Sunday, 28 August 2016

On Being Sorely Affronted

I get mail...

One of the many worthy-cause requests for my financial support is from the Michael New Legal Defense Fund.  If you are not familiar with this particular worthy cause, you probably don’t recognize the name right off-hand, but may have a dim memory of the circumstances, if you are of a certain age.  Michael is the ex-soldier who, over twenty years ago now, refused to don the UN blue beret and shoulder patch when ordered to by his superiors in the chain of command, and was court-martialed and received a Bad Conduct Discharge for his stand on principle.  The principle, that he had sworn an oath to, quote, “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”.  Not fight under a foreign power.  His position was that Bill Clinton, as president, and therefore his Commander in Chief, did not have the constitutional authority to so order him.  He is right.  And is still trying, through the court system of this nation, to have that discharge upgraded to an Honorable Discharge.

As I say: a worthy cause.  Because -

No person who enlists in a U.S. military service, and thus takes an oath to “support and defend the Constitution,” needs to obey an order to serve - as the equivalent of a mercenary - under a foreign power.  Why?  Because that is an illegal order.  Why?  Because it is an unconstitutional extension of executive power.

But not, apparently, in the New Order of Things under the mush of a constitution that ours has turned into.  Has been turned into, by executives exceeding their constitutional authority, and by Congress failing to rein in such rogue executives, and by a judicial branch likewise compromised, by the politics of the day. 2  

What has this rendering of the Constitution - the law of the land - into a wet noodle - the plaything of perverts - led to??

Well - and speaking specifically of the UN - there is the ignoble matter of the Obama administration3 having invited into this country UN troops, under the cover of an insidious operation called the ’Strong Cities Network;’ which is a) a pretext, to get them into the country to help put down, quote, “extremists;” which means, to this administration - and are also considered by it as "potential domestic terrorists" -- the likes of patriots, Constitutionalists, Second Amendment Supporters, Ron Paul Supporters, veterans, Christians, etc; and b) another example of how this sitting Congress has failed to rein in this rogue executive.  

But let’s now get to the bottom of that little matter; and our national malaise in general.

Barack Hussein Obama - as he has taken to being called, in his adult years - needs to be called on his ineligibility in and for that office.  For reason which I have commented on extensively in these pages.  And if it causes riots (as I have heard it argued, in resistance to the idea)?

1) That is an insult to black Americans; saying, in effect, that they are too stupid to understand clear factual information when it is provided to them; and 

2) People who are in the wrong of a matter don’t dictate to people who are in the right of a matter.  

If you let people who are in the wrong of a matter dictate to people who are in the right of a matter, by threatening to riot, or engage in any other criminal activity - i.e., the equivalent of holding the nation to ransom - you have lost your rightful state of affairs - i.e., living under the rule of law - and have entered into the realm of anarchy.  Or of, at its best, arbitrary law.  

Of - in another word - tyranny.

I will not have that ignoble state of affairs ruling in MY country.

I call it MY country.  I can’t help the way I feel.  I feel sorely affronted, and deeply personally offended, at the way the United States of America is being treated, by a sizable proportion of its inhabitants at this time, and which has been going on for some time.  It is as deep a feeling as though I were a reincarnation of George Washington.

Or deeper, even, than that connection with the intent, and spirit, of this nation.  At its best.

But then that’s just me.

And you, Citizen??

What say 


Claim your nation.

Or lose it.



1 “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” that oath goes on…

2 The rationale apparently is that the United States is operating under a suspension of the Constitution under ‘wartime emergency powers’ delegated to the executive.
   To do anything he - or she - wants to?  Feels so inclined to??  As in, the Usurper’s Executive Order No. 13603???
   But to continue.

3 an illegal entity in its own right to begin with, for the Usurper being just that; and so, a compounding of that interest - of the New World Order crowd in that sort of circumstance - going on.  
   But to continue.

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