Thursday, 3 August 2017

On The Verge Of A Cold War Heating Up

With TPTB doing all they can to make Russia out to be a very big bogeyman - including NATO massing troops on its border - in order to deflect attention away from their own pending demise, and attempt to forestall that outcome by such warmongering, we need to be as clear as we can be in regards to the info that we get, and to where it comes from.  I have a relative who believes wholeheartedly in TPTB's case for such as Assad being a very nasty piece of work, who gassed his own people, etc. etc. and etc., and 'therefore,' presumably, it's okay for the U.S. to help take out his 'regime'.  My somewhat irritated response (My own family! etc.), especially under the foregoing circumstances.

'(Relative's name; no salutation.  An indication of things to come:)

'It pains me to say this, frankly, but, for all your good intentions, and reading about political things, you have been had.

'Assad DID NOT gas his own people.  Either this last time, or the time before.  

'The first time was the doing of paid rebels, sponsored by Western intelligence agencies.  (And including the war-mongering likes of Sen. John McCain; for what is known, in knowing circles, as ‘McCain’s Army’.  Not just rebels to the Assad ‘regime’.  But outright jihadists.  The same as al-Qaeda, and ISIS.)  Why?

'Some background.  

'The Powers That Be, aka the Cabal, the Illuminati, and other names - who are a bunch of evil, scheming people bent on world hegemony; to be administered in a totalitarian way, like the former Soviet Union - want to run an oil pipeline through Syria, and the Assad government stands in their way.  And so, they are doing everything they can to get him out of the way.  Including falsifying stories about him, and his administration.  As happened with Gaddafi in Libya.  [Because he was going on the gold standard, in that case.  And also because Libya was on ‘The List’.  See below.]

'Take the ‘gassing’ business.  The first time, the alt media showed the story behind the MSM story on it: how the rebels faked it, including laying out a bunch of ‘bodies’ for the world press to film, at least one of which was caught rubbing his nose.  You apparently didn’t see that Candid Camera behind-the-scenes stuff on it.  It was all Kabuki theater stuff.  This second time recently, Assad authorized a surgical strike on a leaked meeting of leading ‘rebel’ leaders, in a building the rebels were using to store foodstuffs and the like (to use as control measures over the populace in the area).  Unfortunately the basement of the building also contained chlorine, in disinfectant form for dead bodies, and fertilizers; and the explosion from the bomb caused that stuff to ignite, and create a gaseous cloud - not sarin gas.  It did cause some collateral damage - but the incident was hyped by the so-called White Hats, who are supposedly ‘independent,’ but are in fact part of the ‘rebel’ forces, into falsely accusing Assad of ‘gassing his own people’.  (Such reputable investigative journalists as Seymour Hersh have the true story.)  Trump was inveigled into believing the fake-news take on the matter.  (Possibly in particular by his bleeding-heart daughter; who needs to get the hell out of the way, in having Trump’s ear.  She can’t be trusted, for a number of reasons, including her links with the Democrats.)  No really responsible leader would have acted like that, in believing the ’take’ on such a matter offered by the MSM, without independent intel on it.  (Some of his ‘honest’ advisors did in fact try to warn him that there was no evidence of the Assad govt. being behind the incident; but he chose to believe the tailored story.  Bad decision, especially in this current climate.  It doesn’t show due caution on the part of our nation’s leader.)  You need to understand, that TPTB have been trying to get the U.S. and Russia separated for some time, in order to be able to make Russia out to be the bad guy, leading to a war with them. Because Putin is independent of their control, and raining on their parade into their vaunted New World Order.  Hence all the crapola about Russia Russia Russia; as a cover to lead the public away from looking at the real story behind the leaks of the DNC emails: that the Hillary camp colluded with the DNC to steal the primaries from Bernie Sanders.  (Which is what got Seth Rich killed; who was a Sanders supporter, and was [appalled and even possibly] angered at what he found out about - because he had access to those emails - regarding the DNC-Clinton link.) 

'And also the Israeli govt. wants Assad out of the way as well; because of their desire for/dream of Eretz Israel - Greater israel.  With their flag giving that game away; as representing ‘The Land Between The Two Rivers’ - the Nile and the Euphrates.  Because their ‘God’ deeded it to them, presumably.*  And so the Israeli govt., and the U.S. NeoCons - most of whom have dual citizenship with Israel; thus giving their prime loyalty away - along with others of the NWO persuasion, who have an agenda of taking over 7 countries in the Middle East, according to info leaked to former Gen. Wesley Clark, by sources in the Pentagon, are all involved in the selling-out of the American Republic to these arrogant would-be World Controllers.  

'This NWO crowd need to be stopped.  Not helped, in their machinations, by dupes.  Well-intentioned or not.


'P.S. Thanks for the picture of the Family.'

[I should perhaps have signed it 'from your curmudgeonly (relative),' to take the sting off a little.  But I was in no mood at the time.  With the way things are heating up in the world, and all.
   And here I sit.]    

* 'Maybe some tribal god did; from the Annunaki, aka ‘ancient astronauts’ from another planet. (See the intriguing works of Zechariah Sitchin.)   But that certainly wasn’t God the Creator Source Of All That Is.  Or at least, of this Creation.  Our God is certainly not such a god, full of vengeance and other lower-consciousness emotions.  The Bible is simply not a true account of things.  It is a particular take on things.  With particular coloration.  Nothing to do with the world as a whole.'


Good sources of alt info:

Alex Jones; Rick Wells; Dave Hodges; and James Fletcher.  With Dr. Mike Adams especially (but not exclusively) for alt info regarding health and nutrition.

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