Sunday, 6 August 2017


Since it is a proven fact that dogs can hear sounds above the ability of the human ear to detect, how much more may be beyond the ability of the human decoding apparatus to apprehend?1  There could be a whole world - universe - of ‘things’ out there.  Very possibly existing on the different levels - ‘shelves’ - layers, of a vast spectrum; levels below and above this 3D shelf of phenomenon.  And ‘phenomenon’ it can well be characterized as, may well be.  A product; a construct; an illusion.  A - yes - matrix.

And what do we really know about our illusionary ‘shelf’ anyway?  I have just come across the - proven - fact that during far more than one lunar eclipse over the years, both the Sun and the Moon have been seen above the horizon at the same time.  Do you ‘get’ what that means?, fully appreciate it??  That means that the Earth’s shadow is not what is causing either lunar eclipses or the phases of our moon.  

The Flat Earth people, then, have something going for them, their perspective, after all…            

…and then there is the business of NASA having lied to the public about their ‘missions into space’; with there not having been any real - real - views of Earth from either high Earth orbit or shots to the Moon, all of them having proven to be computer creations…2

And why not?  A former CIA Director is said to have said (and confirmed by a person present) to a small select group of people (newly elected Pres. RR’s new Cabinet secretaries and their assistants; in the White House):

“We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  (William Casey.)3


To say: We have been deliberately lied to for a long time - systematically.  And most probably about a lot of things.  

How much more may have been going on.  Not just due to deliberate political shenanigans.  But simply beyond our ken to perceive.

And then there are the reports (NDEs, etc.) of people who have, after all, come back from “the undiscover’d country, from whose bourn no traveler returns,” as the Bard put it.

And who, really, was Shakespeare anyway???

My god.  We don’t even know that sort of thing…

A long way to go, folks.

A long way to go.

But trust me.

I'll tell you the truth.

Because that's my middle name.


William tells.

P.S. You can Bill me later.

(If 'they' can have fun with all this, so can we...

But on this note, of 'them;' and to give this matter all the seriousness that it is due:

I keep reading that the Bad Guys are being taken down.  But where is the evidence?  I also keep reading about how the s.o.b.'s hired by Big Pharma, or TPTB direct, are continuing to kill holistic health practitioners.  For raining on their parade.  Especially for drawing attention to the dangers of vaccines.  Because TPTB want to use that modality - that means of delivery - to harm us; not just with toxins, to keep us weak and subdued, and enhance the profits of the/their pharmaceutical industry.  But with outright killer devices.  Nanoparticles, that can be triggered from a distance, to give us a heart attack, or whatever the modality might be that these fiends have dreamed up, to keep us on their plantation.  Ka Prison Planet.

And not just by Alex Jones.  But by increasing numbers of The People.

And just in time, it would appear.) 


1 And dogs of course have as well their notoriously great sense of smell.
   Exceeded perhaps only by the sense of smell of fruit flies.  Those critters are unbelievable.  They must be able to smell cut, or ripened, fruit from a mile away in the neighborhood; and come beating at your window screens like sperm, trying to batter their way into the egg. ‘Cuz how else do they do it???  Every time I have some fruit on my bowl of cereal - bam - there one is.  Pesky little buggers…
   But I digress.
   But we are talking about mysteries in life…
   (That is where they come from, isn't it?  Where else??  Spontaneous generation??? Another frequency, leaking through into this one????...)      

2 There is a ‘quarantine device’ - a radiation belt - around the planet that keeps us Earthians from ‘soiling’ outer space until we have graduated to the requisite level of consciousness.  That fact is slowly beginning to permeate into the public’s conscious awareness, with the reports from the crew training to go to Mars ('and beyond') regarding that difficulty.
   Slowly, such information leaks…    

3 Another, similar quote from another former CIA director in this same vein:
   “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
   That’s from William Colby.  And what is this business regarding Williamses??  And hey - my middle name is William.  And my other ‘middle name’ is Truth.
   And you can take that to the bank.
   As long as they last.

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