Thursday, 11 August 2016

On Being Kept Under Wraps - And Being Released

First of all, a culminating word about The Donald’s reference to “2nd Amendment supporters”.  I listened to the whole ’catch’ again; and what I heard him say (in effect) was:-

1) Hillary wants to abolish the Second Amendment.  2) If Hillary wins the election - and by the way, appoints a couple of like-minded Supreme Court justices, and the Supreme Court votes to take away our Second Amendment rights… - 3) ‘Well, I suppose Second Amendment supporters would have something to say about that.’ 

Besides meaning by the comment to highlight that the 2nd Amendment bloc of his supporters might really be motivated to 'get out the vote' - as he himself has said after the fact was his meaning - he was in addition at the very most talking about revolution; not assassination.  Revolution against a tyrannical federal government.  Which would have been very Jeffersonian of him, had that been what he meant.  And therefore, very presidentlal of him.

Now.  Do I believe that he should be our president?

Yes and no.  Yes, if we were simply to proceed on the timeline that we are currently on, business as usual.  (He is, at least, clearly against the machinations of the New World Order crowd.)  But no, because we are not going to proceed on the ‘business-as-usual’ timeline that we were on.

We are going Up.  A notch.  To start with.

And I am your man for that job.

At your service.  To say as well: at God’s service.  For, we are God.  To say: We Are All One.

Within which are varying degrees of consciousness unfoldment.

And I, for one, claim my Christhood


What will ‘it’ - this new timeline for us Earthlings; us incarnate souls - look like.

It will look like paradise.  Not the ‘false dawn’ paradise of communism.  That was predicated on the idea of being brought about by Force.  

Big mistake.  Precisely what would keep it from ever coming about in reality.  For, that would color the situation fatally.  Generate opposition.  Keep the historical process in stasis.

No.  It will come about by - in a word - Love. 

The energy of the living universe.  Looking - in practice - like:

sharing our goods and services with one another - and giving of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than the old one of ‘profit’.  Of making a profit on the deal.  (Been there.  Done that.  And see the tragedy and turmoil that that way of dealing with One Another has caused.)  Out of the highest motive that there could ever be:

out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out of, in a word: Love.

Using the largesse that we are about to be gifted with in that spirit.  With the dawning, now, of

a New Day.

And I will take over now.

And I - will - not - countenance a tyrant taking over my country.  

To say, as well:


Watch this space.  As we move from a system of sharing based on precious metals - to start with - to doing away with ‘money’ altogether.  For, all we need, to make the system work - and all we ever needed from the very beginning - was the proper motive.  Was - 

altogether now (literally): 


And the right kind thereof.

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