Tuesday, 8 August 2017

If At First You Don't Succeed...

from trumptrainnews.com: ‘CNN Pundit Ditches Network for the Trump Train’ - Shawn Langlois - August 7    
(Somebody named Kayleigh McEnany coming over to the Trump side.  Good for her.)


How in the world did this Muslim Imposter ever get into the White House.
It's absolutely certain from all that has been outlined in your discourse that the Democratic Party should be charged with treason for allowing this man to even run for the office of President of the United States.


  • kibitzer3 Brad Fisher a few seconds ago (August 8)

  • Um...and how about the Republican Party, Brad? Which signed off on his ineligibility by not calling him and the Dems on it??

  • The reason? They wanted to slip their OWN ineligible candidates into the pool for that office. As given away by the fact that between 2003 and '08 alone, both major political parties tried a total of 8 times between them to get a constitutional amendment starting through Congress on this VERY ISSUE - all the proposals having the 'natural born' citizen factor as their common denominator - and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue. So, what did they do? It's obvious what they did: They colluded, in an attempt to slip the matter by the American public. Feeling that with their control between them of the MSM and the judicial branch of government, they could get away with it. Not counting sufficiently on the creation of the Independent Media. Which, however, wasn't strong enough at the time to head off the illegal candidacy of Obama; the public figuring that, if there were anything amiss with his candidacy, the Republicans would have made something of it. So, that party is almost as guilty of this conniving as the Dems. And they both need to go down for their subterfuge on the issue. After a trial on RICO-statute charges, of colluding in a criminal enterprise. Fined, and their authorities off to prison. Along with Obama, and Hillary, and the rest of the criminals in Foggy Bottom.

  • For the record: The definition of a 'natural born' citizen is a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof. It's from the definitive tome of the day on such matters, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations'. (Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212. Look it up; it's right here on the Internet. No arcane legalese about it.) And that eligibility requirement for that particular office - and that particular federal office only - STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary. Which, as I say, both major political parties knew full well about.

  • Lock'em up. And throw away the keys. For what they have done to this country.

Sherry kibitzer3 6 hours ago (August 8)

AND abolish EVERYTHING "passed" by that illegal "administration" during those 8 years! Including Obama"care"! DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS brought in by this illegal usurper along with that entire staff to Arabia. And pray God forgive us for not standing up for the principles He gave us in our much vaunted Constitution! NEVER AGAIN fall prey to these wicked interlopers. EDUCATE, EDUCATE, and EDUCATE the entire populous of America the tenets of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and our TRUE American History! We MUST be grounded in what we are and what we believe and firmly STAND on our LAWS and beliefs.


        kibitzer3 Sherry a minute ago (August 8)
  • Indeed, Sherry. All of the legislation that the Usurper signed into law, and all of the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - need to go with him. Into the trash bin. For it be as though he had never been there. For, he was never there legally.

  • We either live by the rule of law. Or we die by the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny.

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