Monday, 7 August 2017

And Then There's This

(I couldnt' figure out how to add this to my last blog at the bottom, with the article that I posted therein forcing me to continue to position this added comment to the overall blog as though it were to that specific article.  So I append this here to my just-previous blog:)

And then there was also this today.  From 'Pelosi for Congress dot org'; under the heading 'this is a sham':

"Trump's border wall is nothing but an excuse to vilify our neighbors to the south..."  Posted by somebody called Jorge, Executive Director, Nancy Pelosi for Congress.

A sham indeed, Jorge.  Plus, a slap in the face to any even halfway intelligent human being.  But apparently, it's from the same playbook as that used by the Secretary of State for California  - one Alex Padilla - who says, in the face of all the evidence to the contrary, both circumstantial and specifically substantiated, that there is no voter fraud going on.  That attempts to clean up the gross fraud going on in this country, as regards both voter fraud and electoral fraud (electronic voting machines especially, in that latter category), are attempts at 'voter suppression'...  To say:

And you folks on the far Left continue to treat the public like idiots, continue to run this sort of crap by the American people...

Fortunately, there is Justice in the universe.

In this universe.

I can't speak to the one that you characters appear to be from......


May the mighty legions of heaven
          watch over you, as you
                  take the leap
                     The New
          one small step at a time.

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