Saturday, 27 August 2016

All The Days Of Our Lives


Did you ever get the feeling
That you were being
Surrounded, as in
        by wolves in
        sheep's clothing?
                 If not, you
Just haven't been paying
                But then, that
Has been the point,
                hasn't it.


It used to be, in days of yore,
The commies who were
Our enemies.  But now
It's both far sides
Of the political aisle.
                        But then
It always was, wasn't it
           behind the scene

      you dark guys
      in your disguise
      as opponents
      when you were always
      in common cause
      against the middle.

Take care, and look
          behind you
Once in awhile.
You are easier to spot
Than you think.

                As the plot
To its conclusion

And the series itself
           is done

       to perfection.

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