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On Getting Fed Up

from  ‘Meet the climate change bigoted professors who BANNED informed debate: Rebecca Laroche, Wendy Haggren and Eileen Skahill… NO THINKING ALLOWED’ - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger - August 31

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (August 31)

(Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Natural News.)

At some point the truth will out, in a big way. Not just about the climate change thing; but the real reason for all the hype and bullying about it. It's science in service of Mammon. And not just as in money. But as in power, and control.

The New World Order crowd seized on this AGW-oops-'Climate Change' tool a long time ago as a way to pry out of their way the old 'opportunity' carrot (for its tax monies) and put into place their vaunted, long-term global police state. The really Big farts saw that they needed to harness the idealistic youth to their cause, so they created a meme for socialism: the affluent U.S. needed to be cut down to 3rd world size, because its affluent lifestyle was wrecking the world, etc. (thus the call for 'equality' over 'liberty').  Never mind that the corporate gangsters would end up in control of the operation; a little feel-good scam could go a long way. As in basing the world's currency on carbon use (see the Trilateral Commission's take on that little scheme); and oh-by-the-way, thus painting a bullseye on everybody's chest, as a carbon emitter. Result: the equivalent of the ‘dead peasants life insurance' scam of old. (And as practiced on 9/11, not so incidentally; some bastards making money on the deaths of their employees, in that obscene false-flag op.) But who would miss a few billion people anyway; right? They - we - are just 'useless eaters' after all, to these bozos in business-as-usual suits.

Please keep calling it like it is, Mike. We need such as your voice in the public arena. To help compete with the louder voice of our erstwhile masters. Now going for our throats, in their slowly slowly move to stifle the Internet. Not content with their control over the MSM. Too much leakage going on. Of the Truth of things. In The People's Voice. Can't have 'the little people' having a say in things. They must learn their place. Which is not even sitting at the table. But meekly on their haunches.  Like severely trained dogs.

Who hopefully will now bite the hand that feeds them.

And get away with it.

With a little help from our friends.

In high places.


from ‘9/11 Conspiracy Gets Support From Physicists’ Study’ - August 31
(A number of obvious trolls out earning their keep on the thread, and some perhaps just misled commenters.)


This is such hogwash for many reasons. I used to work at the WTC for Morgan Stanley. The security there was 24 hours a day and everyone had to go through it. How could anyone get the equipment needed for a controlled explosion in each of the buildings in place undetected? If anyone has ever seen a video of a controlled building destruction they've seen that flashes from explosions are seen coming from all the floors as each floor explodes. That was not seen coming from any of the buildings. Asbestos was sprayed on the steel beams that were used to support the building. That sprayed on asbestos was jarred loose by the impact of the planes. The flames from the burning fuel and subsequent burning materials created a heat intense enough to soften the exposed steel so that it could not support the weight above it. As the steel gave way to the weight of the building above the break, in the structure of each tower, the structure above the break collapsed, causing each tower to collapse like a house of cards, as each floor added more weight to the force of the collapsing upper structure onto each floor below as it fell. It was like a snowball rolling downhill. The buildings fell faster as the weight coming down increased with each collapsing floor. Building 7 caught on fire from falling burning debris and subsequently collapsed. 
One of my clients at Morgan Stanley was a police forensic expert who was involved in the trial of the original attempt to take down the WTC in 1993. He explained to me what they were trying to do, and why they failed. They were trying to blow a giant hole at the base of the tower, and weaken the support of the structure causing the weight of the building to collapse and fall over. Just like chopping down a tree. The mistake was the placement of the truck filled with explosives. It was parked in the wrong spot and the explosion went the wrong way. But Osama Bin Laden always intended to use the weight of the building against itself.



         kibitzer3 Donald Bader a few seconds ago (August 31)
  • You haven't done your homework on this issue. Examples: Mysterious crews from tinted-window cars were seen going into the buildings days prior in the dead of night after the cleaning crews had finished their shifts. Also, the CCT cameras were suspiciously off - for 'emergency work' - a couple of weekends before the op, with employees noticing concrete dust on their window sills on their Monday morning returns. (The owners of the security company for the buildings are suspect. As are the airport security at the designated airlines.) First-responder firemen reported seeing "flashes from explosions...coming from all the floors as each floor" exploded. There is more.  (Especially including the total pulverization of so much of that material, and some of it even seen whisping away into thin air.  This was more than just ‘controlled demolition,’ granted.)

  • All the info needs to come out - ALL - at an independent, comprehensive investigation. Not one controlled by some of the suspects.

It's time, and past, for all this sort of thing to come out.  We're living in a fantasy land.

As a former CIA Director said to his new 'charges': 

"We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything that the American public believes is false."

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