Saturday, 5 August 2017

My Sedentary Life

'Oh, I get exercise.  I mean, a person has to get up off the couch periodically.  For more chips, and things.'

I tell a lie.  I get out daily, for my daily.  Usually about on hour in total: a half-hour walk out, in good stride, and then a more leisurely return, usually by way of the supermarket, to pick up a few items.  Sometimes a somewhat shorter walk, to the local park, to get some reading in in the late afternoon sun. And sometimes an even shorter walk, to the beach; for the same reason as to the park, but as well there to walk out into the water a short ways.  To cool my feet; but as well, to send out some healing energy, with appreciation, to the hurting Pacific.

And speaking of, and of My Sedentary Life, in my retirement days; which allows me plenty of time to engage in my favorite pastime, which is reading.  Either in magazines and books or on my computer, checking out my plethora of emails.  Too much there to keep up with them, and it, all, but at least I scan through 'the headlines'.  And in all that reading - and of my plethora of daily snail mail, from all sorts of outfits - I have heard, but only briefly, of the 'Extinction Level Event' (ELE) going on in the Pacific, from the Fukushima disaster.  (Which would appear to have had an extremely sinister political aspect to it.  But to continue along this particular thread of thought for now.)  Terrible, terrible stuff.  And why is it taking so long to bring it to a conclusion?  And is there a reasonable conclusion to it??  And why am I here, on the Pacific Coast of America, to share in bearing the brunt of it, and to help, somehow, with the dealing with it???

What more can I do, but in sending out healing energy into the Pacific??  I'm just an old retired man, with no political clout.

And there's that 'political' subject again, aspect to the matter at hand.  To the issue that it presents.  And to me.

You see, I fancy myself more than just 'an old man'.  And it is frustrating as hell just 'sitting' here, doing nothing about what is going on.  In my country.  And in the world.

My country.

My world...

I want some action.  Dammit.

From The People of this country.

And this planet.

We have major work to do. (An 'ELE'.  And the threat now of nuclear war...How embarrassing.  How insulting.)      

To say: Where is my army of Light beings, to take over now, and clean this planet up???

For its next stage of operation.

On a higher level - 'note' - than ever before.

That 'major work to do'?

Let's be about it.

Tempus fugit.


Just an old man...

...dreaming my dreams, of a better world than this.

A far, far better world than this............

Waiting on us.

As we speak.

And dream our dreams.

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