Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Tale Of Two Cities

If you wanted to take over a country that was near nigh impregnable, to say from the outside, how would you go about it?

I imagine that you would think of two things.  One - the most important - would be, then, to take it over from the inside, by capturing its institutions.1  Especially the institution of education; but not forgetting its political institutions - and including local government.  And the other would be to (manage to) place your placemen in its military forces, so that that element of the seemingly impregnable fortress was compromised from within itself.


But another question of relevance:

Why would you want to take it over in the first place?

We turn now to an interesting story out of the historical playbook of political intrigue.

Rome, in its time period of what has come to be known in our current majoritarian calendar as the first century C.E., was up against a major problem, in its imperial mode by then: the constantly rebellious Jews in Judea.  Who needed finally to be subdued by overwhelming force, culminating in the siege and sacking of their major city, Jerusalem, and the destruction - ‘stone by stone’ - of their Temple there.2  By Titus; son of the emperor of the time, Vespasian.  Whose imperial household hit on an idea, in an attempt to stop any future such rebellion by this unruly lot.  Based on understanding why they rebelled so:

because they - at least the ‘extremists’ amongst them; ka Zealots, and/or Sicarii - had an attitude of, belief in, a) being a Chosen People, and b) being led by a militant Messiah against their enemies, in the name of their God.3  So, what to do?: 

Turn their militant Messiah into a meek and mild one, advocating to them - and the gentile world, which the Romans were in the business then of taking over as well - ”Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” and “My kingdom is not of this world,” and so forth.  And that if they didn’t, they would become as “the wicked generation” that had needed, then, to be subdued by the Second Coming of their pacifist, ‘priestly’ Messiah, in His other form of the ‘kingly’ Son of (the true) God, Titus.4      

What am I saying?  I am saying that the Jews’ attitude of being a, the, Chosen People is what is behind their insatiable lust for Power Over Others.  And so, how to go about stopping their incessant drive for POO?  


Eliminate the driving force for it.

By eliminating their attitude.

It’s much the same as the revolutionary awareness to control thinking - the range of thought - by controlling the vocabulary of the targeted populace.  As the ‘liberals’- but rather, the extreme liberals.  Call them socialists for short (their feelings might be hurt if you call them communists) - have known about, and understood, for a very long time.  Which was behind the development of the ‘whole word’ (or ‘look-say’) method of teaching reading.  Where the targeted populace was taught to read by limiting the words that they ‘knew,’ by teaching them to recognize words by their shape.  Not by their phonically sounded-out aspects - i.e., by their letters.  The latter of which ‘techniques’ - called, classically, phonics - would allow them to learn to read by themselves.  Anything.  And you Controllers don’t want them being capable of doing that.  Do you.  

They might read stuff that you don’t want them to read. 

To, that is to say,

know about.

And hence: A controlled populace, from that aspect as well.

And this particular people of the United States, and their rebellious nature, to your attempts to take them over??


Their incessant rebellion to your ruling hand is based on their founding principles. High among which is the attitude of, belief in, the free and sovereign individual (as opposed to the power of the state over the individual).  Belief in the crowning principle of Liberty, for short.  (To “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…”)5  So:

In order to take them over, you need to undercut their founding principles.  Which includes their love for their flag. Which, in their minds, stands staunchly for their ‘Republic’.  Therefore, you need to dishonor the flag, somehow.  Drag it in the mud.  Spit on it.  

How to do that?

Got it:

Get them to engage in wars.  Incessant War.  Against ‘people of color’.  And then…

Well.  We know the rest of this tale.

Don’t we???

So let’s do something about it.

All.  Of it.


You have heard it said, ‘To thy own self be true’?

I would say:

To Truth be true.

And you’ll be right.


1 Ka the Gramscian Strategy.
   Look it up.  It has affected your life; and the life of this country, for many years now.
   (Also, and speaking of strategies: the Cloward-Piven Strategy.
    And wakey wakey.  If you are not already.
    Because time is getting critical, now.)

2 And a mopping-up operation some three years later, in wiping out the last vestiges - at the time - of rebellion on the part of the Zealot faction of Jews by putting under siege their last fortress, in the hills, of Masada.  Whose last holdouts killed themselves, rather than be forced to live under the yoke of Rome.  Or be wiped out by their hated enemy.  This courageous act of mass suicide, according to their account of things.  Or, that is to say, the account of a turncoat amongst them.  
   Amongst Jewry, that is to say.  The Jewish historian Josephus bar Matthias becoming, as adopted into the Flavian imperial household, Josephus Flavius.  And thus, telling the Jewish history from that perspective.
   Having himself thus ‘lived to fight another day’.  As a member of the Jewish priestly family as well.  And not forgetting - or forsaking - it…  (another story)   

3 Based on their holy books, and prophetic literature contained therein. So that any attempt to subvert this belief of theirs, in an avenging Messiah, would need to jibe with that literature.  
   Which could be done.  By clever minds. 
   Which ideed ‘existed’ at that time.
   But to continue.   

4 Members of the Flavian household - the imperial family of Vespasian, and his two sons - were among the first of the Christians.  In this new religion, birthed in favor of the Roman Empire.  And the subduing thereby of the slave, and ‘common,’ element of society as well.
   It was all about control.  As some among us in our day understand.  And are attempting to apply in this day and age.  To further their lot.  Of practitioners of Power Over Others.  Applied in the form of attempting to apply Romans 13 now.  To subdue the Christians.  As their enemies attempt to take over, this Time around.
   Things being cyclical, and all.
   Allowing for Karma to apply itself.

5 “…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
   An attitude rather central to this countyr, in other words.
   To the founding of it.  So, if one wants to overthrow the country - or eat away at it from the inside - one would need to eat away at its founding principles.
   It’s elementary, really. 
   So, if you wish to preserve Liberty - “to ourselves and our Posterity’ - look with keen sight to those who are attempting to besmirch your founding documents.  And the generation of souls who established them, as the basis for this particular country.
   This particular blessed country.
   But to continue.  And in that vein.

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