Saturday, 5 August 2017

Aka El Camino Real

The Marxists, and the New World Order fascists behind them, have an agenda, to take over this country, and then the entire planet, and turn it all, as Alex Jones depicts it, into a prison; where you are beholden to the state for everything.  And what the state gives, it can take away, if you don’t behave yourself.  Such is the agenda of these hijackers.  These would-be hijackers.

Who have dared to abuse my country…

I have another scenario for the world.  And it starts out in the same general area, of strong-arm stuff; in order to set things to rights first. Thus; starting in this country:

* All nests of Fifth Column peoples in the country - jihadists, MS-13 gangs, brainwashed youth and their Soros-funded comrades, etc. - neutralized. 

* All foreign troops - off our soil.  Especially UN troops and agents; the latter of which - especially those overseeing the distribution of ‘refugees’ (an alarming number of which are males of military age) throughout the country - are the equivalent of an invading force.
  Not in my country, you won't.

*  Our judicial branch of government suspended, until all the Obama appointees are removed (and their decisions revoked).  The same for his appointees to executive-branch agencies.  For it to be as though he had never been in that position of immense power.  Because he was never there legally.  (Further on which, see below.)    

* The word to go out to all concerned that the U.S. is no longer open for the ‘anchor baby’ business.
   That erroneous take on the 14th Amendment a) should never have been entered into in the first place, and b) stops here and now.  There is no such thing as an anchor baby.  The 14th Amendment is referring to babies born in this country “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.  People illegally in this country, or just visiting, are subject to the jurisdiction of their country of origin.  Period.   
   (The Republican Parry has certainly failed in its duty to be the opposition party to/in such ‘liberal’ shenanigans.  Apparently feeling that it was beneficial to its Big Business backers to have cheap labor in the country.  For whatever reason(s): The party’s over.)  
   And along this line:

* The word to go out to all concerned that there will be no more welfare benefits to illegal aliens.  Of any kind. And including access to our hospitals for Emergency treatment.  Of any kind.  (And especially not to have any more babies illegally in this country.) 
   There is a statement broadcast on board ships that goes: ‘The smoking lamp is lit.’  The equivalent here is:
   The lid to the honey pot is screwed back on tight.
   And that includes working in this country ’under the table’.  Which will include fines and jail time for any would-be employer offering such work.  Such, in another word, enticement. 
   Uncle Sam stands for a land of opportunity.  And it will continue to.  But Uncle Sugar is no more.
   That ‘crazy uncle’ has had its day.
   And all of this includes:
   No more ‘sanctuary cities’.  Or counties.  Or states.  No more - that is to say - lawbreaking in this regard.  How to stop it?  Simple.  We start with small steps:  A few mayors arrested, fined, and put in jail - for aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime, and being where the buck stops - as a deterrent to all the rest of the lawbreakers in the country.  (Are you listening, Rahm??)  The word will very soon spread.  And do its job.  Going up the chain of command to the governor as well if need be.  All of which is why the states involved in these kinds of shenanigans are superseded in the policing of this sort of activity by the federal government: because they have become criminal enterprises.  
   ‘Under New Management’ means what it says:
   Under.  New.  Management.
   To go on:

* Our own citizens will not be spared the clean sweep that is to begin.  That means the likes of:
   No more collecting unemployment when there is work available.  (And there will be more work, with the IAs out of the country.  And don’t give me that crap about ‘Americans won’t do that sort of work’.  If you don’t work, you don’t eat.  Simple.)
   No more EBTs and food stamps unless strictly supervised (and I don’t mean by the banks that ‘oversee’ some of these programs now, and do so for the goodies that they get out of them); and 
   No more paying females to have babies on the taxpayer’s dime.+  Or abortions either, for that matter.      
    It seems to have escaped the attention of some Americans that the form of government here is not one that can take tax money from the citizenry and spend it willy-nilly.  (To “promote the general Welfare” means the likes of highways and bridges: infrastructure, from which all benefit.) This is a federal constitutional republic, with constitutional limits to its powers.  I grant that that ‘little matter’ has been abused in the past.  No.  Longer.  And especially not activity that makes people dependent.
   I wilt not have American citizens leaching off of the government - that is to say, off of the taxpayers' money.  That is degrading, and insulting.  To all concerned.

After a period of the equivalent of martial law, while things are set to rights, we will return to the strict observance of the federal nature of this nation.  And observance of the law in general.  Which brings up another, though similar, subject.

You ask, or at least wonder, why I harp on so in these pages and in the Comments section of various and sundry articles on the Internet about Obama’s ineligibility for the office of the presidency, and why I want to see that ‘wrong’ - that illegality - addressed properly.  My response (to such questioners):

I don’t know where you come from.  But where i come from, there is no untruth.  Not just because it is not allowed.  But because it simply can’t exist in that energy field.  And you can say, ‘Well, we do things differently here’.  But even here - where things seem vey relative, and are getting more relative as we enter further into a (well-planned-for) statist dictatorship - truth is truth.  Illegal is illegal.  And ‘here’ is changing.  And I am here to see that it does.  And to give it a boost in the proper direction.

And yes, there is a ‘proper’ direction.  

And it is not in the direction of the Marxists’ utopia.  Wherein the state controls everyone’s lives to within an inch of their lives.  But rather, wherein people live in Essential Liberty.  And if they choose to go in the direction of said ‘proper’ direction, they are rewarded.  And handsomely so.  In their soul’s evolution along The Way (aka El Camino Real).

And if they choose not to abide by The (overriding) Law:

Their choice.

But don’t say

I didn’t warn you.


+ And thus creating a whole new 'class' of people - two, in fact -  to be manipulated by the Marxists in their class warfare scheming: Single mothers, and feral youth.  Thus depriving the fathers of the experience, and responsibility, of a) taking responsibility for their actions, and b) being a father.  One of the most civilizing experiences that life offers.  For advancement, on The Way.
   I am disgusted that this political 'gimmick' has been allowed to get so entrenched in this country.
   No.  More.

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