Tuesday, 2 August 2016

On Learning Lessons in The University of Life

from dailywire.com: ‘Breaking: DePaul University Bans Shapiro’ - John Minster - August 1
(“There comes a time in every society where even its most basic values come under attack. In the United States, since the beginning of our country’s founding, we have had certain God-given unalienable rights: freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, due process and freedom of speech, among them. Today on American college campuses the value most important to ensure a strong, diverse education, freedom of speech, is under attack.
“Last week, DePaul University informed the DePaul Young Americans for Freedom chapter (of which I am Vice Chairman) that they plan to partake in this attack. DePaul University has banned conservative commentator Ben Shapiro from appearing on campus. Mr. Shapiro’s strong defense of the Constitution and conservative values is apparently too much for the University and its students to handle…”)


The DePaul U YAF chapter needs to raise the funds to hire a promo pilot to fly around the city with a sign saying 'DePaul U Bans Free Speech' and notify the media about it.

Well; not the MSM. They seem to have been bit by the same mosquitoes that have infected the DePaul U honchos.


I meant, in my comment, to play with the idea that a virus is causing microcephaly in babies, that surfaced in Brazil.  So, I was accusing these free speech shutdowners of being small-brained.  But there is also the matter of that situation itself.

There is another version of facts in that subject: that the real culprit is the DTaP vaccine; and that when it was curtailed, the incidences of microcephaly stopped there.  There is another version of facts in this subject: that the real culprit is a pesticide that is being used in the area. 

Who knows.

We will get to the answer by listening to all possible points of view; and thereby, the truth will out, at some point.

It is the same with the value of free speech.  

We deprive ourselves of a lot of insights in life by not listening to each other.

Don't think that you are doing yourself any value by not listening to what another has to say.  On any subject.

And out of it all

will come our salvation.

Just my thought for the day.

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