Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Still Beating The Drums

I have been taken to task by a late entrant to a comment I posted - or rather, a couple in the thread - some three weeks ago regarding Obama's ineligibility for the presidential office.  Both of my comments contained considerable detail as to the (ironclad) case.  And yet, this late responder had the gall to say, "Still beating that drum?  He was born in Hawaii.  Get over it."*

The mind boggles.  But to answer the accusation: Indeed, I am still beating that drum.  And others like it.  Like the truth about 9/11.  And vaccines.  And fluoridation.  And...and......and.........

And take, for good example, my latest response to such areas of that category, of subjects needing the light of Truth to be shone on them, more and more, to breakthrough point: Voter and Electoral Fraud.

A conservative outfit has asked me (again) to participate in their 2018 Voter Registration Confirmation Survey & Pledge To Vote Campaign. My response (this time, rather than just tossing their mailing in the bin):

"I refuse to vote until VOTER FRAUD is wrung out of the system.  My vote has been canceled out many times over.  We need to BOYCOTT ELECTIONS until they are CLEANED UP."

As I have said elsewhere on this subject: To vote in my state would be to engage in a crime.  To aid and abet in the commission of a crime.  Voting here is a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a farce; an illusion, a delusion.  This state is jam-packed with illegal aliens, and undoubtedly other ineligible voters - non-citizen voters, 'dead' voters, duplicate/multiple voters.  All, because there is no accountability regarding the names on the voter registration rolls.  All, because to do such a thing - and the same with requiring a photo ID to vote - would be to engage in 'voter suppression'.

Bull.  Shit.

You Democrats - especially the far Leftists amongst you - are going to get yours, when the big accountability takes place.  

 And I can hardly wait for that event.

Coming up.  Sooner than you might think.  In your power-addled brains.

Your seduced brains.  By the Dark side of things.

Due now for

the Big Reckoning.


the Light wins out in the end.

And this is

The End.

Of one Era.

And the beginning of another.

The culminating



My response went something like, "You must be having some difficulty reading.  That; or you are simply a troll.  Either way, this conversation is finished."

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