Middle Eastern wars (that the Jews aided immeasurably in bringing about), many of whom are military-aged males; here for the same reason that gangs like MS-13 are here:

to aid in the overthrow - or at least the attempted overthrow - of this country. 

All due to a) Marxists.  Many of whom are Jews (because it serves their agenda, of running the show, in a totalitarian way, to be).  And b) their NWO masters.  Many of whom are renegade capitalists; who figure on ‘capitalizing’ on the monopolies that will come out of their takeover of the U.S..  The last bastion of true capitalism on Earth.

To say, of freedom.  (Including private property.)

Which will withstand this onslaught.

Because it has another destiny to perform, than to be the footstool of these vipers, who would think - dare to think - to take over this blessed nation.

As we begin the counterthrust to their machinations.

In spades.

Like country after country has done - has had to do - over the centuries.

Only with a difference, now:

The whole world being at stake.

To be turned over, now.  From the Dark.

To the Light.


On this planet.

Any.  Longer.

P.S. And as if to emphasize my point: Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook is now very deep in censoring 'the other side'.  Liker any good Marxist takeover.
     From Natural News yesterday (now gone), via Dave Hodges' The Common Sense Show:

     "(Natural News) As part of Facebook’s war against truth and reality, the social media Ministry of Truth just blocked 100 percent of all posts from Natural News, one of the internet’s most trafficked sites on independent science, natural medicine and disease prevention. Having attracted over 2.2 million Facebook likes over the last decade, Natural News is relied upon by millions of people for independent science and medicine reporting that blows the whistle on dangerous prescription medications, vaccine adverse events and toxic pesticides and herbicides.
For example, Natural News was the first and only independent science organization to build a large-scale private lab and test flu shots for mercury contamination. The results found flu shots to contain 25,000 times more mercury than the legal limit of mercury in public water, by the way. And those data are backed by ISO accreditation.
"Facebook’s decision to block Natural News posts came immediately after Natural News posted a link to this White House petition which calls for an end to legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers, who currently cannot be sued by the thousands of families whose children are maimed or killed by vaccines every year in the United States alone. The petition also demands the following reforms:..."
Things are, indeed, heating up...


1 I'm not going to go here into all the evidence for that claim.  Suffice it to say that there is abundant evidence for the claim.  Google the subject.  The NeoCons' PNAC paper, referring to the need for "a new Pearl Harbor"; the 'Israeli art students' flooded into this country, to engage in all sorts of dark deeds, including shadowing the Arab patsies, and pre-planting explosives in the WTC towers; the 'Five Dancing Israelis,' celebrating their side's accomplishment with the burning towers in the background of the cigaret lighter-flicking celebratory shot, and their being quietly returned to Israel, facing no charges - for driving a vehicle with explosives aboard over one of the Manhattan bridges - by the man in charge, Michael Chertoff, one of the perps; the list of pieces of the picture goes on. 

2 Most of whom are not bloodline Jews, but are descended from a Turkic people from the ancient (first millennia CE) middle European nation of Khazaria, who were converted to Judaism en masse by their king.  Liking, no doubt, the idea of being a/the Chosen People, and thus that way being given an excuse to lord it over/attempt to lord it over their neighbors.  (An assumption on my part.  But wouldn’t you like to be a Chosen People???) 

3 Which would appear now to have been, and be, a false claim; with the evidence coming out, under some excellent modern scholarship, to say as well sleuthing, that the Roman imperial court of the time (the Flavians; as well with the important input of a Jewish historian named Josephus) created the New Testament, in order to get - to attempt to get - the Jews to cease and desist from their incessant rebelling against the yoke of Rome, by claiming that the siege and subsequent sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple there was due to their being “the wicked generation” that refused to listen to the First Coming of their Messiah, in a meek and mild, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” figure given the name of Jesus, who 'prophesied' the coming of the Son of Man (thus fulfilling Jewish scripture) before the end of that very generation, which dutifully happened in the form of Titus, the Son of the God emperor, Vespasian.
   When you know the end of your story, you can fill in the details to get there.

4 Governmental watchdog outfit Judicial Watch has reported on a study that, in part, shows eleven counties in California that have significantly more registered voters than citizens.  L.A. County alone - my home county - shows a million more registered voters than citizens.  
   And so of course, you are a ‘racist’ if you oppose the presence of illegal aliens in our country…  
   These people have no shame.  But that’s their ‘religion’ for you.  Call your enemy whatever demonizing names you can think of to try to stick, in order to further your righteous cause.  What is right is what furthers your agenda, and what is wrong is what stands in its way.  So, obliterate your enemy.  With Whatever It Takes.  By Any Means Necessary.  Straight from the Saul Alinsky ‘Rules for Radicals’ workbook.
   Disgusting stuff.
   Outrageous stuff.
   No.  More.

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