Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear

If you are going to violate the Constitution - the law of the land - in such a crucial matter as who is eligible for the office of the presidency, without abiding by the law of the land in the matter, then that means that you have opted for the rule of men, aka arbitrary law, aka tyranny; and that releases me to take over now, from your 'free will' offering to the Dark side.  For, you have thereby gone beyond the pale, as it were; exceeded bounds for the safety of the United States Republic.

And I will not let a tyrant take over my country.  This is sacred ground.  Hands - off.


P.S.  More for the record, in The Play

from ‘Did Trump Just Joke About Assassinating Hillary?  [VIDEO]’ - Phillip Hodges - August 10

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (August 10)

I would think, and assumed, that The Donald's comment was in the context of his very big and well-covered concern that the election may be rigged, and of how important this election is (the SCOTUS for years), and he was trying to make a point about how his hardcore backers like the NRA membership need to make sure that they get out the vote AND let the opposition know that they won't stand for any hanky-panky, will, as Second Amendment supporters, be 'out' in numbers as a deterrent to such activity. I didn't even realize that it had caused such a kerfuffle until I saw that the Democrats were seizing on it; in large part trying to deflect attention away from both Hillary's obvious infirmity and her continuing email scandal.

The woman is not fit for the office - in many ways, but now, in particular, physically/mentally/emotionally. Unfortunately, her backers - including the New World Order PTB - will go all out to try to cover that matter up - and that means that they will continue to try to deflect attention away from her and on to The Donald. And not being above threatening HIS life. 

Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.


I also realize that he was probably thinking revolution; not assassination - that if Hillary's appointments to the SCOTUS tried to take away our Constitutional rights - especially involving the Second Amendment - that Second Amendment supporters could do the thing that the likes of Jefferson predicted might be needed from time to time in this country.

And true; it still might.  If we don't put an end to this charade, this Kabuki theatre.  And acknowledge the larger picture.

That we are all the children of the One God.  And if we start acting like it, a Golden Age is upon us.

It is for us to open that door.  Not the one marked Danger.

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