Monday, 7 August 2017

On Going To Sleep

From the most recent donations-request letter from Young America's Foundation:*

"As a result [of the far Left's indoctrination in our school systems, primary, secondary and tertiary], less than half of fourth graders even know why George Washington is an important leader.

"Studies have shown that only one in four American young people recognize President George Washington's portrait on the dollar bill!

"And most alarming of all, polls show that the number of young people who love America is dwindling.  According to one poll, only 15% of young people think America is an exceptional nation!..."


They look just like you.
They nod, and smile, and play
The game to a T.
And all the while, they
        are scheming
To take over your country.

       Don't let them do it.

        A word to the wise
        should be sufficient
To keep them from shooting you
             right between
                 the eyes
            when they get
            the opportunity


* which is "the #1 leading youth outreach organization reaching the largest audience with your conservative ideas," and "has a full slate of conferences, seminars, and lectures on the schedule...'  It's also good hear that "(s)tudents have been responding in record numbers to reserve their spots..."
   Well done, some of you guys...
   As in the old high school chant from the bleachers:
   'There aint' no flies on us.
    There ain't no flies on us.
    There may be flies
     On some of you guys
     But there ain't no flies on us.'

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