Sunday, 7 August 2016

Once Upon A Time...

...Aka The Lesson

Once Upon A Time there was a kingdom.  None of the inhabitants of The Kingdom knew precisely where it had come from.  It just was.  As was their Leader.  

And they all lived happily in The Kingdom, exploring their individual, and collective, creativity.  Until one day…

…a delegation from one Aspect of The Kingdom went to their Leader, and said:

‘Your Honor, some of us have gotten together and decided that we would like to explore life outside of The Kingdom.  Would you grant us that request?'

And their Leader thought about the matter, and said: ‘Alright.  Your wish is granted.  But - just one thing.'

'And what is that one thing, your Honor,' said the spokesperson for that Aspect of The People (for The Kingdom was The People).

'There shall be a Law of the Land.  You must not transgress that Law.  You may do whatever you choose to do - of this thing that I grant you called free will - within The Law.  You can change The Law, but it must be by The Law.  Is that clear?' 

'Yes, your Honor,' the delegation all said in unison; already getting excited, and impatient, to have their crack at this enticing, alluring thing called free will.

And so they did.

And so it was.

And so it shall be.  The People having made the foolish mistake of listening to the Aspect amongst them - particularly enamored of this thing granted to them called free will - who said, 'Well, it’s not really the Law of the Land.  The Law surely is simply whatever we say it is at any given moment in time.  Right?'  

And they made the one, the very, fatal mistake of buying into Error.  Which ended

The Lesson.

And possibly - possibly - with a bang:

Hillary Clinton, besides being an inveterate, and dare i say even compulsive, liar, clearly now has something physically wrong with her.  And so, look out for TPTB who are bankrolling this whole charade.  They are liable to pull the plug, and go for broke, in one fell swoop.  

To say:

It couldn’t be more clear, now, what ‘they’ are up to.  By using the ‘threat’ of Muslim terrorists - the set-up War on Terror -  they have succeeded in manipulating into place the demonization of their true enemy - those who believe in 'traditional American values' - as ‘Potential Domestic Terrorists,’ and have prepared a place for them - us.  In their gulag system, called FEMA camps.*  

Those of us, to say, who won’t go along with their New World Order.  And so will have to be dealt with.  In the only way that they figure will work, in the end.

In The End, indeed.

Rather, to their best-laid schemes.

For, God - Whatever that may be, really - may appear to be distant, sometimes.  But God is Just.

And is no dummy.

For, creators - gods in the making - need to spend time - Time - in apprenticeships, you see.

And I am sure that you do.  

By now.


* Complete with guillotines, and multiple-stacked coffins.  Efficiency being a virtue, to them.

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