Saturday, 12 August 2017

On Enticements

The big enticement in our times, for Americans, was, of course, Pearl Harbor; whereby FDR and his administration cronies enticed Japan into 'firing the first shot,' after playing a game with them regarding scrap metal in particular, I believe it was.  No matter the details; the deed was done.  And much suffering ensued.  But some people came out of the 'deal' smelling like roses.  In their nostrils.  And, of course, it was all a step towards, ultimately, world government: their ultimate prize.  But to countinue

And before Pearl Harbor there was The Depression.  Brought on deliberately, in the Roaring Twenties, in order to create a big bubble, that, when burst, left some people picking up the pieces at bargain basement prices.  Again, this 'money' thing.

And then there has been: the public announcement by the U.S. Secretary of State at the time, Dean Acheson, that South Korea was 'beyond our sphere of influence,' which enticed the North Koreans into war on that peninsula (a nice bundle of money on that deal, and very ongoing); and then the Gulf of Tonkin Incident that never was (and was that ever a nice deal; not only in its length of moneymaking time, but in selling to both sides of the 'conflict'); and then the announcement to Saddam Hussein, by the envoy of our Secretary of State at that time, James Baker, that the U.S. had 'no opinion' on Iraq's quarrel with Kuwait, which bit of 'statesmanship' opened the door for the first Gulf War.  And do I really need to go on??  But let me round the litany of deceit off with the Pearl Harbor of our time:

9/11.  Which opened the door, not only to big moneymaking in the subsequent wars.  But to the creation of a major Police State in the U.S.  Ongoing to this day - and growing.  And, even with a change in administration towards one of America First (rather than of 'the New World Order' first), it would appear to have taken on a life of its own, to the point of not being able to be stopped.

Except.  Except......

Listen up, you naive Lefties:

You are being had.  Not by admirable people, in your eyes.   But by mountebanks.

Imposters.  Leading you into a death trap.  With the sound of 'banks' a key to the whole shebang...

The bottom line:

'Money' is behind all the crap that has been going on on the planet, for a very long time.  But a special kind of money.

Interest-bearing money.  Which technique has changed money from being simply a convenient medium of exchange - a means to that end, of, that is, the exchange of goods and services.  But into an end in itself.  And the accumulation of as much of it as possible.  For people having lost sight of the basic fact:

That interest-bearing money is simply a concept.  That is to say: It is all in our minds.

Change the concept.  Change the outcome.

The outcome, of booms and busts, booms and busts, booms and busts.  Most people getting worse off for the concept (because of the debt incurred, with Money as Debt).  Some making off like bandits.

An apt description.

I am saying, that all we have to do, is change the concept.  Back to its original intent, of money as a convenient medium of exchange.  A means to that end.

And result: there will be enough of most things for everybody. And those things that there cannot be enough of for everybody, can be dealt with by a simple 'concept' of credits and debits.  One gets certain credits for contributing goods or services to the System, and incurs debits for availing themselves of others' goods and services.  And it can all be administered via computerization.

The Dark side of this sort of operation is what the New World Order is all about: attempting to trap the world into their web, of deceit, and malevolence.

But there is nothing wrong in principle with the concept.

It just depends on whose hands it is in.

What their motive is.

For a certain 'side' in this matter, the motive is power and control.  Power Over.  Power Over Others, is their thinking.

Whereas, the thinking from the side of the Light, is Power With.  And Within.

With Others.  Rather than Over Others.  Because the Light side is the side that understands that

We Are All One.

And so, as One does to Others, so does One do to Oneself.

Wake up.  And make the right choice, naive Leftist.

And if you do,

all else will be added unto you.

The Right way.

Now, how is that for an enticement???

And then, we get to the point where we can do away with 'money' altogether.  Since we will have developed our innate abilities - as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'; as - in a word: Creators - to create whatever we want.  And then.  And then.  And then...

The sky's the limit.

And only so to speak.

Got your attention yet???

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