Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Now Hear This

For the record:

I sense that TPTB - now that their frontpiece, Hillary, is an iffy proposition (from her physical conditions) - are going to make their move, for takeover of the country, by manipulating a 'state of national emergency' into being, in order to hand their other frontpiece, Obama, the excuse he needs for him to declare martial law, and start the takeover in earnest.  It will probably take the form of racial war - the easiest condition for TPTB to activate.  No matter.  What matters is that I urge all patriotic American citizens - and that includes black Americans, and Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans, and every other kind of patriotic citizen of the Republic - to Be Prepared.  And that means, among other features (like 'prepping'), to take up weapons of self-defense.   Not just against opportunistic marauders.  But against the primary culprit: the rogue federal government, having fallen under the control, not of The People.  But of the Cabal, the Illuminati, The Powers That Be, however one defines those Dark-side forces who wish to place the nation, and the world, under their totalitarian control, in their dark-side New World Order.

The reverse image of The Real Thing.   Which is also about to come into being.  Having been triggered into being by its Dark-side Other; in a natural process that will result, now, in the full state of Synthesis for Planet Earth: the end of the historical process.

As for my calling for all those legitimate Americans to arm themselves:

1) That is primarily to act as a deterrent against TPTB; to try to persuade them to give up on their best-laid schemes;

2) That includes my calling for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country also in neighborhood cells, where if 'They' come for one (on their red list), they come for all.

I am, by nature, a man of peace.  But I will not have these miscreants take over my country.  I would use their use of Force against them, as in a martial art, and start arresting them, and putting them in the very same FEMA camps, and holding pens in cities (like closed Wal-Marts), that they are setting up for the American citizenry who won't go along with their plans for domination.

Who are 'they'?

It hardly matters, at this point.  'They' know who they are.  And so do we, basically.  'By their fruits ye shall know them.'  'They' are all those who would attempt to rule over others by force, and make them do what they want them to do; thus negating their free will, as sovereign individuals, incarnate souls of The Most High.  'They' are those of ancient bloodlines, descended from earlier rulers over the Earth and its inhabitants.  Are the Jesuits.  (Not all Jesuits; there are many good Jesuits doing good works down on the ground, as it were.)  Are what are called Rothschild Zionists, or Khazarian Mafia; or by other names.  Not Jews per se; but a faction of Jews, and ersatz Jews, who mean to rule the world, with an iron fist.  (Like the bulk of the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution of 1917.)  Misguided far Leftists, of all races.  The international banksters and industrialists.  But not to get bogged down in the details, here, now.  Just to clarify the point in general.

The main purpose of this post is simply to sound the warning.

And may you take it as a call to arms; and to act as a megaphone, to pass it on to others in your network.  Before TPTB succeed in closing down the public's access to ammunition, and 'military-style' weaponry, and such.

Be a man, or woman, of peace.  But also be a Boy, or Girl, Scout.  That is to say:

Be Prepared.

For, your nation - a special nation, set apart by God to act as an ensign to the nations - is calling you to duty.

As part of why you, too, incarnated at this time.

If you will but awaken to that aspect, of who you truly are,


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