Friday, 11 August 2017

On The Chain Of Command

So I understand that sufficient evidence is in now to be able to conclude with a certainty that widespread fraud is going on in the country, both as to voter fraud and electoral fraud in general; the latter category in particular as regards to the hackable (in a number of ingenious ways) electronic voting machines employed (which would appear to be little more than the programmed slot machines in a casino).

This is a monstrous state of affairs.

It must not stand.

It will not stand.

I expect the forces of Light to start doing their job - to set things to rights, in this particular area especially - any time now.  And that would include arresting and holding for trial,*, not just with the immediate overseers of this scammy operation - i.e.,  the county supervisors of the electoral procedures (and their underlings).  But their seniors in the chain of command in their respective states.  Which goes, ultimately, up to the secretary of state.  And his/her superior: the governor.

The county supervisors of the electoral procedures in their states are only complicit in the crime.  The crime itself has been committed by those senior in the chain of command.

All, now,


Mess with my country, you won't.

Ah.  But I am just an old man.

Framing my dreams.

Of a better world.

Starting with my country.

Of which I am

a citizen.

Where the buck really stops.

In our form of government.

On which the whole edifice relies.

P.S. And I know our potential power.  As creators.  Fully.
     Once we wake up to our full powers.


* and that to be no longer a judicial system operating under Maritime/Admiralty Law. But Natural Law.  American Common Law.
   As this nation returns to its proper roots, in the proper Republic that it was created to operate under.
   Under the rule of law.  Which ultimately is its Constitution.
   Stripped of all the barnacles that it has collected along the way.

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