Saturday, 27 August 2016

Going My Way - A Sci-Fi Story

‘Shh.  C'mon.  Let’s go.’

‘What?  Where??’

‘Out.  I’ve put the guard to sleep, as it were.  Come on.’

’How’d you do that?’

‘Walk while we’re talking, low…I just turned off his operating signal, as it were.  It’s a little trick you can learn along The Way.  You just need to get, really get, that this time and space stuff is just a projection.  And some of us can walk through it, but not be of it.

‘How?  Who??’

‘You ask too many questions for the circumstances.  Let’s get away from here - you see others joining in The Great Escape, as it were - ‘


“  - and I’ll explain more.  Maybe not all of it.  Not just yet.  Just know, that some of us are on a mission here.  We’re not really of this time and place.’ 

‘Mission.  For...’

‘For releasing you lot from your bondage.’

‘Bondage. To whom.  What.  All this crap that has been going on??’

‘You’ve got it.’

‘You mean, you - whoever you are, whatever all you are; and you others that you’re talking about - have known about all of this, and could have done something about it?!’

‘Not fully.  We can’t override your free will.  But we can interfere, when the Other Side deprives you of your free will.’ 


‘By keeping you from knowing what all is going on.  That’s not fair.  You need to have the right to make conscious decisions, to continue on The Path.’

‘The Path.’

‘Long story. Another time.’

‘And ‘they’/  What path are ‘they’ on?’

‘You don’t really want to know.  Not right at this moment, at least….Okay.  Just keep walking, as if he’s not even there  Which is, in larger fact, true.’

‘Can I do anything?  Make faces at him??’

‘You can, but it won’t register for him.  He’s just not there, right now.  Part of him is.  His meat suit is.’

‘His meat suit.’

‘Call it whatever you want.  His vehicle, his vessel.  What he wears, while he’s in this Field.’

‘This field.’

‘Of energy.  That’s all any of this is.  Including me.  Just condensed energy.  Let’s go.  That way.  Our ride is waiting.’  

‘Our ride!’

‘You didn’t think that we were just going to walk away out here in the middle of nowhere, did you?’

‘Hey - I didn’t think anything. - Holy moly.  Is that what I think it is?’

‘Come on.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s a long walk otherwise.’

‘ - Right.  Got it.  Why not.  Just walk into…one of those things.  Nothing to it.  Do it all the time  In my  dreams.’

‘Indeed you do.’

‘ - You mean…’

‘Welcome to the other side of the Matrix, friend.  You will be right at home.  Once you bring it up to your conscious recollection.’  

‘Hey.  Ri-i-i-ght…something is telling me…’

‘You’ve got it.’

‘ - that I’ve been here before…’

‘And the rest of that thought?’

‘What?  Whatdda ya mean.’

‘That we have all been here before.’

‘…You mean…’

‘That this is all an illusion.  Disappointed??’

’No.  Not necessariiy.  Just trying to figure it out…’

‘Time for that.  Coming up.’

Coming up, indeed.

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